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Governor Chris Christie: ‘We Will End The Failed War On Drugs’


new jersey governor chris christie medical marijuana kidsSomething very shocking happened today. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came out in support of ending the ‘failed war on drugs.’ It’s not shocking to hear a politician get on the drug reform bandwagon these days – more and more politicians are getting on the right side of history daily. However, when someone who has fought against reform as hard as Chris Christie comes out in support of reform, I can’t help but wonder what changed his mind?

“We will end the failed war on drugs that believes that incarceration is the cure of every ill caused by drug abuse. We will make drug treatment available to as many of our non-violent offenders as we can and we will partner with our citizens to create a society that understands that every life has value and no life is disposable.” stated Chris Christie during his speech.

Russ Belville wrote an article recently about Chris Christie’s opposition to marijuana reform:

“But the Republican governor of New Jersey, the redundantly-named presidential-aspirant Chris Christie, isn’t as progressive as a Utah Republican when it comes to saving kids’ lives.  Christie has pushed through regulations on the New Jersey state program that limit the strains and potency of medical marijuana, making it impossible for the Wilsons to get the high-CBD oil that would save Vivian’s life.  The legislature listened to Meghan and Brian and is currently passing a law that would allow patients to bring in marijuana products from other medical marijuana states.

Gov. Christie has vowed to veto that legislation.  He has said he will never expand the medical marijuana program in any way, because that’s what the marijuana legalizers want and marijuana will never be legalized in New Jersey on his watch.  He’s even put forth a “slippery slope” argument where importing an edible non-psychoactive marijuana extract from Colorado to save the lives of epileptic kids inexorably leads to teenagers smoking joints and stoned mayhem on the turnpike.”

If Chris Christie truly wants to end the ‘failed war on drugs’ he can start by supporting medical marijuana patients who desperately need their medicine. If he truly wants to ‘create a society that understands that every life has value and no life is disposable’ he won’t stand in the way of safe access. How do TWB readers feel about Chris Christie’s comments? Do you think he is sincere? Or is he just trying to throw around meaningless rhetoric in order to get some press, or some other reason?


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  1. Really, you must fly to work. He did for what reason to hurt people that came from certain town where their politician didn’t agree with him. And if didn’t know about it he should have.he probably hate cannibus, because he is fat and he knows he make him eat cookies and candies and make him fatter.

  2. We get him out this November. John Hanger ran out of money but they know weed card is huge and someone will pick it up. I just read article marijuana legalization e is inevitable. It too late for my friend he won’t be able to dodge prison. he has 30 felonies and possible 40 year jail sentence. he wasn’t selling it he asked for nothing. The system will bearable to go on a few more years putting people in jail for this harmless medicine. The worst is hearing people who know nothing about it speak like it herion. oh i know some people where weed really screwed them up. Oh really have no idea what they are talking about.

  3. Il tell you a little story, my friend is on lithium he shake so badly he can’t roll the first joint. After a few puff of cannibus he hands still shake, but very slightly. It has no physical addiction, you can’t over does from it and nobody ever died from solely using cannibus. It about money the FEDS drug budget 60 percent of it for marijuana crimes. There no such as too high weed you smoke till your high enough. if stronger you smoke less of it. Harmlessness stronger is still harmlessness. That why in PA Corbett sees the poles at 82 percent wanted weed legal yet he still won’t sign a bill that passed in land slide vote in the house in PA. He so bad he in negatives in the poles. Come 2014 November we get a new governor and finally weed will first i believe will become medical and then eventually we have recreational. Corbett getting too much money from businesses that lose if weed becomes legal. If 82 percent wants it yet Cobitt will not sign the bill what else could be it be? Weed was never made illegal through science. A paper mill owner went to congress to stop industrial hemp which doesn’t make you high it different species and putting his business out of business. He said that “black men will seek out white woman to fornicate with.” it worked they took off as medicine and created the stamp act. Then the government wasn’t giving out any stamps so that was end of that. Nixon did study they came back weed is not harmful he said so what well make illegal anyways. That when it was put on the books. It illlimated a large group against the vetniam war.

  4. Good to see what the People and not the media thinks about this potential presidential candidate. We are sick and tired of how the winds blowing politicians. Christie gets a thumbs down from me.

  5. 1. That’s fine, just an identity theft risk.2. didn’t assume everyone regrets, I said “you’ll hear a lot of regret”
    3. No, that shouldn’t be illlegal.
    4. Once again, that’s my opinion. You can’t seem to handle opinions that aren’t your own or differ from yours.

  6. 1. I do because i don’t hide from being me or what i say
    2. you did assume that everybody should regret and that i was arguing with you… opinion accepted and not argued about so….
    3.should tattooing and piercing other people’s bodies and cops killing gunman in schools and troops overseas in the line of duty be illegal also? high school wrestling or football perhaps? that’s all harmful at times to some
    4. With your judgments of others and close minded philosophy thank God that is true. Roll on dude

  7. Jamie: Religion is a type of value system, and like any ideology, it has its strengths and weaknesses. As long as we can all agree on our right to choose which path to take, which beliefs to follow, then it should not be so hard for all of us to get along… right? :D

  8. 1. Who uses their full name on the internet? Bad idea. And yes, “D” stands for Douche.
    2. I haven’t assumed anything, that’s my opinion.
    3. Do want you want to your body, but don’t harm other bodies (including the ones inside)
    4. I don’t make laws or rules for others. So my “exacting” opinion is just that, an opinion.

  9. ok well hmm i never gave you MY opinion about abortion…I may be on your side, you assumed i was arguing. I was saying you can’t make a generalized statement for every person on a forum like this because the people here are from ALL walks of life and are all here because they believe in FREEDOM OF CHOICE to do what we want with our bodies like smoke weed. You don’t know that i myself realized years ago that i was an unwanted baby. I have taken care of all the drug addict friends’ kids that i have known because they too spewed out unwanted babies. I have an aunt raising her Great grandkids because the methhead girl can’t get any sense who were both born addicted and screaming with withdrawals.. I use my real name here to speak freedom for all people to choose for themselves and again you assumed and shouted out some propaganda under an anonymous tag which i’m pretty sure “dee” stands for douche at this point.I simply was pointing out that your opinion that you are entitled to should not be so exacting for every person. I have seen a horrible world and i am glad that you have lived in one obviously so rosey.

  10. i support “not killing fetuses” which are human babies. Whoever says a fetus isn’t a human baby is fooling themselves.
    Shame on the parents who don’t instill values, self control, morality,etc. into there kids. At the end of the day, poor parenting, bad decisions, drunken sex, one night stands are no reasons to throw your unborn flesh and blood into a dumpster.
    If a baby is killed in the womb it’s a legal abortion. If the same baby is removed from the womb first, then killed, it’s murder. I ,personally, don’t see the difference between the two.

  11. also remember that assumptions, judgments, lies, and propaganda is what leads to prohibition in the first place

  12. This is exactly why my children were taught not to have relations that create unwanted children. There are plenty of ways to “have fun together” without making actual babies. Thank God my son believes it is cruel and unusual punishment to subject one more child to life with our bloodline. and he stays away from those girls that are shopping for a baby daddy…smart man because they are everywhere. Without knowing a full story to a woman’s choices you have no right to assume that ALL regret is all i am saying. I suppose you support seeing 23 year olds, 8 months pregnant, dragging 4 screaming babies through Walmart? Breeders for the sake of unsmart breeding is just as disgusting..It is part of what is wrong with America’s economy and environmental problems.

  13. It’s disturbing that the “few with kids” regret not aborting them. disgusting!
    If you believe in the soul, having a clear conscience, and following your gut instincts, then you know deep down that aborting unborn baby’s is not right. Just because it can be done, it doesn’t mean that it should be.

  14. Not always. don’t ASS-Ume things i know some people who absolutely have no regrets for their choice and even a few with kids that regret theirs more

  15. Regret is a part of life, and it teaches us a lot about ourselves. But, like mistakes, regret is not something that should be avoided. Anyway, regret is only available to us looking back from our comfy positions of historical perspective.

  16. hell ya if he legalizes it here in NJ i want have to order over the internet from my buds any more. i could just walk down the street. yall should still go give them a holla for some good good weed http://goo.gl/zaeIpK

  17. a fetus is a baby that hasn’t left the womb. I know it’s legal to abort a baby that’s inside of you, but if you ask any woman that had an abortion, you’ll hear a lot of regret.

  18. UmmRashad 'Adl on

    Coming from the hood Nicetown, North Philly I say Christie is cool, he is a politician and politicians go with the flow of those that elected them; our president is being sentimental as well.

    I like Christie, I experienced Sandy and this guy is real. He is a maverick.

  19. Bill Conway Sr. on

    Christy is a politition,he’ll say what he thinks people to hear and then push HIS agenda if and when elected!

  20. this guy just can’t be trusted. great at saying what people want to hear.the only bigger blowhard could be the govenor of my state that is tom corbett its time to move this clown outta town

  21. It seems to me that we have indeed reached a turning point. While one cannot dictate who a person might end up with on the same side of an issue; I think it’s rarely the case that a person would want to side with this man. Better he was the poster boy for birth control. When he expresses any opinion contrary to the legalization of cannabis, send him a bucket of chicken. There will be silence; at least for a while. He can get to the bottom of that. With a friend like Chris Christie marijuana doesn’t need enemies.

  22. Kushington Budz III on

    While no one is sure of the reasoning behind this change of events it’s a win and were heading in the right direction as more of the benefits from HEMP are made available we can only hope that this continues to be the consensus across the board… for more follow me on InstaGram @kushingtonbudziii

  23. For good or for bad, right or wrong, so often what Gov Christie wants is what Gov Christie gets. Whether or not he is believable makes no difference, because NJ voted him in again and I don’t think he’ll be running for Pres., so for the next 4 years people in NJ need to put extreme pressure on him to come through on these new words. Since other states that I would never believe could have decent medical cannabis programs do, and others are so close, and legalization will be on quite a few ballots in Fall 2014, it’s hard to understand why the people of NJ, (and damn – there’s a LOT of them), haven’t pushed harder. fagedaboudit seems to be the state motto. I’m from there, so I get to say that, and believe it.

  24. The governor’s statement translates exactly into Kevin Sabet’s argument. Christie is not advocating for legalization by any measure.

  25. The only reason you are hearing anything like this out of Chris Christie is because he is trying to get people to talk about something else but the problem she is having with trafficgate and the other issues people are bring up. His own speech should tell you he does not mean what he is saying.
    The New Jersey medical marijuana program is a joke. Most people who are eligible can’t even get the drug. The only have a few dispenseries in the whole state. As long as Christie is the govenor there it will not get better.
    If he really believes in what he is saying you should see a. New Jersey decriminalise marijuana. What I would really like to hear is how he plans to go about stopping the.”The War on Drugs”?

  26. His predecessor approved MMJ and Christy dragged his feet for years before instituting a super watered down version of MMJ. He’s very good at appearing affable in his words but he’s a bully and a loud mouth by his actions. Especially towards teachers and people who disagree with him. If this was recent this was just a move to try to appeal to popular opinion in the wake of the revelation of his administration being a bunch of strong arm jerks working for big business. Politics as usual.

  27. 1 Timothy 4:1-5

    The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

    Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.

    They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth.

    For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving,

    because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.

  28. When Governor Christie was huddled together with all his “advisors,” I wonder which one advised him to distract the media with this story? Was it, could it have been, one of the Koch brothers?

    And enough of these fat comments. If Christie were skinny, would you be inserting this term within all the other names that you call him? Does this sound right: He’s a skinny loser? Quit judging him on his appearance. Is this how we want people to treat a woman who runs for president? Okay? Okay. (Been watching high-larious Bill Hicks videos, and he uses this phrase. Rest in peace, comedic warrior.)

  29. Andy is saying that, since abortion is legal, cannabis should be too. However, he thinks that fetuses are babies (even if he can’t spell it). Obviously, Andy is lacking basic medical knowledge, and is probably just an Evangelical troll.

  30. I’m curious, which one of his positions convinced you to vote for him? Was it only this one?

  31. He is looking for sympathy and supporters for his butt is in HOT WATER presently. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

  32. stellarvoyager on

    I don’t trust this guy for a second. This all just looks like a distraction from the scandals. Christie has never been for cannabis freedom, but he can talk a good talk if you don’t carefully read between the lines. For Chris Christie, “ending the failed war on drugs” means drug courts, mandatory treatment, and pharmaceuticalization, not decriminalization and legalization. You cannot truly end the war on drugs without legalizing cannabis. Otherwise, this is all just empty talk, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  33. Actions speak louder than words. Start legislation. Make a executive order. Anything else but action will automatically expose the lie.

  34. Pc of shit, probably smoking crack and scamming prostitutes in his own time. Fat fuck! Freedom of speech or wait are u going to take that right from me too, u jackass. Let reality set in bastard your hypertension due to your poor choices of a healthy diet is more taxing on your body then cannabis will ever be. And again my tax dollars have paid scientists to verify this fact. So eat another hoagy while u sit on a 10 inch vibrator “cock boy”.

  35. He is trying to up his approval rating since he is now involved in numerous scandals revolving around the hurricane relief money and shutting down of the GWB. I don’t believe him for one second!!

  36. They act like there ain’t cannabis in the US……..The kids are smoke now just like I did in the 1980s…And like my brother in 70s………………If a woman has the right to kill baby’s because it there body’s…. Well hell I have the right use cannabis in my body………..And it don’t kill………double standard………

  37. Sounds like Christie is jumping on the Project SAM bandwagon. When he says, “make drug treatment AVAILABLE,” he means MANDATORY. Makes a great sound byte though.

  38. Some lobbyist who helpedchristie gain his spot needs more people in rehab.. probably a drug company. As far as his stance on legalized marijuana christie really makes no since either be all for something or all against it. He sounds ridiculous. Hes so on the fence.

  39. yeah, he’s toast.

    The only good thing I get from reading things like this is that these wuss politicians are taking baby steps towards legalization. They’re all too scared to risk their careers over marijuana. But if they all take baby steps together, then it’s safer for them.

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