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Girl Suspended From High School For Writing About Marijuana In Journal


colorado schools marijuanaAs a former law student at a private university, and public policy major/legal studies minor as an undergrad, I studied constitutional law quite a bit. I took numerous courses that dealt with freedom of speech and search and seizures. Constitutional law always fascinated me because it’s an area of law that affects every American citizen’s lives at one point or another. To know constitutional law and how it has evolved over the years is to know the story of America as one of my professors always said.

Constitutional law and marijuana reform are very much connected. A case that highlights that connection is the case of Krystal Grayhorse, a high school student in the Dallas County School District who was suspended for over half a year because she wrote about marijuana in a private journal. She wasn’t caught possessing marijuana. She didn’t fail a drug test. She didn’t write about marijuana as part of a high school assignment. She talked about marijuana in a private journal that she mistakenly left at school one day. When school officials got a hold of the journal and read the entry about marijuana, they decided that was enough to suspend Ms. Grayhorse for over half a school year, jeopardizing her graduation requirements, which will no doubt impact her life for years to come. Below are comments made by the student’s father, per Springfield News Leader:

Grayhorse said the notebook passages, which he was told about but never saw for himself, were cause for concern, but the punishment — not being allowed to return to school for seven months — was too drastic. He said the journal was confiscated by the school and has not been returned.

“She had no cannabis on her person,” he said. “She gave it to no one.”

He said the discipline paperwork sent home from the school stated his daughter was suspended for “possession of a controlled substance,” which perplexes him. He said she was not tested for drugs.

“Her ‘possession’ constitutes writing something?” he asked. “That is the alleged possession?”

It’s truly sad that a school district is willing to potentially ruin a student’s life because they hate marijuana so much. Yes, there is a heightened level of scrutiny for students compared to adult citizens. But students don’t leave their civil rights at the school house door. These were not comments made in a public forum. These were comments made in a journal where there was clearly a high expectation of privacy, and even if not, the journal entry didn’t involve actual possession of marijuana, nor did the student fail a drug test. The student wasn’t even asked to take a drug test. The school simply saw the word ‘marijuana,’ freaked out, and instantly went on a mission to prosecute this girl the fullest extent. Shame on the school district. I hope the father sues and the school district has to pay out the nose.


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  3. They are not “educators”, they are deniers of education. I would call them, “uneducators.” The proponents of cannabis prohibition, and in particular, “zero tolerance” policies about cannabis, are deeply anti-intellectual. Denying someone the right to an education because of their own personal writing about cannabis is anti-intellectual. Punishing someone for creative writing that they do voluntarily, not as part of a homework assignment, is anti-intellectual. Forced conformity is anti-intellectual. Having a policy that goes against science and reason is anti-intellectual.

    This “school” does not value critical thinking or creativity; they demand obedience. This policy represents indoctrination, not education. So indeed, they are not educators, they are obstacles to an education.

  4. I don’t believe that is the right school for any person to be
    where free speech and thought is banned unconstitutionally

    i suppose if she were to write about tobacco or alcohol
    they’d over look it is all

    maybe this country is headed for another war
    one to which the freedom haters will feel awfully sore

    to me, if it happens, it will serve them right
    always bullying the cannabis community, thinking they always have to punish us and fight

    the idiots don’t know it, but God put us here to treat each others the way we want to be treated

    not to bully and war on the cannabis community and punish them and always think the cannabis community needs to be defeated

  5. dnealwinchester on

    That school has violated so many rights of that young lady that the district would most likely have to shut down their schools for breaking their budget to pay the judgment against them.

  6. I hope the father sues too and I don’t normally take that route. But this is outrageous and pompous: what right do they have reading a young woman’s journal? None whatsoever. I have a hard time breathing when I think of these injustices to our youth. These so-called educators need some of their own medicine: expose them, sue them, and take them to court. Or, better still, settle out of court, fast. You may want to honor those that follow in your footsteps. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Mr. Green. It’s articles like this and others that keep me informed and your blog my favorite. Merci!

  7. This is such major bull she did not have any drugs on school property. She had now gunsor knife. They never tested her, which wouldn’t have mattered because she had no drugs on her and would of needed parent approval. So prohibition ruins another kids life just bevause of ignorant people in power.

  8. Disband the DEA and let freedom ring. Michele Leonhart is career law enforcement pawn, not a doctor or a person with a lick of common sense.

  9. Wow, what a ridiculous overreaction. Once again, the punishments inflicted by prohibition are far more detrimental to someone than the actual effects of the plant itself.

  10. Whoever suspended her needs to be dragged out of their home and be fitted with a “Proper” necktie.

  11. She leaves her diary at school, so they decide to read it? Bunch of fucking voyeurs. I wonder what they were hoping to find.

  12. Dallas County’s NUTS! NUTS on BOTH sides, but that county’s VERY much Democrat. I don’t know WHO this “Nazi” that suspended this girl IS or who they’re affiliated with and really doesn’t matter. Bottom line is… This was a hasty and IMHO UNCONSTITUTIONAL decision. The problem with it is… The only one HURT again is the CHILD!

    This personifies perfectly what the “Reefer Madness” strategy employed by our gov’t to DEMONIZE Blacks, Chinese, Hispanic peoples has come to. They used cannabis as a “demon” to discriminate against these people legally. They slapped a Mexican sounding name on it (Marihuano) and told people it’d make White women want to sleep with Black men. Drives the Mexicans and the Chinese to do crazy shit. Like defying the laws of gravity.

    Ya know, I’ve been pretty stoned before, but I NEVER, NOT ONE time, EVER said “Hey y’all, watch this!” during those periods of time. I myself after getting stoned and truly ANALYZING these “accidents waiting to happen” situations that ALCOHOL drives you into. I myself would be the FIRST one to say… “Dude, there’s like 12 feet between me and the ground and I’m NOT really comfortable with these fucking cardboard wings you’ve “Duct taped” my arms either. So go FUCK yourself! I’m STONED, not STUPID! Now that’s the way I would’ve handled that situation while stoned, not jumping off of buildings or out windows.

    This School Board definitely overreacted and VIOLATED her 1st and 4th Amendment rights at the VERY least! I hope the Father of the girl pushes this in court. This has got to STOP and the ONLY way will is the ballot box or in the Courts.

  13. Sounds as if the victims could be Native American or descendants. Just saying, they arrest and punish them along with other minorities 10X as much as they do whitey. Couple that with red neck heaven and sounds like the ACLU has a nice case.

  14. All I’ll had to read to understand this is that she goes to school in Texas, the Republican wet dream state, not California or Washington State.

  15. And they wonder why parents are going more towards homeschooling as opposed to public schools where some critics and hypocrits work

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