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Getting Medical Marijuana On The Ballot In Florida


signature gathering marijuana reform initiativePer the Florida medical marijuana campaign:

I want you to take a second and imagine the headline in February:

“Medical Marijuana Secures Place on 2014 Ballot.”

Help us give Floridians – and not political leaders – control over their healthcare: Please contribute today.

Over 80% of Floridians support medical marijuana, yet forces in legislature, the Attorney General’s office, and across the state are working to keep you from being able to vote on it. Unfortunately, this may come down to securing enough petitions before the clock runs out.

Your contribution is crucial. If you even tacitly support the campaign, this is the time. Whether you can donate $5 – or $500 (we need more of those) – it’s going to matter.

Importantly – every donation made through December 5th is matched by one of our donors. I still need to find no less than 60 more donors between now and then. I’m hoping for 260.

Please support the medial marijuana petition push – be one of our matched contributors by clicking here.


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  1. Almost everyone that I have spoken to, are waiting until after the 12/05 hearings. Think about this
    Slow down on asking for donations,, many have given already (self 2x),, some are of the opinion that these donation monies may go to support the next D- Gov. (not a bad move in respect to MMJ),,constantly update your website. it’s weeks behind. Open up a forum on the site so feed back is available. Get a better web handler, the existing one is worst than the ACA web site.
    I could go on,,, but I deal with CHCV with all the meds that go along with it,, (Mayo dose not want to hear it, so they turn the cheek) so my own Dr.said,, you know what you need ??? wink. If I could post a picture of something here,, I would post my picture of a full size pool table showing the amount of meds I have taken in one year. But as I live here in FL., And to add after “Thirty years in Law Enforcement”, I have to go with the flow, and everything else IMHO.
    Ps Bondi is history. And will be nothing but a memory.

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