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Guns, Weed, And Gay Marriage


gop marijuana conservatives rand paul bryan fischerMan, is there anything more American sounding to you? That sounds like freedom to me! Guns, weed, and gay marriage! While guns and marijuana are most definitely an incredibly irresponsible mix together, their arguments seem to be mixing more and more as the 2016 presidential election nears closer.

From what it seems the only thing that appears to be a bigger topic than Donald Trump’s ridiculous ego and racist comments is Colorado. Damn those Coloradans and their marijuana! Not doing what the federal government regulates as illegal is an inexcusable crime to most of the people on the Republican presidential stage. Oh wait, but not really. It doesn’t appear that Republicans really care at all about federal mandates.

Ted Cruz’s statements on Kim Davis, Scott Walker mocking the Supreme Court Judges, and the Republican candidates making a complete uproar on the gay marriage ruling in general paint a very different picture. What is it going to be Republicans? Should states bow down to the federal government or should they exercise the 10th Amendment with some states’ rights? Because honestly your inconsistencies are making my head spin.

Furthermore, guns. Gun conversations are always followed with a states’ rights conversation. Republicans and conservatives generally take the side of states’ rights in this conversation, of course. So, why wouldn’t Republicans than support the states’ rights for marijuana.

I constantly hear Republicans, and other conservatives, complain about the inconsistencies of the dreaded liberal. It seems to be one of their favorite taglines most of the time. While I agree that a lot of progressives within the Democratic Party need to take a look at the inconsistencies of their policy prescriptions (which is a totally different story unrelated to The Weed Blog), the Republicans can’t take this ‘logical highroad’ of consistency, when this is staring at them in the face.

Maybe the Republicans will decide that the young vote is important to them, or at least a vote that isn’t exclusively over the age of 80, this year and just decide to take the path of freedom. Have your guns. Have your weed. Have your gay weddings. Enjoy freedom! But this is definitely asking too much of our Republican candidates. What a shame.

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About Author

John Knetemann currently attends South Dakota School of Mines and Technology where he is a chapter leader for Students for Sensible Drug Policy. John has had a passion for drug policy reform since he was a senior in high school, and hasn’t looked back since. Along with his work in SSDP, he is a part of the North American Executive Board for Students For Liberty. You can find John on Twitter.


  1. OK. So where’s the mention of Rand then? If you follow the right of politics at all and leave him out 6 paragraphs of clearly targeted rhetoric, I’m just curious. He clearly stood his ground for states rights and MJ reform during the 2nd GOP debate.

  2. Travis Joseph Nelson on

    While I would identify myself more conservative than liberal, I firmly believe that every American has the right to guns (even “big” ones), cannabis, and the ability to love whoever they want.

    What this article fails to address is how BOTH parties are worthless, spineless, wishy-washy liars.

    For example, Republicans will be like “You can’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals by making them illegal.” Then they’ll say “If we make cannabis even more illegal, it’ll keep it out of the hands of criminals!” Democrats on the other hand will say “You can’t keep cannabis out of the hands of criminals by making it illegal.” They will then proceed to say, “If we make guns illegal, it’ll keep them out of the hands of criminals!” Really?! That’s some solid logic. Are both parties just trying to screw us over, or are they actually that damn stupid?

    Also, when it comes to the whole states rights vs. the federal government, both parties play that game. Democrats want immigration and gay rights to be a national decision, but cannabis to be a state decision. Republicans want guns and cannabis to be a national decision, but immigration (sometimes) and marriage to be a state’s decision. They ALLLLLLL play this game.

    The author of this article is clearly biased. Please stick to informing us about exciting cannabis news, and stop trying to beat the liberal war drum.


  3. You’re really not even going to mention Rand Paul? Who is better than even Bernie on the left for MJ policy reform? Why didn’t he even get a blip of a mention?

  4. Marijuana reform in my main issue of contention with any candidate. “I WILL VOTE FOR ANYONE OR ANYTHING THAT SEEKS TO GIVE ME THE EQUALITY THAT I NEED, AND END MY CRIMINAL STATUS”. As of now my best option is to “FEEL THE BERN”.

  5. Lawrence Goodwin on

    I agree. We won’t really know who the Republican front runners will be until this time next year. For now, though, we have a radical right that is about to surge forward in the U.S. Congress after Boehner steps down, pushing aside sensible voices like Kentucky Republican Rand Paul. I used Christie as a worst-case scenario of what the future may portend. The same applies to Jeb Bush, Carly Florina, and several others. Meanwhile, the fraudulent legal term “marihuana” remains in Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act, empowering this tyranny to continue unimpeded in many states.

    This weekend, like every other one, over 3,000 Americans will — more than one every minute.
    Every one of them deserves safe, legal, access to medical marijuana.
    Every. Single. One.

  7. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Politicians are too cowardly to approach gun owners, as it was meant to be. Politicians basically leave homosexuals alone, as they should. But on the existence of cannabis plants and every single one of their enthusiasts, politicians–federal, state and local–still arrogantly prolong the Anti Marihuana Tyranny after 78 years. I see it as one of the biggest public scandals in our history, ranked with Native American oppression, slavery, alcohol Prohibition, and the woeful disrespect of America’s ladies.

    The sudden departure of U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives, veteran Ohio Republican John Boehner (aka “Weeper of the House”), may do one of two things: finally bust open the walls of Gridlock Dam in D.C., breathing new life into the national debate on cannabis policy; or rather quickly intensify the tyranny. Anyone hear New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie angrily mocking the pro-cannabis voters of Colorado, Washington, Oregon and D.C., etc? That’s a mere taste of what’s to come if the radical right takes over the U.S. Congress. Most Republicans, and lots of Democrats, think just like Christie (or worse) about truly free markets for the raw materials of cannabis plants. If elected president next year, Christie will certainly cooperate with such elements and deploy immense federal resources against America’s free cannabis growers. The storm clouds are gathering. Our fight to liberate these amazing plants is NOT over.

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