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Good News And Media Coverage About Marijuana Reform From Saint Louis


st louis saint marijuana decriminalizationBy John Payne

If you did not catch my correction email on Monday, you may have missed that Saint Louis Mayor Francis Slay signed the local decriminalization bill into law a couple weeks ago. If so, you would not be alone in that. Mayor Slay signed the measure very quietly, without so much as a tweet about it, so neither I nor the bill’s sponsor, Alderman Shane Cohn, even knew about it until last Friday. Regardless, now that Mayor Slay has signed the bill, it will become law in the City of Saint Louis on June 1!

Fox 2 also ran a good story profiling Ken Wells, a medical marijuana patient and great activist in the Saint Louis area, that also featured some footage of our April 13 conference and comments from Show-Me Cannabis Regulation Board Chair Dan Viets. You can watch the story online and vote in their poll on cannabis policy. As of this writing, nearly 90 percent of respondents said that cannabis should be legal for both medical and recreational purposes, with another six percent saying it should be legal for medical reasons only! That’s not a scientfiic poll, obviously, but it’s nice to see that viewers are responding positively to our message.

If you would like to help us spread that message to an even wider audience, invest with Show-Me Cannabis now!

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  1. Great, we have a majority of public support in Missouri for legalization of marijuana and yet Show-Me Cannabis decided not to run an initiative. Instead they hold fund raisers that mostly pay for salaries and a few radio spots on stations whose demographics consist mostly of younger persons already in favor of legalization. Also, it seems a huge waste of time that Show-Me Cannabis is spending so much time courting Missouri’s state politicians who only posses a tiny minority of people who support legalization.

    Guess they need to do something while staling for a 2016 initiative to make it sound like they are making progress.

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