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Half Of The U.S Has Passed Some Form Of Medical Marijuana Reform


medical marijuana united statesCourtesy of The Joint Blog

In 2014 numerous states have joined the movement to legalize at least some form of medical cannabis.

In Utah, the governor recently signed a measure legalizing low-THC cannabis oil. In Kentucky, the state’s legislature has voted unanimously to legalize cannabidiol (a compound found in cannabis); the measure is expected to be signed by the governor.

In Mississippi, the state’s House and Senatehas voted to also legalize cannabis oil that’s low in THC for medical purposes. The measure awaits response from the governor.

In Maryland, the state’s full legislature has voted to legalize medical cannabis, including dispensaries and cultivation centers.

Alabama’s Legislature has approved a measure which establishes a million dollar study on medical cannabis oil, allowing the University of Alabama to produce and distribute it to those with seizure disorders.

Although these measures don’t go far enough – the whole cannabis plant should be legalized for example, and not just cannabis oil – they’re clearly a step in the right direction. The approval of these proposals is also numerous states admitting that cannabis has medical value, demonstrating that it doesn’t fit the legal description of a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

With these states recently passing medical cannabis proposals, it makes 25 states in the U.S. – half of the entire country – that has voted to legalize some form of medical cannabis (with the others being Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington). This is a huge achievement given the first medical cannabis law was passed less than 20 years ago.

Other state legislatures, such as Florida’s, are also currently advancing medical cannabis proposals, and numerous other states have legislation being discussed. It’s only a matter of time before medical cannabis will be legalized nation, and worldwide.

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  1. I’m not completely convinced that legalizing “low THC” oils, etc., really IS a step in the right direction. While the author is correct that this trend is helping to demonstrate that cannabidiol does not fit the definition of a schedule 1 substance (one with “no currently accepted medical use”), it explicitly does not promote the value of the cannabis sativa plant, which is what 99% of us actually want legalized.

    CBD is an effective anti-spastic; it should be prescribed to multiple sclerosis patients. I have no problem with that (nor should anyone else with a brain in his or her head). But THC (the “psychoactive” chemical in marijuana, the one that gets you “high”) is a stress reliever, meditation aid, and spiritual conduit with very few harmful effects. THC should be made available to EVERY adult in America, because buds promote holistic well-being / integrative health as well.

    Let’s not lose sight of our mission.

    For those interested in further reading on this issue: http://albloggo.blogspot.com/2014/03/why-feds-refuse-to-recognize-medical.html

  2. “There really needs to be another Congressional hearing in which they ask the questions exactly.”

    Or a lawsuit.

    The government may not make or enforce laws which infringe upon citizens’ liberty interests unless doing so serves the public interest. The burden of proof rests on the government to show it has a strong justification.
    -14th Amendment

    Someone who has suffered damages (incarceration; even a fine) really should sue.

  3. tennesseetuxedo59 on

    didnt your parents teach u to tell the truth? try researching before you make a fool of yourselfany longer yo momma lolol

  4. Legalize Nature on

    Everyone in government in the pocket of big pharma, The US government has held a patent for many years that uses marijuana as a nueroprotectant. They know it helps people or they would not have grown it for a handful of patients for 30 years. The government lost credibility decades ago, people here in the US will never start a revolution, they are too busy tweeting, blogging, or posting pictures to their fake group of friends on facebook. Unlike other countries that have revolutions americans are just sheep and do not have the balls to do anything but complain. Marijuana legalization will come only because of the huge profits the government is seeking.

  5. Yes, you could argue that, but you’d be wrong. One state allows pot, one is diddling with it, the genuine medical marijuana states half-heatedly allow it on a limited basis, and those cracker states (I grew up in one) will only allow it in extreme cases and that done only as a stopgap strategy to prevent genuine reform.

  6. When stats such as the one here are published there should be a separate category for those low THC states. They hardly deserve to be lumped together with states that have legitimate medical marijuana laws.To put it another way, you should say that X number of states have medical marijuana and X number have cop out provisions disguised as medical marijuana.

  7. I think one of the major reasons cannabis remains on the Schedule I list is because for the government to come out now and remove it, it is basically admitting to the people that it has lied over and over to its people the reason for keeping a plant that has never killed anyone ever illegal. Then for them to admit the medicinal benefits would create even more outrage when you think of all of the people who have lost family members that suffered from severe diseases or the parents who have lost children to epilepsy. If a company had withheld or manipulated information such as this, they would be on the end of a class action lawsuit. With the government (free from lawsuits on this), would lose the last bit of credibility it has with the people and we all know when your own citizens can’t trust a damn thing that comes from your mouth, revolution isn’t that far behind.

    As far as cannabis oil, these states are only passing these laws to prevent the need to go full plant legalization. That is why Florida is trying to pass the cannabis extract law so they can then turn around and tell the voters they don’t need to vote in November. Sadly, many in that state are dumb enough to believe it.

  8. The fact that cannabis has never fit any of the requirements to be scheduled at all is so obvious. No one can deny it. There really needs to be another Congressional hearing in which they ask the questions exactly. Provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt that cannabis belongs there. Less than 10% “addiction” is not a heavily addictive drug. No harm has been proven despite countless attempts at it. There is absolutely no justification that they can provide, but they’ve always avoided those questions. Saying “Is marijuana more harmful than cocaine, etc?” is not the same as saying “Prove to me that this is harmful at all. Prove to me that enforcing these laws is helping anyone”

  9. Legalize Nature on

    Oil bills are their way to avoid giving us access to the whole plant. Some say its a stepping stone toward full medical marijuana. So much compassion for the KIDS but none for the rest of us suffering 24/7. Its not fair to cater to just one segment of society.

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