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Get Expert Medical Cannabis Info For Free At The Virtual Cannabis Health Summit


virtual cannabis health summitGetting quality medical cannabis information is not as easy as people would think. You can search online all day, and be left wondering what information you read was credible and what wasn’t. Likewise, you can go to your doctor for advice but chances are they either won’t want to talk about it at all, or don’t know what to tell you.

I get asked by people all the time about how medical cannabis helps particular conditions. I have researched a lot of those conditions over the years, but in no way am I a medical professional, so I always tell people to take the info with a grain of salt. One thing that I’m recommending everyone check out is the upcoming Virtual Cannabis Health Summit. It’s a FREE event, and can be viewed via the internet in the privacy of your own home.

I have traveled to lots of events and have heard a lot of medical cannabis presentations, and I always value those experiences because getting advice and info from a qualified medical professional that has a lot of experience with cannabis is rare. The Virtual Cannabis Health Summit is occurring January 23-24 (next weekend) and it will feature the following speakers, all experts in their fields:

Steve DeAngelo – Harborside Health Center
Uwe Blesching – Cannabis Health Index
Donald Land PhD – Steep Hill Labs
Dr. Gregory Smith – Medical Cannabis For Health Care Providers
Dr. Dustin Sulak – Healer.com
Joel Stanley – CW Botanicals
Heather Jackson – Realm Of Caring
Dr. Jordan Tishler – Inhale MD
Mary Lynn Mathre – Patients Out Of Time
Dr. Sunil Aggarwal – Physician-Scientist
Mara Gordon – Aunt Zelda’s
Dr. Bonni Goldstein – Canna-Centers
Alison Ettel – Treat Well
Nurse Heather – Cannabis Nurses
Deborah Malka – MD, PHD
Bryan Krumm, CNP – PTSD Expert
Martin Lee – Project CBD
Constance Finley – Constance Theraputics

Topics will include:

Cancer and cannabis
PTSD and cannabis
Pain and cannabis
The truth about CBD
Cannabis for pets
Better dosing strategies
Healthier consumption methods
Understand the endocannabinoid system

This free event is something that shouldn’t be passed up. Usually events charge hundreds of dollars, don’t cover as many topics, don’t have as qualified of speakers, and require you to travel and spend lots of money. This event is free, and can be viewed over the internet. I plan on watching in sweatpants. Feel free to dress as you see fit. Below is a video that describes the event. All you have to do to sign up for the event is click this link, and enter in your e-mail address.


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