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Global Marijuana March is Almost Here


It’s getting very close to the Global Marijuana March (its tomorrow!), is your city participating?

Click here for the official Global Marijuana March website

Click here for a more comprehensive list of cities that are participating

Ninjasmoker and I are going to split up tomorrow to get the dual perspective. I will be heading to Portland, Oregon to participate in Portland’s 11th annual global marijuana march. Ninjasmoker will be staying in Eugene, Oregon to cover the event. We have been debating which one would be more fun to be at. On one hand, Portland’s is much bigger. However, Eugene is the most marijuana friendly city in Oregon, so who knows. One thing is for sure; BOTH of them are going to be exciting and BOTH are supporting a very worthy cause.

Make sure that you get to an event one way or another. This is an amazing opportunity to meet other activists, to draw some attention to the cause, and most of all, to show the world just how many marijuana sympathizers there are out there!


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Johnny Green


  1. Johnny and Ninja… Hope your marches were as awesome as you expected. Down here in Medford, our day was wonderful! The march was well attended, the park was hopping, and the energy levels were as high as… well…

    If we achieve legalization here in Oregon this November, we will be most happy to host NEXT year’s Global Marijuana March to show our support for those who live in places that have not yet figured out that cannabis legalization is just plain old common sense!

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