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Going Into Wisconsin Primary Bernie Sanders Promotes Marijuana Reform


bernie sanders marijuanaToday is the day that the Wisconsin primary election will take place. On the Democrat side, there are 86 delegates at stake. As much as the mainstream media likes to skew the current delegate count between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders by lumping in super delegates in the total, the fact of the matter is this is still a close race by primary election standards. Wisconsin is more important than ever to the Bernie Sanders campaign, which has rattled off quite a few victories lately. A win in Wisconsin would really shake things up, and obviously Bernie Sanders knows it.

That’s why Bernie Sanders was stumping in Wisconsin on Sunday. Speaking to a crowd in Madison, Wisconsin, Bernie Sanders talked about a lot of things that were important to him and that he feels are important to American voters. One of those things was marijuana reform, which Bernie plugged in fantastic fashion during his speech. Per USA Today:

“Today, under the Federal Controlled Substance Act, marijuana is listed as a schedule one drug alongside of heroin,” said Sanders. “Now we can argue when scientists do the pluses and minuses of marijuana, but everyone knows marijuana is not a killer drug like heroin.”

And he noted that certain racial and ethnic groups often bear the brunt of criminalization.

“(Criminalization of marijuana) becomes a racial issue as well, because it turns out that blacks and whites smoke marijuana at equal levels,” Sanders said. “Blacks are four times more likely to get arrested for marijuana than are whites.”

When it comes to marijuana reform, there are no candidates that are running for President that are as supportive as Bernie Sanders. Not by a long shot. Whereas other candidates support states rights on marijuana policy, kind of (depending on the audience they are talking to), Bernie Sanders is pushing federal de-scheduling which would end federal prohibition altogether. There are obviously a lot of issues that one should consider when picking a candidate to support, but when it comes to cannabis reform, there is only one choice, and that choice is Bernie Sanders. I hope that he wins today in Wisconsin, and continues to build his momentum towards winning the nomination. #FeelTheBern


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Johnny Green


  1. Or Germany, Netherlands they have a better sample of what Bernie sanders wants.

  2. Take another step to make it happen. Go to Mr Sanders website and donate at least 15 bucks to help him win. Forget about issues in the middle east, there has never been peace the since I can remember. World peace is an illusion and as good results can be obtained by going to a miss America beauty pageant.

  3. James Peters on

    In the UK based on data from the years 2010-11 and Wales and England the 10 year survival across all 100-250 different types and stages is 50%. But there is huge variation in survival between cancer types. In the US then the Cancer MoonShot 2020 will hopefully accelerate next generation immunotherapy in cancer care. Sadly they leave out the other nine hallmarks of cancer, for which gene and energy metabolism therapies are showing huge promises also

  4. nah…you can just move to the conservative utopias of Kansas and Louisiana….they are doing soooo well after years of “conservative” experimentation…

    if by well you mean so broke they are looking at cancelling the LSU football season..

    sorry dude..your fantasy of conservative ideals..didn’t take into account a few things, like the irremovable human trait called GREED..and it’s being implemented by corrupt, greedy, psychopaths who look out for the rich and powerful…who continue to bribe…oops I mean contribute, to their re-election campaigns.,…

    oh you say greed can be curtailed by regulation…tell us skippy…who continually fights to remove any and all regulation?? Here’s a hint…it’s not Democrats or Bernie Sanders…

  5. I have professed to be a conservative, right wing, born again Christian republican that would NEVER vote for any Democrat until this upcoming election.

    I will cross party lines, send money to his campaign, educate folks around me and vote for Bernie for the soul reason of cannabis legalization, it’s that important to me and should be to every pro cannabis supporter out there.

    As one guy Bernie cannot take away our guns or impose huge taxes on any group, he cannot do much without support of the congress so to claim he will turn this nation into a communist society BY HIMSELF is stupid thinking and fear mongering like what we have to put up with from haters.

    So, here it is….a republican going to vote for Bernie for the principal. The madness has got to stop.

  6. TheSinnedAngel on

    For America’s future..
    For sanity and the end of prohibition..
    For an end to the judicial/industrial/corporate/prison industry..
    Bernie Sanders is the only choice.

    Bernie’s brand of “social democracy” is less socialist than Eisenhower’s or FDR’s government reforms.
    .. Don’t confuse “social democracy” with 1930’s “socialism”..READ..
    (it’s not like you have to crack a book anymore).

    Thank you Johnny Green for speaking the truth.

    Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

    Get rid of Sen GrASSly..he is the bigoted, ignorant, racist, obstructionist McCarthy of our time..
    They are not baiting “Reds” this time; now they’re going after the “Greens”.
    Ethnic cleansing 101:
    …first they start a campaign defining what “good” people are.
    Then it’s an easy step from there to start eliminating the ‘bad” people.. figuratively or literally..

    Obama didn’t change anything, he just opened the door a crack and GrASSly will slam it shut as soon as he is gone.

    “There IS a storm coming”

    The Sinned Angel

  7. Not at all, more instead like Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and other such countries that already have the policies that Bernie is championing.

  8. If you like Bernie Sanders, move to Venezuela or Cuba. They have all the socialist policies he supports.

  9. PhDScientist on

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but Google “World wide Cancer Epidemic”

    Cancer isn’t just the #1 killer in the world, but the situation is getting worse — much worse — and dying of Cancer sucks, ask anyone doing it.

    This situation is getting worse by the minute. Some days it seems like people are dropping like flies. If you’ve never seen someone die of Cancer consider yourself incredibly lucky — its a horrible way to die.

    And unless things start changing, fast, its likely to happen to you.

    We’re in the midst of a major crisis, and the amount of money we spend on Cancer research is like what it would have been like to have sent a single pack of cub scouts in a rowboat to invade Normandy in WWII.

    Bernie needs to make declaring all out war on Cancer a key part of his platform.

    If you’re an American man, you’e got a 1 out or 2 chance of getting Cancer and a 1 out of 2 chance of dying from it — after going though “Hell On Earth”

    We need to get large scale clinical trials of High Dose Medical Marijuana Oil Therapy (HDMMOT), used in combination with Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy and Radiation, going right now.

    Don’t wait until you or someone you love gets CANCER to get involved.

    By then it will be too late for you.

  10. Tom E Canavan on

    Seeing as there are some people who DO debate science, I’m pretty sure Bernie meant that even those people have to admit that it’s not heroin. #FeelTheBern

  11. PhDScientist on

    Bernie is a good man. But he shouldn’t have said that “you can argue about the Science.” — the Science is rock solid.

    Medical Marijuana really is a “Wonder Drug” for a wide range of conditions.

    Should Marijuana be legalized for “Adult Use?” as a better, safer, alternative to Alcohol? — Of course.

    But for Kids with Seizures, Cancer Patients, Vets (and others) with PTSD, and people with Chronic Pain, its, (in the words of Dr. Sanjay Gupta — “Not only ‘good medicine’, its often the only medicine that works”, and for many of them its literally a matter of life and death.

    That’s the tragedy and the “moral imperative” of the situation, and the reason it needs to be re-scheduled or de-scheduled IMMEDIATELY.

  12. Getting cannabis off the CSA list and leaving it too the states is a no brainier but money from big corporate interests makes our lawmakers beyond brainless. It makes them criminals.

  13. PhDScientist on

    God bless Bernie, but actually the Science is pretty much decided.
    The level of agreement among Scientists that Marijuana needs to be taken off of Schedule 1 immediately is massive, because the empirical evidence is overwhelming.

    For example, everyone who cares about Medical Cannabis should know about the Kaiser study which showed that men who use Cannabis have a 45% lower rate of Bladder Cancer — the fourth most common form of Cancer.

    These results are EXTREMELY significant. They show beyond any doubt that Marijuana reduces cancer rates and in the case of bladder Cancer they do so to an amazing extent.

    Kaiser is a MAJOR HMO, and the study involved the medical records of 82,050 men form Northern and Southern California.

    The results were presented at the American Urological Association 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting.

    Again, this is an extremely significant result and makes it absolutely. imperative that Marijuana be removed from Schedule 1 immediately.

    For more information, google “kaiser 45% less bladder cancer”

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