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Good News For World’s Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary


harborside health center medical marijuanaHarborside Health Center won a significant victory earlier this week in their battle against the feds. As the world’s largest medical marijuana dispensary, everyone should be closely following the Harborside/feds case, as the process and decisions that come out of it will no doubt be used in other cases. Below is a press release that I received a couple of days ago describing the recent victory:

Oakland, California ~  This morning U.S. District Court Judge Maria-Elena James granted the City of Oakland’s motion to stay the civil forfeiture proceeding against Harborside Health Center Oakland until the City of Oakland’s pending appeal is heard in the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Judge James also ruled that the stay in the commercial forfeiture proceeding should be extended to the Harborside San Jose location.

A trial date for the federal civil forfeiture action against both Harborside locations will not be set until after the Federal  9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules on Oakland’s motion of appeal concerning harm and public safety issues. Oakland’s attorneys estimated this may take 15 months.

In a statement released by Executive Director Steve DeAngelo:

“Judge James’ ruling allows the City of Oakland to continue its legal action to protect public health and safety from the misguided attacks of US Attorney Melinda Haag.  Haag’s campaign to close state-legal dispensaries has already destroyed thousands of well-paying jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue, while endangering patients and enriching street gangs and drug cartels. It is long past time for the Department of Justice to bring her under control, and halt this extraordinary waste of limited law enforcement resources.”


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Johnny Green


  1. That’s one SAD fucking comment Ric! You’re going to bet on the Govt cuz they “NEVER LOSE”. The fact that you SEE that happening and don’t do anything about it says ALOT ABOUT YOU! More Sheeple… AFRAID or to COWARDLY to stand up to RIGHT A WRONG. Do you call your Dr the same thing cuz HE drives a nice car? You’re UPSET about the CLOTHES they wear and because of that, they MUST be Drug Dealers? What other programs do YOU think they should have? I bet you think they should GIVE the medication away to you for free? You make these assertions yet NEVER BACK THEM UP. You’re nothing but a fucking BLOWHARD!

  2. I was wondering if u could help me with what I would need to do to get A job in the industry. Of medical marijuana

  3. Duane Reeves on

    the real problem , In America “on Avg” 60,000 laws are added or changed every year. “on a federal level” . On average it takes 40 mins to read and understand any one law. if you never eat sleep or work, read laws every hour of every day it will take you about 3 years to learn 1 years laws. We are suppose to be a free country but there is over 1.2 billion laws / codes / and amendments in America ….

    There is ever laws making it illegal not to know the laws . The odds of a Avg American not breaking at least 1 federal Law / Code / Rule / or Amendment every single day of there life is astronomical . We have more laws and rules than communist china . How in the world is this a free country.

  4. College of Cannabis on

    I have to disagree with Ric, unfortunately. We’ve monitored the medical marijuana movement for quite awhile now and have seen firsthand how incredibly beneficial dispensaries and delivery services can be for their patients, employees, and the general public. Just to give you an idea of the types of research we’ve done on compensation and employee well-being, here’s a post we made recently on the subject: http://collegeofcannabis.com/dispensary-jobs-and-compensation-expectations-in-the-medical-marijuana-industry/ Harborside is a fantastic dispensary that is setting examples (and precedents!) of how good dispensaries should be run.

  5. I was a member of Harborside. What I saw at this “dispensary” are nothing more than drug dealers trying to profit from Proposition 215. Everyone who works for Harborside are only into this program for money, just look at what they are wearing and driving. There is no services for patients under the Compassionate Use Act. Although they provide acupuncture, chiropractic and other services,
    they DO NOT provide any services or programs for their ill patients. They “sale” pot for the convenience of themselves. There is no Compassion for patients (which the law requires). This place needs to be shut down. If you read the news, they admit of paying off the City Officials to continue their operation. Well, lets see who will win in the battle in court against the Government or Harborside. I have bets on the Government (since they never lose). I can assure you that Haborside will be require to shut down, and Mr. DeAngelo will take a “plea” bargain instead of going to jail (even though Steve said he would fight them all the way). Many wishes to ya all.

  6. When
    I lived in The Bay Area I would go to Harborside. They provided free
    acupuncture, chiropractic, education, pain relief classes and much more.
    Very kind nice people. I had a severe back injury; the free
    help and education helped me immensely. Now in Nebraska and on my own
    to get treatment. Never did marijuana until I moved to CA. Helped much
    more than any pain meds from the doc. All the negative and scare
    tactics I had been told were false. Now I do all natural herbs and
    essential oils until NE gets legal.

  7. Johnny Bloomington on

    Yes we all will. What choice do you have? Repub or Dem, it’s all the same party.

  8. Obamanation and that ugly Hagg are what’s wrong with government, they both need to be fired and jailed for their stupidity.

  9. Quite frankly, the Obama administration is the most corrupt, lying administration in the history of the United States. I won’t be fooled again.

  10. who is pulling her strings, haag isn’t doing these raids on her own, she is someones puppet.
    im VERY disappointed Obama is allowing these raids, hipocracy or just plain lying, let the states decide and respect their decisions. people vote and the fed decides if they like the results, too bad uncle sam you already lost the fight, wake up and find another foe.

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