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Get Well Soon Tommy Chong!


tommy chong hazel park jointI was actually a Tommy Chong fan before I was a marijuana fan. I don’t know how many people out there can say that. My first memory of Tommy Chong was when my uncle would listen to Cheech and Chong’s Wedding Album. About as far back as I could remember I have memories of hanging out at my uncle’s house and hearing that album. Admittedly, it’s not the most appropriate thing to play for a little kid, but I understood at an early age that some of the stuff was inappropriate, but that it’s for adults, not kids (and I turned out alright!). From there I watched every Cheech and Chong movie ever made growing up, and even though I didn’t really know all the way what marijuana was or was about, I found Tommy Chong’s humor hilarious.

When I got older and started consuming cannabis, Tommy Chong’s status was raised to an even higher level of admiration. Tommy Chong is a very talented entertainer, not only in his movies, but on stage as a musician, and in interviews. Tommy has long been one of my heroes, and I have always dreamed of the day that I could shake his hand, and possibly get him to sign my Chong Bong. I was extremely saddened to learn today that Tommy Chong has been diagnosed with rectal cancer. Per US Magazine:

“I’ve had some medical issues lately,” Chong told Us at the 826LA 10th anniversary party in Santa Monica, Calif. “I got diagnosed with rectal cancer.”

The That ’70s Show alum was previously diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. A vocal advocate for the decriminalization of marijuana, Chong turned to the drug for relief in his first round of cancer and told Us he is doing the same now.

“I’m using cannabis like crazy now, more so than ever before,” the famed comic said. “I’m in treatment now. I’ve been — just the case either way, either I get healed or I don’t. But either way, I’m going to make sure I get a little edge off or put up.”

My stepdad is currently battling cancer, his second battle. Just as I am confident that my stepdad can beat cancer once and for all, so too am I confident that Tommy Chong can also kick cancer’s ass. Tommy Chong previously beat prostate cancer in 2012, and largely attributed cannabis for the reason he was able to successfully get rid of it. Per CNN:

“I’ve got prostate cancer, and I’m treating it with hemp oil, with cannabis,” he told CNN’s Don Lemon. “So (legalizing marijuana) means a lot more to me than just being able to smoke a joint without being arrested.”

Chong described the cancer “as a slow stage one (that I’ve) had for a long time.” He said that he was drug free for about three years, during which time he began having prostate-related problems.

“So I know it had nothing to do with cannabis,” he said. “Cannabis is a cure.”

I want to say to Tommy Chong, from the bottom of my heart, GET WELL SOON!  YOU GOT THIS, YOU WILL KICK CANCER’S ASS AGAIN!! The entire marijuana community around the world is in your corner, and we all will be sending good vibes your way. You have brought smiles to the faces of countless people on this earth already, and you will continue to do so for a long time. #FuckCancer


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  1. Adriana Bella on

    I’m a huge chong fan, I have been since I can remember, I was raised around cannabis and had a great childhood. I’m a strong believer that being raised around marajuana is much better then being raised by alcoholics. I’ve had a lot of family members pass of cancer 3 who never smoked a day in thief lives 1 that was an avid smoker. I bought my first original chong bong in Las Vegas at age 21, and have been to seen Cheech & Chong in person. I grew up watching their movies and listen to his music. I hope when I’m older I can look back and know I had a great time being who I am just like Chong did. He never changed for anyone he stuck true to himself and you can’t say that about to many people these days…thank you Chong for all the good times I’ve had in my life.

  2. Regards to Tommy…..Sorry to hear the diagnosis, but keep on keepin on Tommy!!!!!

  3. stoner_stuff on

    sorry to hear ’bout yer step dad. know how it is, man. =( #FuckCancer and #GetWellChong

  4. They were on Snoop GGN show the other day, they are too funny. Hopefully he’ll kick the cancers ass. Legalize this medicine

  5. They were on Snoop GGN show the other day, they are too funny. Hopefully he will beat that cancer. Legalize this medicine!

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