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Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time (Video)


There is a video going around right now of three grandmas smoking marijuana for the first time. The video has gone viral, getting well over 5,000,000 views in less than a day as of the posting of this article. The video is nothing short of sensational. I wish I could get my grandma and her three friends to puff! Below is a description of the video, by its makers, and the video that I’m sure you have heard a lot about:

“We found three grandmas who had never smoked pot and gave them an opportunity to try it for the first time. Then we gave them snacks and had them play cards against humanity.”


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  1. wondered why the usa thinks iran is supposed to be the usa’s enemy, i looked and saw this
    i looked at the date, and saw another article

    why havent they totaly legalized it in iran?
    are they afraid of the usa?
    i have heard it said that the united nations does as the feds command, maybe iran is afraid of the united nations, which is controlled by the usa
    the magi i guess were originally from their, and they were called wise, and they worshiped the whole plant according to the book “the emperor wears no cloths”
    why does the usa fear iran? are the folk in d.c. afraid that iran may want to cut off their thieving hands? or worse for performing high treasonous acts against the cannabis community, and going against their own constitution?

  2. i asked a viet nam soldier why there is a need for this usa government, and he said cause if they were not there, that other people in other countries would take over and rule us or kill us all, so maybe they are reluctantly needed, i hmm shaking of my head in disgust, no right to religion, no right to work, family, car, THIEVES in the nite, makes me want to learn the ways of the secret ones, but it goes against, i mean if i knew as a kid what i know now, and how is their secrecy helping others like it didnt help me got to be some way

  3. sorry to hear about your mom’s passing
    hopefully in the future, true thc beam testing will be performed, and tests conducted to find out at just what degree of rotation makes the cells lose their mutation
    that will be a day to rejoice
    until then we must all must find ways to imprison all those who dares to take away our human rights, somehow, although, with the supreme court’s blood on its hands, how will it ever be solved, oh, dont even want to think about it
    maybe we just do not need the d.c. government, they dont represent us, they tax us for what?
    imprison us for what?
    what good are they?
    we dont need their war

  4. i was gonna show this to my mom, but then after seeing it, i dont think i want, too embarrassing, it kind of proves my point, that none of us creatures, male or female could play the part of the biblical figures in the bible, holy mary mother of God? Virgin mary?

    only the plant could be virgin
    the magi were right
    i love women, but i will never worship them
    maybe i have grown up on the other side of the railroad tracks, much like ambrose wolfinger?

    if only i could put over a big deal like he did with his puncture proof tire

  5. my mom used to smoke marijuana back in the early seventies and she loved it it took us a while to talk her into it but once we did she smoked a lot we live in South Florida and we actually got some pretty good weed for those days. then she came down with breast cancer and the chemo made her very sick unless she smoked unfortunately she passed away in 78 she was only 56 at least she was able to eat I love and miss my mother very much she was a very cool woman and a great mom

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