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Half Of Recreational Cannabis Purchases In Colorado Are By Tourists


colorado legal marijuana salesCannabis tourism is going to be a big part of the industry moving forward. There are currently only two states that allow legal recreational cannabis sales (Washington and Colorado), and people from miles around are traveling to both states to benefit from the next great American industry. A recent report out of Colorado shows that tourists make up a sizable percentage of legal recreational purchases in Colorado, especially in ski-resort areas. Per The Denver Post:

The study, released Wednesday, found that out-of-state visitors make up nearly half of recreational marijuana sales in the Denver area — and 90 percent of recreational sales in mountain resort communities.

The report had all kinds of interesting statistics relating to Colorado’s booming cannabis industry. The top 22 percent of cannabis consumers in Colorado account for over 66% of the total sales. That means that repeat customers are largely driving the industry. Annual cannabis sales in Colorado are estimated to be over 130 metric tons.Roughly 9 percent of Colorado residents consume cannabis at least once a month.

Medical cannabis sales still outpace recreational sales. Through May, there had been roughly $165 million worth of medical cannabis sales, compared to $90 million in recreational cannabis sales. I can’t wait to see what the numbers are in Washington a few months from now. Washington started allowing legal recreational cannabis sales on July 7th. The 2014 Election will likely see two more states (Alaska and Oregon) and Washington D.C. pass cannabis legalization, which will lead to even more cannabis sales in America. It’s beyond time that the entire country took a new approach.

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  1. In some Colorado ski towns, tourists are buying 90 percent of the recreational marijuana, according to a recent state analysis that said visitors are giving tens of millions of dollars to the marijuana economy which ended up being a lot larger than originally predicted. The study, conducted by the Marijuana Policy Group and commissioned by Colorado marijuana regulators, said around nine percent of state residents use marijuana at least once per month and that prior estimates had greatly undercounted the amount of pot consumed by frequent users. Thanks.

    Adam L

  2. Not sure about Oregon, they flunked out in 2012. California in 2010. A loss seems to put the skids on legalization for awhile. The dispensary issue is one part of the equation. I don’t know much about Oregon dispensary’s. Are they regulated/unregulated ? There are so many in Seattle. There’s even one on the bottom floor of my building. Seattle’s dispensary’s, like California’s remain unregulated.And they do a good job regulating themselves. I’d like them able to stay that way. Being originally from Alaska (living in WA. now) friends think legalization will happen up there next. We’ll see.

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