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Girl Taken From Parents Who Smoked Marijuana, Gave Her To A Murderous Foster Mother


dea kids children medical marijuanaA little girl was confiscated from her loving parents because they smoked marijuana, and given away to a foster mother who put her into a coma and killed her. Alexandria Hill, age 2, succumbed to her injuries after being “thrown to the ground.”

“We never hurt our daughter. She was never sick, she was never in the hospital, and she never had any issues until she went into state care,” said Joshua Hill, the girl’s natural father.

Hill says that his daughter was put in to more than one dangerous foster home.

“She would come to visitation with bruises on her, and mold and mildew in her bag. It got to a point where I actually told CPS that they would have to have me arrested because I wouldn’t let her go back,” said Hill.

The girl was then moved to a different foster home, under the care of Sherill Small in Rockdale, and Hill says things seemed safe there. However, appearances were deceiving.

On Monday night, Hill got an urgent call to come to the hospital. When he got there , he found his daughter in a coma. She died 2 days later.

This illustrates a widespread injustice perpetrated regularly across the country. Healthy, happy children are stolen from loving families who have never once caused them harm, and put into the care of the state, where they can be forcibly drugged and put into all kinds of questionable situations with strangers. And this is done without a trial, without a conviction, without due process. A simple accusation of “neglect” (a loosely defined term these days) can result in armed agents of the state entering your home to kidnap your child.

Hill was 4 months away from getting his daughter returned to him.


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  1. Its time to fight back. Words no longer are sufficient. The government threatens us with violence if we do not comply. Its time to become violent back. Do not forget we out number them 10,000 to 1.

  2. u have my deepest condolences and sympathies im so sorry SUE THE FU#@ OUT OF THE STATE its about time state and government officials are held responsible for their irresponsible behaviors

  3. Uh. Actually the Drug War was brought to us by Progressives. The same people who brought us Alcohol Prohibition. You can look it up. It does get the most support THESE DAYS from conservatives.

  4. Not all that surprising, you might say, from the barbarian state of Texas. But, guess what, the very same raw injustice thrives in a family law court in southern Riverside county, CA. The city is Murrieta, the Judge is the Dishonorable Joseph Michael Rushton in Dept. S102. If you are a pot smoking parent, even with a bona fide Medical Marijuana Patient status, Judge Rushton seizes your child and gives it over to CPS for foster placement.

  5. Donnie Rains on

    well said and right on but then the GOP tries to stand in the way of all good things these days it seems but then thats what you get when you sell out to big corporate as the republican party has and we all know that “GREED KILLS EVERYTHING”

  6. Cheryl Sparks on

    Would be curious to know what state this took place in. I show 6 Rockdale’s so far & was curious as to where this was (doesn’t mean I doubt a thing, just wondering though I see the comments say Texas)

  7. let’s hope this doesn’t get swept under the rug. i recall another story i read here about the old man shot during a marijuana raid…..i’ve heard nothing else….has anyone????

  8. thats the problem with state and government they have no fucking right to take our kids away without good cause its our state and government that dictate the way we live people its time we stand against them and be heard and stop taking shit from politicans and so called political police

  9. It is awesome. Yet as it is well known not often.
    I wish more people could talk through their differences respectfully.

  10. Its awesome to see two people have a sensible debate and exchange information like this. I thank you both for all of this information and not resorting to name calling hahah.

  11. I’m no fan of either party. I believe both are terrible and nothing but corporate whores for a globalist governance and big business and finance.

  12. stellarvoyager on

    Yes, I remember reading about that! It was disgusting how that all went down, and they showed total disregard for the preferences of the people of NY, who were 80% behind the bill. Certainly, many democratic politicians and a number of blue states are terrible when it comes to sensible policies on cannabis. I know that Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden, Shumer, and many others are hard-liners and I would love to see them voted out of office and replaced with more sensible people. No doubt, democrats deserve plenty of blame, and many democrats continue to double down on the stupidity of cannabis prohibition. I just see the problem as being more widespread and more extreme on the GOP side — for example, the push for drug testing in many GOP-controlled states. And in the state I live, a democrat-controlled state, the GOP almost unanimously opposes any sensible policies on cannabis, such as adding PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions. The democrats alone passed that whole thing, with zero help from the GOP.

    Politicians who do this crap, whichever party they belong to, need to be held accountable and voted out. And there are far too many of them in BOTH parties, for sure!

  13. I am not blaming liberals at all. Conservatives on the other hand do not have that much influence at the state levels as you may believe. eg- I live in the blue state of NY. We just went through the legislative process attempting to pass medical marijuana laws. The assembly passed the bill. It went on to the Senate and died. Both house of the legislature are Democrat in the majority. The democrat party let the bill die. There was enough support from the GOP to pass the bill on to the Governor Coumo. A very staunch Liberal Democrat. Who is against it and has said in several interviews most likely would veto any passage.

  14. You’re right it’s not just a democrat bureaucracy. It’s a government bureaucracy that is just as guilty of greed as are corporations. you will also find just as guilty of neglecting foster children . In fact more so due to the fact that government run agencies are the majority.

  15. stellarvoyager on

    By the way, Texas privatized foster care, so some corporation is making a profit off of this poor girl’s death. So to suggest that foster care, in this instance anyway, is a “democrat party bureaucracy” is simply wrong.

  16. stellarvoyager on

    It is very true that liberals share the blame for this disastrous policy. However, conservatives have been and continue to be the main driving force behind MJ prohibition in particular, and the War on Drugs in general. Funny how that is, given that ending MJ prohibition is actually a very conservative proposal, since it could lead to the elimination of an entire federal agency (the DEA), cut government spending by tens of billions per year, and promote states’ rights and individual liberty. See my response to “yeahright” for more about why I made the claim that the WOD is the result of conservative politicians wanting to look “tough on drugs.”

  17. stellarvoyager on

    I am not saying that Democrats and liberals are blameless in the drug war. However, who pushed for and signed the Controlled Substances Act? Nixon. Who coined the phrase, “War on Drugs?” Nixon. Who escalated the drug war and vowed “zero tolerance for drug use” in America? Reagan. Who wanted mandatory minimums for certain drug possession offenses? Reagan. Who came up with “Just Say No”? Nancy Reagan. Who advocated building more prisons to house more non-violent drug offenders? Daddy Bush. Who promoted widespread use of drug testing in the workplace? Reagan and Bush. Yes, the Democrats went along with it, which was the wrong thing to do, but I seriously doubt we would even have a “war on drugs” if McGovern had won in 1972. Marijuana may have been legalized years ago had Carter won in 1980. Remember, Carter was for decrim, Reagan for escalation.

    As for individuals, there is much greater support for legalization among liberals (over 80% support) than among conservatives (about 33% support). In fact, support for legalization among conservatives and republicans is consistently 20 – 30 points lower than among other groups (liberals, moderates, independents). This extends to members of congress, who, when it comes to passing laws to repeal marijuana prohibition, Democrats support ending marijuana prohibition by about a 2 – 1 margin over Republican members of congress.

    And it is not the case that marijuana laws are tougher in blue states. In fact, the exact opposite tends to be true. Colorado and Washington are blue states. The first state to legalize medical MJ was California, a blue state, followed shortly afterwards by Oregon, another blue state. In fact, Arizona and Alaska are the only red states that allow medical marijuana, out of 21 states plus DC. By contrast, the states with the harshest MJ laws are places like Idaho, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah and Louisiana, all red states.

    So instead of blaming liberals, conservatives who favor ending marijuana prohibition need to address the lack of support within their own ranks, and try to bring other conservatives on board. Some conservatives already are on board, such as Ron Paul and the Heritage Foundation. Hopefully, they can convince the hardened drug warriors in their ranks to let up. Once conservative support for ending MJ prohibition even cracks 40%, prohibition will be over. For the most part, it is conservative America that has stood in the way of, and continues to stand in the way of reform.

  18. stellarvoyager on

    Racist? I said nothing about race in my remarks. I said that the drug war is the work of social conservatives, which 100% true. So how about instead of name calling and ad-hominem attacks, you critique my arguments rather than disparaging me personally?

  19. You guys think this is bad and should be punished? Which it should.
    Do you remember when CPS of Texas walked in armed to the teeth and kidnapped 462 children? Ripping them right out of the arms of their crying and grieving mothers. Holding their fathers at bay with rifles and guns?
    Yet if you dared cried foul? You were called a supporter of Child molestation.
    By both Democrat and Republican alike.
    Wake up to the scam known as the two parties in the USA.

  20. If you live in fear of your government? You live under tyranny.
    Thought you might like to know.

  21. CPS is the dream Child of the Democrat party so your party politics is wrong.
    Also Foster care is a democrat party bureaucracy.
    Drugs law are for the most part by state and many democrat states have some of the toughest drug laws. Also if you look at the history of drug arrests? More arrests occur under Democrat admins than Republican.
    Please know all the facts before spreading falsehoods.
    If you had not noticed? Both parties have squandered the good faith of the people.
    Both parties be damned.

  22. firetheliberals on

    Sue the living sh $ t out of the state. Cps is an infrongement of your rights. Cps in my state of wa can take all of your kids if you spank them..

  23. Yea good job Texas. Hiring murderers for foster mothers. Took a kid from loving parents and gave her up to be murdered because the father smoked weed. The majority of Texas is still weed ignorant. Like the feds. They see weed as the same as LSD, heroin, and meth. Coke has less potential for abuse according to feds. It’s a big joke. Fuels the “war on drugs” and keeps big pharma happy.

  24. Your a leftist nut bag, this problem is worse in liberal democratic states…why are you so racist, I just don’t understand why you liberals are bigots and racists…

  25. GODDAM THEM, WE HAVE TO VOTE THEM OUT!!!!! it’s a sad day. my heart goes out to the family.

  26. brownshoesdontmakeit on

    That’s not exactly true. There have been more DEA medical marijuana busts under the Obama administration then under Bush Jr. Nixon only embraced and ran with the precedent set by LBJ when he launched the Reorganization Plan of 1968 which amalgamated the various drug agencies of the time. When his administration was criticized for being soft on drugs Bill Clinton took action, in 1997 he granted $100 million in military equipment to Latin American anti-narcotics police and millitary rather then focusing on human rights violations in that region (which conveniently were caused by those same anti-narcos), he also allowed domestic drug task forces to run rampant and imposed new drug testing laws on felons. Granted, most of these Democrats acted largely in response to the Republican’s political pressure, but for them to give in and submit to the will of such tyranny is unacceptable and makes them an accomplice in the continued human rights abuse this failed policy imparts.

  27. stellarvoyager on

    No, not communists. It’s Texas. This is the work of right wingers, particularly “social conservatives.” The entire drug war was conceived and perpetrated by right wingers (Nixon, Reagan, Bush).

  28. stellarvoyager on

    How heartbreaking. I hope this family successfully sues the state for wrongful death, and gets a fortune from them. The individual case workers who made those decisions should also be held personally liable.

  29. Put the blame where it belongs… Straight on to CPS and CORRUPT COPS! It’s TIME that we put a STOP to all of this shit! We MUST stand up to these FASCIST PIGS!

  30. lennonblackie on

    If this happened to me neither the agent(s) nor their family would be safe. Just saying…

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