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Government Sponsored Study Concludes DEA Must Reclassify Marijuana


Medical LeafTurns Out The DEA Was Wrong All Along

Despite all the statements by the DEA over the years denying the medical benefits of cannabis, a recent government sponsored study at the University of California Center for Medicinal Cannabis concluded marijuana has legitimate medicinal benefits, including relief from chronic pain.The study also found that reclassification is needed immediately to open the way for more clinical trials. The study was published in The Open Neurology Journal.

The DEA has been recalcitrant in its denial of marijuana’s medicinal value for decades, but that may soon end. This study called the DEA’s unwillingness to reclassify marijuana “not accurate”, and “not tenable.” And it’s true: the American people are growing intolerant of government hypocrisy and denial of the truth. We each have unique medical needs, and we each deserve to pursue our unique path to health, so long as it doesn’t preclude the health and happiness of others.

As many of you now know, President Obama can direct Attorney General Eric Holder to immediately order the DEA to remove cannabis from the drug schedules, or to reclassify cannabis so more trials can go forward. But, I support removing cannabis from the schedules completely. The FDA generally lacks jurisdiction over herbs, unless the herb has been labeled a drug by the DEA. If the DEA removes cannabis from the drug schedules, the FDA would lose the right to regulate cannabis. Instead, we’d be able to buy it as easily as buying basil. And after all, it’s about as dangerous as most herbs in the garden, and provides much more upside.

There is nothing quite like sitting back with a joint, blunt, bowl, or bong. I really don’t want to take a cannabis pill. Tinctures and vaporizers work great, but I demand the right to choose. Ultimately, this isn’t just about cannabis; it’s about actually getting to enjoy the freedom that is often bandied about as the core of our country, while smokers have to keep their heads down for enjoying one of nature’s greatest gifts—the good herb!


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I’m an Attorney, Activist, Chef, and Gardener–poking holes in the media filter that obscures the truth about ganja in this country daily.


  1. It is time we ALL took our heads out of the sand and admit what’s really happening with cannabis. Because cannabis is completely sustainable and the best resource for; building materials (biodegradable plastics, steel), clothing, fuel and the most important food source for human health and longevity, the proverbial 1% has been able to increase and maintain their elite status by keeping cannabis illegal. Without the cheap, sustainable, flexible benefits of this plant being available, we are forced to use inferior resources to provide our food, fuel, shelter, clothing and medicine, many of which are destroying our environment and slowly killing us. The 1% want the conversation regarding cannabis to continue to only be about drugs so they can keep their fabricated disinformation about this plant alive in the minds of the masses. The importance of the battle over cannabis will only truly be understood if it is fully legalized and allowed to flourish in a FREE MARKET ECONOMY. I pray that I see the day that the oil and pharmaceutical industries crumble, we stop digging, drilling and raping the earth for resources that would be better if grown, stop clear cutting forests & cancer and neurological diseases are rare occurances.

  2. It is about time, yes, remove it altogether from the drug category, it is NOT a drug. It is a herb.

  3. This surprises very few people and I suspect this includes most within the DEA. It would also surprise very few I believe, If Obama actualy took the correct stand related to this finding. Many sad years of normal people being persecuted for nothing more than the ignorance of our system.

  4. Dale Elliott on

    I use Cannabis Oil for COPD but the year before it was for stomach cancer…I’ve always felt it should be freely available at the first time I’d ever tried smoking it…A friend I had just met, his daughter 12year old,handed me the joint…That’s when my real awakening was beginning…All prohibition type laws about any drugs or herbs etc are not for the people…Leave the people alone & they will sort out & educate themselves as to the real concerns about all of it…NOT as the ignorant government mutterers would have it…

  5. TheRealEvilGenius on

    You can patent a plant, Monsanto does it all the time. And that it not why its illegal. If it were legal then BIG PHARMA wouldn’t make so much money on thousands of drugs to combat ills, that Cannabis alone does without harmful side-effects…

  6. TheRealEvilGenius on

    Monsanto co-owns (with the U.S.) most patents on corn, wheat, soy, etc., etc….

  7. Sweet Liberty on

    I absolutely support more freedom and more medical research on benefits and uses. There are just so many conditions for which this shows promise and it’s status is the only thing standing in the way of this research.

  8. diditweetthat on

    PROHIBITION is not HARM REDUCTION. Prohibition replaces the POTENTIAL for harm (overdose) with REAL HARM – Prison and lost opportunity for life. Lost work opportunity, lost housing opportunity, and ultimately an opportunity to become a lifetime criminal, in and out of “correctional” facilities, which boast recidivism rates of 80%+++ When a criminal returns to your prison 80% of the time, you might not be as “correctional” as you thought, but you sure should be institutionalized.

  9. 6630507, but they also own OTHER patents too:

    Cannabichromeme(CBC): 4837228
    Glaucoma Treatment: 4189491
    Anandamide Compounds: 5631297
    Pain, inflammation, and arthritis: 6132762
    Cannabidiol and inflammatory diseases: 6410588
    Treatment for coughs: 6974568
    Inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, strokes, alzheimer’s and parkinson’s: 6630507
    Novel polycyclic cannabinoid analogs: 7741365
    Prostate cancer and prostatisis: 7597910
    Diabetes and insulitis: 8071641
    Cannabidiol and autoimmune hepatitis: 8242178
    Nausea, vomiting and motion sickness: 8034843
    Cannabigerol (CBG): 20100292345
    Multiple sclerosis and MS relapse: 200801181942
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: 20090197941
    Treating cell proliferation and cancers: 20100204312
    Inhibition of tumour cell migration: 20080262099
    Gastrointestinal inflammatory and cancers: 20100222437

    Nope, no accepted medical use. None what-so-ever. Nothing more to see here. Move along, good citizen. We the sheeple.

  10. medcannabis1 on

    Prohibition is a crime against the sick and dying….it only supports the American Slave Trade with the For-Profit Prison System…shame upon those that continue to support cannabis prohibition..SHAME!

  11. TheRealEvilGenius on

    Not to mention the the Department of Health and Human Services of the U.S. Government, OWNS the patent on Cannabis…

  12. Remove from drug schedules completely. It’s only an Herb! Everyone needs to get behind my mantra: “You can’t legislate Mother Nature” ~ZJ Free

  13. they’ve got the ONLY Cannabis available for research and they don’t DO any per the feds, nor do they GIVE any to another Research institute to Study! Can’t have the Feds proving themselves wrong now can we? ; )

  14. It also states that the research was done at University of California, San Diego. Which is an ACTUALLY VERY PRESTIGIOUS University. Look it up! This SURPRISES you that a University in California would HAVE a Medical Marijuana Research Dept.? You’re not too bright if so! But I’m just sayin

  15. Honey, the government has had studies that say the same thing since Nixon’s day. I’m not sure why they would pay more attention to this one.

  16. This was NOT a government-sponsored study. If you read to the end, under Conflicts of Interest, it says, “This work was supported by the University of California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research.”

  17. Fact is , obamas a two faced coward and you should look to congress to reschedule. I mean do you think obummer would go back and say he was.wrong about not being able to reschedule?
    Fact is . If we were all callin our congressmen nonstop wed get it changed
    Dont ever trust a junkie. Obamas a power junkie. He needs that big pharma needle in his vains. Hes a slut for money.
    At least bush was just stupid.
    Omfg never thought id say that!!

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