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Grower Tip of the Week – Room Temperature


This week I asked Facebook followers ‘What is the best temperature for a grow room?’ Here were the responses. And remember, these are not tips from TWB, they are from Facebook comments, so take them for what they are:

Felipe Eddie Zatarain – 80-85 degrees

Dan Sauer – at least 78-82 up to 86 with co2 burner

Mike Yazzie – 80 degrees works i heard.

Garret Overstreet – Depending on your altitude, how many plants you have, etc, optimal range is between high 60’s and mid 70’s for light hours. Since the warm season is coming up, be sure to have a fan to accommodate.

Jenny Kush – i stuck with 75 when i moved inside seemed to keep my babies happy!!

Irish Mc – according to the bible (Jorge Cervantes) the ideal temperature for cannabis growth is about 75°F (24°C).

Steveo e. – rosenthal says 60 to 85 degrees.

Shay Howlett – 78 when the lights are on. 10 degrees cooler when the lights are off 68. remember you are trying to imitate mother earth and keep plenty of fans blowing fresh cool air across the leafs this imitates the wind plants don’t have lungs that’s why fresh air and the temp are some of the most critical variables to keep in mind;)

Maria Castro – 78

William Stefan – 85



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  1. I am having a terrible problem trying to rid my vege and flower rooms of powdery mildew. I have used a heavy spray of baking soda and water, but did not spray under the leaves, nor did I spray the stems.

    If I spray the plants correctly, and then clean out the room with a solution of clorox and water, do you think that will take care of it?

  2. begin @ 75 to 78 and adapt according to your strain and environment … need three well attended grows to really get to know a specific strain. Do not be discouraged: the first time anyone does anything they screw it up … just like marriage, ignorance is NOT bliss!

  3. different mediums can handle different temperatures as different strains prefer different climates
    you cant get a purple to turn purple naturally without the night temp drop
    just like Birds of Paradise
    I dont thik enough is said about watering temps , hydroponics is different than soil/coco.
    whatever keeps it green!

    Cervantes wrote the coolist books back 20 yrs ago

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