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Get A Job With The Drug Policy Alliance


drug policy allianceMy first experience with the Drug Policy Alliance (other than being a fan) was during the 2012 Attorney General race in Oregon. Jay Smoker and I had been working with our friends Jim Greig and Oregon SSDP to try to keep anti-medical marijuana candidate Dwight Holton from winning. Dwight Holton was ahead in the polls by roughly 7 points at the time, despite the fact that he wasn’t from Oregon. Dwight Holton had an endorsement from just about every large media outlet in Oregon, and was heavily backed by local law enforcement.

After I was called out in my state’s largest media source, I called Tony Newman from the Drug Policy Alliance in a desperate attempt to try to get them involved in the race. I assured them that I could use my social media skills to bring national attention to the race (which I did!), but that Mr. Holton’s opponent Ellen Rosenblum needed some campaign donations ASAP. The Drug Policy Alliance came through big time, and by the end of the race Dwight Holton was defeated by a landslide.

This is just one example out of many of what the Drug Policy Alliance is doing across the United States. They are helping Oregon again with it’s legalization efforts in 2014, have been working very hard to legalize medical marijuana in New York, and have a lot of plans for 2016. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, I encourage you to consider applying for some of their open positions/internships, which are posted below:



New York

Washington, DC



New York

Washington, DC


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  1. The drug policy advocates need to help Iowa…. We’re not backwards like people seem to assume, we’re usually near the start of liberal trends, so let’s do that again for marijuana decriminalization!

  2. Would the Drug Policy Alliance get involved in States that could be close to putting a medical marijuana bill on the ballot? If, by some small chance a bill is put on the ballot, will they help pro-marijuana legalization people in that State get it passed into law? In other words, advertise, explain the importance of legalization via commercials, etc.? If they get involved in respect to these issues I would volunteer to help, even though I’m fully disabled and barely able to get to my monthly doctor appointments for medications that take away about 25% of the pain for which I need legal medical marijuana!

  3. And me as well.
    Why do people always want to be angry about this? George Soros may not be my best friend, but I certainly thank him for his support in legalization and the other progressive causes he throws money at. He is also to be thanked for helping to get this whole thing rolling back in the 90s in Calif. Don’t bite the hand that helps.

  4. Roger Turner on

    I would but their focus is on other places if I get involved it has to be in texas not get up and go somewhere else where I join then get sent somewhere else if I join it has to be right here where it makes a difference to me in my life not some other state I never been to before

  5. people addicted to pharmaceuticals you idiot. not weed. they got hooked thanks to a prescription from their doctor.

  6. Helpless addicts??? Tell me, who put a gun to these helpless addict’s heads and made them learn how to inhale smoke in the first place? I am all for legal pot but don’t think cigarette smokers are innocent victims. It was their choice and they damn well knew it was harmful.

  7. Thank God for Soros and any other billionaire who wants to stand up against Big 2WackGo killing 6,000,000 helpless addicts a year worldwide by helping promote the ALTERNATIVE herb.

  8. stellarvoyager on

    The DPA is one of the greatest allies out there for the cause of legalizing cannabis and reforming drug policies. And they are not just “Soros funded”, but get most of their money from small donors such as myself.

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