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Grape Ape Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Grape Ape Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

Wide purple leaves cover the Grape Ape marijuana plant, surrounding some of the world’s most unique buds. The leaves, stems, stalks and buds are coated with a thick layer of THC crystals and these lovely ladies give off a strong smell of grape. You’ll also notice some very nice undertones of skunkiness. The nuggets, when cared for properly, are tight and dense. They are super sticky and make you feel guilty for placing your fat little fingers on them directly.

“Hybrid strain, very beautiful, while hitting the sun, it appeared as a tube of glitter dropped on the nuggets. deep purple with the sweet aroma. Smooth smoke and relaxing high.” – Cbld

Check out the Grape Ape marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Grape Ape, and how Grape Ape affects various ailments.

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grape ape marijuana strain


grape ape marijuana strain


grape ape marijuana strain


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  1. Man, those buds are gorgeous, ain’t they?
    Oh, I was gonna say that you should hide, before the Moderator finds you…

  2. Captured Angel on

    I am reading these reviews with such a feeling of JEALOUSY! In my state (Florida), more than 20 grams of this stuff will land you in state prison for five years. Less than 20 will get you one year. We don’t have medical. WE DON’T EVEN HAVE DECRIMINALIZATION! Already made up my mind to move back to Colorado when I retire. I have a lifelong friend there, who I plan on spending many a mellow LEGAL evening with. Sure hope he stopped smoking tobacco.

  3. Sounds nice. Be nice if you could get some true strains my way. Cant trust half what you hear nowdays. Spread the love

  4. This is my top strain for fighting arthritis and back pain. It has a very mellow effect on the mind (I just get really chatty, but stay clear headed).

    I highly recommend it for pain.

  5. Keep up the good work brother! I too am in Oregon, and i cant wait till its a little more legal here. Love the articles.

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