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Guest Post – Get More From Your Bonghit


Since we here at THE Weed Blog can’t be experts in everything, we have invited Mike from Weed Smoking Tips to lend his knowledge on this topic. If you would like share some knowledge with us, shoot us an e-mail at theweedblog@theweedblog.com and we will check it out. Enjoy!


Need an extra hit from your bong?!

Here are a few of my personal favorite ways to get more from your bong hit.

1. The first trick I would like to discuss involves ice. Putting ice in your bong gives you a really nice, cool, fresh hit. There are a couple of methods of doing this:

Get a bong with an ice catcher. You just fill the bong to the brim of the mouth piece with ice so that when you pull the smoke through it flows through those crisps cold cubes. (remember to keep emptying the melted ice).

2. For those of you that lack such an extravagant bong, just fill your water with crushed ice to make it slushy. This works perfectly on a hot summers day.

3. The next subject is adding booze to the bong. For those of you out there wondering, yes it does add an extra effect to the hit because you are inhaling the alcoholic fumes and although not in a large quantity, it disperses into your blood stream quicker that alcoholic liquid.

So add the flavored vodka or what ever your taste buds desire to the bong, do not be afraid to experiment.

Also, make it some sort of penalty that someone that breaks the stoner etiquette must down the bong booze.

4. The same can be done with fruit juice and it gives you a fruity hit (for all you non-alcoholics).

5. The last one takes me to the other end of the spectrum of bong hits.

Hot water in the bong. It doesn’t sound to refreshing but actually this will give you the silkiest bong hit of your life. Your lungs much prefer inhaling warmer air making this hit go down much easier. I highly recommend it.

That’s all for now folks! For more visit Weed Smoking Tricks.

Hope you enjoy it!



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  1. Not Old balls mike on

    You Mike, are an Idiot. in my 2 years (yes, only 2) I know that all your ideas, except the ridiculously obvious ice in your bong, are wrong. Alcohol as bong water is wrong on so many levels. It is a waste of alcohol because unless you’re a sadist, you’re not making anyone drink that liquor, and secondly, THC molecules adhere to alcohol, meaning that more of your THC is stuck in your bong “water”, making it less potent. On to your fruit juice travisty. Like mentioned below, anything sticky will make your bong smell fowl, and will make it a fucking shit show to clean. Not only that, it will add nothing to your hit, trust me, I’ve tried. Mike, I’m sorry, but you’re stupid

  2. Reading this makes me doubt your pedigree on the art of bonging… so I shall impart my bongknowledge/views on this subject. Ok regarding ice in a bong… thats pretty understandable and I myself do this when I can be bothered I have a Roor fitted with ice notches and one without.. if I want to use ice in the smaller Roor 100ml the best way is to remove the glass downtube from the empty bong angle the bong nearly 45 degrees and gently slide a few cubes in, then you can replace the downtube safely without the risk of breakage… crushed ice will melt very fast in water cubes will last longer ang provide a better cooling effect. Ok #3 adding booze to your bong… Alcohol is best avoided completely at all times unless you want to clean your glass bong… (I will cover more on that later if asked) forgive me if I am wrong but I thought we are trying to promote cannabis partly by pointing out how bad alcohol is yet why is alcohol legal and cannabis for the most part is not?!?!? ok so put some vodka in your bong… thats gonna taste RANK!!! so w ill any other liquor unless you have a VERY strange sence of taste, I by the time you have inhaled enough to become intoxicated the alcohol will have evaporated and you will most likely drink the remains of the bottle in frustration!!! fruitjuice blended with ashes and partially burned cannabis chunks… MMMmmmm… tasty! that will also become EXTREMELY sticky which inturn will attract dust/ashes etc to the inside of your bong making cleaning a very unpleasant experience, keep it simple… keep it clean… use plain cold water.

    I have never tried hot water… and even after reading the article I have no desire to try this… so no comment ;)

    This is NOT a flame against you Mike I just disagree with some of the methods… I also take anti-abuse meds to deter me from alcohol as I recovering from alcohol dependancy so anyone else doing the same #3 is a BIG no no!!!

    peace all

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