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Hackers Steal $100,000 In Bitcoins From Cannabis Road


bitcoin marijuanaBuying marijuana over the internet is a shady business. As I’ve always told people, don’t do it. You may want to do it. You may be so desperate to do it that you try to convince yourself that it will work out. But even then, DON’T DO IT. Buying marijuana over the internet is very much illegal, so the likelihood of you trying to purchase marijuana from a narc is high, and the likelihood of you trying to buy marijuana from a jacker is even higher.

I’ve had numerous people contact me over the years complaining about how they sent money to someone, but never received anything. I then have to give them the sad explanation that the person either never planned on sending anything and took the money and ran, or the marijuana was intercepted by the post office or cops during transit. That explanation is usually followed with a lecture about why they should never, ever do it again. As if buying marijuana on the internet isn’t shady enough, it looks like hackers are stealing bitcoins from Cannabis Road, which is a popular site for marijuana transactions on the internet. Per Marijuana.Com:

The black market marijuana site Cannabis Road was hacked and robbed last week. Cannabis Road now remains offline after the attack extracted 200 BitCoins, or just over $100,000, according to a recent story by Coindesk.

Ironically, Cannabis Road was in the midst of upgrading its security architecture when the attack struck. The added security came in the wake of a number of smaller attacks, or attempted attacks, toward the online wallet.

People have tried to send me money via Bitcoin before, and I always refuse. Hackers and theives can steal the bitcoins in transit very easily according to Jay Smoker, and he is the smartest person I know when it comes to computer related knowledge. Don’t try to buy marjuana over the internet, ever. Just because someone has done it before successfully doesn’t mean that you will be successful. And if something happens to your money and you never get the product, you literally have no way of pursuing a remedy. And in an even worse case scenario, you could be arrested for trying to make the purchase.


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  1. Buying from a non-certified source is legal, as long as you have a MMJ card. e.g. People in MA have been buying legally for awhile now, even though there are not yet any dispensaries.

  2. interesting story… Well the Silk Road WAS doing pretty well and had a good reputation. They only accepted bitcoins, never really heard of anyone getting robbed going through them.

  3. But again, going to black market cause our feder government doesn’t understand that their the ones cause all problems with something less dangerous than alchol.. Dumass gov..

  4. The only exception to the “don’t buy weed online” rule is if you are a medical MJ card holder, and if the place you are purchasing from is a reputable, certified, LOCAL medical MJ dispensary that provides a delivery service. Otherwise, assume that at best you will never see the product, and at worst, you will get busted.

  5. “It’s really weird watching the government watch me.”

    “God was the original surveillance camera.”

    Hasan M. Elahi, Bangladeshi artist

  6. I have read that anyone who downloads Tor is automatically put on a federal watch list, but I don’t know if that’s true or not.

  7. The Grim Reefer on

    I never said anyone deserves to go to jail I stand by my statement if you are STUPID enough to try to buy cannabis online you deserve to get ripped off. I am suffering from cancer in my back and brain. I got off my ass and moved to Cali, at great expense using cash from a credit card at 30% interest. I live off grid in humboldt and grow for myself and others too sick to do so, I give some people their meds for free that cannot afford it. I have also done time because I brought cannabis oil to a sick child out of state that would have died with out it. I feel for you and your condition but to make assumptions about me and my character? I have been a martyr for the cause so I feel I have a right to share my opinion. I hope you can get the cannabis you need. :)

  8. Really, why are you on this site, either you are a cop or very young, no one deserves to go to jail, trying to heal themself. Check yourself. People shouldn’t be so desperate to get well that they feel they have no other choice. I am blind and cripple, I am dying, physically, spiritually. Guess people like me should save us all a lot of time and just disappear. That’s what this whole marijuana movement is all about. Do you see any grassroots support for heroin, cocaine, METH. Be very careful what you put on others, it could be you. That can’t see the face of the street dealer, that takes your money, or has anyone that loves you enough to put their life on the line, to help you get medicine to ease your suffering. Yes we are dying, but some of us are living just one more day. Have some compassion

  9. I’ll take option 2 and stay free myself. By the way good advice for those of us trying to rationalize doing something stupid because we want some good weed to smoke. :)

  10. Lets weight the options Genius, Option #1. $2000 a lb plus gas, lodging, food and the risk of being robbed or busted. An arrest charge would include, smuggling, interstate transport of drugs, intent to distribute, Possible federal charges for crossing state lines. Best case outcome, arrest, no federal charges, get 1st offender treatment, $10,000 legal fee for lawyer, $2000 fine plus at least 5 years probation” This means no drugs” Total price- $2000+$10,000+ $2000= $14,000! Option # 2. Just buy a pound at local street prices, Top shelf is 225-250 per oz here in Atl GA, a pound will run you $3000 max. This is about the same as option
    1. If you do not get robbed or busted. Option # 3. Since you have such huge balls Grow your own, A room with 2 1000 watt lights and the fixins should cost around $1000. Seeds another $100, nutes $300. Germinate, sex the plants-30 days, veg the plants 18/6 for several weeks, Flip the plants 12/12 8 to 10 weeks. If you know what your doing you should get at least 3 pounds dried at harvest. To do this means tell no one, have no visitors and keep a low profile. Cost Under $2000 including your power bill. And you could get busted with the same outcome as option 1. Just buy a pound or 4 quarter pounds of different strains since you will get tired and immune smoked the same strain for months on end unless its a strain like Herijuana which is 28% thc. Don’t be a dumb ass! It will ruin your life for at least 5 years! :(

  11. On the other hand, the whole Tor system is highly encrypted, and can be a lot safer to use when buying large quantities of products. Most sites also have review systems set up so that you can check on legitimacy. Consider that buying a lb could run you close to $1500-$2000 and require you to drive to and from the transaction. In the event that you don’t get robbed at gunpoint, you still have to drive home.

    If you live on the West Coast/Colorado, you have plenty of more legitimate options. On the East we really don’t.

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