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Getting Rid Of Powdery Mildew on Marijuana Plants with Jorge Cervantes


I can tell you first hand, powdery mildew on marijuana plants is the worst thing that can happen to your marijuana garden. There are several people that I know that have been fighting it season after season. There are numerous tricks out there, and there doesn’t seem to be one thing that works no matter what across the board.

Of course, there are always preventative measures you can go through to avoid mildew. But if you just discovered powdery mildew on marijuana plants, and you are looking for a place to start, this video is a great resource.

Try the suggestions Jorge Cervantes has in the video and if that doesn’t work, keep researching. Find what works for you in your marijuana growing space and climate. If you know other tips and tricks, please share your comments below so others can benefit from your knowledge. Also, if you’re looking for more tips and tricks for growing marijuana we recommend browsing our growing archives!

Learn how to get rid of powdery mildew on marijuana plants with marijuana growing expert Jorge Cervantes:


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  1. SM-90 works best for me. As a foliar spray preventative/killer . Mix 5 parts water to 1 part sm-90. It kills PM and prevents future growth (not all the time but better than without using anything)

  2. I think it’s important to clean all of your fans when eradicating powdery mildon’t. I clean my fans by taking them outside,spraying them down with soapy water,formula 409 or a bleach solution.I soak the surfaces of the fan blades ,protective cage surrounding the blades and even the motor for a minute or two and then I blast them clean with water from a garden hose removing build up of residue, dust and spores.NEVER,NEVER,EVER do this while the fan is plugged in! The motor must be,I repeat must be completely dry before plugging in and turning on.Getting the motor wet will not harm it in any way so long as it is not plugged in until completely dry.Using this technique you don’t have to take anything apart and you clean the motor too. I don’t know much about motors but I think they last longer when they are clean cause they don’t overheat.Fans are cheap anyway.

  3. gabe herrington on

    I’ve heard that compost tea does wonders, I myself am going to give this a shot. I don’t however recommend using it after the actual buds themselves have formed due to possibility of actual mold itself. the thing is that the beneficial microbes are supposed to take care of the outside contaminations. try it and respond. give your reviews…

  4. ‘Bud Rot Stop’ (similar to Serenade in the US) is amazing for this. I had written off 4 beautiful plants because of PM in a soil grow, but thought I’d try this first. Cleared up the PM overnight. Gonna use every 3 days until harvest now. Highly recommended.

  5. Ok, Try this one, Get a garlic, milk, potassium bicarbonate, and oil, or soap. Mix 1 gallon of water with 1 crushed garlic, add half oz of potassium bicarb, 2spoons of oils or hand soap cup of milk…Give it a good mix, let it stand overnight,,, filter it into a spray bottle, and soak those girls…. then repeat 2weeks later…hope it works for you Maedea_3

  6. I’ve kept my plants in growth cycle for months more than needed, not wanting to send them to flower till i can get rid of the pm. So far I’ve tried neem, baking soda, and most recently serenade. Now the plants have already outgrown my small space. Can a peroxide solution be used before harvest? I can’t bring myself to throw them out after so much invested time. Any helpful ideas?

  7. I had pm on both my girls and what I found that worked well was the baking soda. I sprayed it three times within a couple of weeks and have been inspecting them daily. Baking soda works!

  8. Hi I. Joyce m. U can take the stems and put into a alcohol bottle until ful. And rub on bones. Where Pain is. Rub it in. Feels so good. For arthritst. :-)

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