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Group Wants To Make Marijuana Legal In Texas


el paso texas normlThe Weed Blog gets a lot of readers from Texas, and many of them contact me asking when I think marijuana will be legal in Texas. I always have to give them the bad news that since Texas does not have an initiative process, it’s going to be harder to end marijuana prohibition in Texas than it is in many other states. Unlike Colorado and Washington, which legalized marijuana via the voter initiative process, the only option for Texas is to legalize via the legislature.

But before people get too sad about the prospects of legalization in Texas, realize that there are some very hardworking people on the ground trying to lobby for change. A new NORML chapter has started in El Paso, Texas, and it sounds like there was a good turnout for the first meeting. US Congressman Beto O’Rourke and state Senator José Rodriguez spoke at the event, which had roughly 150 people in attendance.

Possession of any amount of marijuana in Texas is punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine. Of course, if you get busted for marijuana, you also lose your driving privilege for awhile and if you are a college student, you can kiss your financial aid goodbye. Getting busted in Texas for marijuana is no joke. It’s clearly time for reform.

There are no less than 13 NORML chapters in Texas now, and I’d like to see them get as much support as possible. Trying to convince politicians to vote for marijuana reform in Texas will be no easy task. I tip my hat to the new chapter in El Paso, as well as every other NORML chapter that is fighting for reform in Texas. If you live in Texas, consider joining one of these chapters so that you can get active and fight for what’s right!


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  1. We need repeal of an unconstitutional law that
    has filled private prisons with non violent cannabis users. The
    prohibition against cannabis was unconstitutional from its inception. We
    don’t want legalization of marijuana which leaves the government
    to control and regulate it. Control means that corporations can limit
    the public’s ability to be self sufficient, therefore dependent on the
    corporations. Water kills, cannabis doesn’t, nobody has the right to
    deny anyone access to a harmless plant.

  2. The problem is the medical companies have all the power and a ton of money to pursuade members of legislashion. They don’t want a product for the public that will cut big time out of there income(medications). So they’ll be a big road block in the way. don’t get your hopes up now.. Doubt that leagal weed in Texas will ever be.. Good luck to the El Paso CHAPTER and all others. God bless.
    ~~ Power in numbers.. not in cash~~

  3. I had partial seizures then I started smoking cannabis. I didn’t smoke it very heavily but the seizures stopped. I smoked “schwag”, a weak type of cannabis, regularly for 5 years while in college and for a few years afterwards and I NEVER had a seizure. I was nervous about going to jail the whole time and then I started dating a girl that didn’t like it. She persuaded me to quit and not much later I had a grand mal seizure. I started having partial seizures again. Now I take seizure meds every day. $600 per month and they don’t even work all the time. Nothing has done as well as cannabis to prevent the seizures. I’d love to be able to use it again to control my seizures. I could reduce the meds and hopefully get off of them completely at some point but I don’t want to get thrown in jail. I want to be able to pass a drug screen so I can keep a job. The side effects of the meds are harsh sometimes. The only side effect I got from cannabis: I slept a lot better! I NEED MEDICAL CANNABIS IN TEXAS!!

  4. We to rally up and put our governors and mayors and state officials in a carner so they have no chose but to legaliz weed but sell like u would sell a pack of smokes. Tax, half to be 18 or older but do it responsibly.

  5. Ricardo Cordova Jr. on

    To tell you guys the truth making marijuana legal Is not going to easy mission because it was one of the first Texas state laws wen Texas became a state but if for some reason if they do make it legal there are going to put rules e laws on wen an we’re to smoke marijuana just like alcohol

  6. Texas might have mandatory minimums, but certain counties(Travis County) are very lenient. If you are caught with under a pound, the police have the choice to write you a ticket. In Austin, Houston, and Dallas, police have the option to write you a ticket for possession under an ounce if you are caught in the zip code you live in. Texas will surprise people, we are a pro-profit state and once Colorado publishes the taxes earned in this emerging industry, it will only be a matter of time. This is a $50,000,000,000 industry Nation wide that the 14th largest GDP in the world (Texas) will take part in. If Wendy Davis wins, we will see it even sooner. Texas will go green.

  7. Please stay near your phone, we will be right over to pick up. Anything you have to offer will be acceptable. We are an equal opportunist consumer and not choosy.

  8. It may not be possible as of this moment to do something like that, but i’m sure we will look into that when things get closer to the ballots for us.
    It is going to be work but we are going to try! I hope everyone else hops on board as well!
    Happy 420!
    Good Job Florida for making the ballots!

  9. That’s true like I say even if weed got more pricey
    I would still pay for it I’d feel more safe at a local head
    shop than at some drug dealers house

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  11. Manuel Alviso Jr on

    Finally!!! Texas is almost time!!! almost a dream come true! cant wait to see this thing coming, Would be a honor be part of this amazing part in history.

  12. When I think about the difficulties that Texas faces in this battle, a major stumbling block would be the Texas Medical Board — an institution co-opted by the drug war. These people are militant and have a lot of power.

  13. I hope a chapter opens in the rgv (rio grand vally) a lot of the brick weed gets in trew here … and I would prefer dat the drug money went to schools and roads rather then cartels …. we can only hope

  14. I wish you the best. More than that, it would be one of the finest days of my life, everyone’s life, if Texas were to legalize because then there would be no stopping the movement. But, on the other hand, there’s history and history shows that the state of Ted C and George W will almost certainly be one of the last (I argue the very last) to legalize. You have your work cut out for you. Good luck!

    And a question–Is it possible for single cities to legalize in Texas? If so, I could definitely see Austin doing it, but I fear it’s not allowed and even if it were the conservatives would stonewall it to death.

  15. I believe if we legalize the drug war rate will lower and we’ll worry about more harsher things that are actually schedule 1 drugs…
    I bet when its all set and done Mexico legalizes it. haha.

  16. I don’t think so and for those who do think so when it is legal you’ll be the most surprised.,
    I just hope for those who think we aren’t going to try and that are here when we do support it, if you don’t support it and state its not going to happen or we aren’t going to try you can keep ranting and going on about it… Because EVERY state will eventually legalize…

  17. I know, right? The blog kindly asked us to flag their comments as inappropriate instead of trying to shame them away — I’m trying to play nice, I really am, but it is difficult.

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