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Hallelujah! The High Times Cannabis Cup Is Coming To The Portland Metro Area

high times cannabis cup oregon

(image via High Times)

Once upon a time I wrote an article urging High Times to bring their Cannabis Cup event to Portland, Oregon. I have attended Cannabis Cups all over Western America, and I’ve always dreamed of it being held in my home state. Shortly after Oregon voted to legalize recreational marijuana, High Times announced that it would hold an event in July 2015. Due to issues trying to find a suitable location, and issues caused by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, the event didn’t happen in July 2015. That led me to post an article in which I wondered if the Cannabis Cup would ever come to Oregon. I’m very happy to say that it sounds like a location has been found in Milwaukie. Per Willamette Week:

Now documents show High Times is seeking permits to host the event Sept. 19-20 in Milwaukie.

It asked city officials Aug. 5 for permission to use parking lots and warehouses on the northern industrial side of town, along the new TriMet Orange Line and Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard—and, ironically, across the street from OLCC headquarters.

High Times says it plans an announcement soon, and did not respond to WW’s further questions.

If the event is being held in less than a month, I expect High Times to get on the good foot right after this weekend is over. I’d imagine they are focusing their efforts on the Michigan Cannabis Cup, which is occurring this weekend in Michigan. Once that event is a wrap, then I would expect quite a bit of attention being focused on Oregon. Cannabis fans in Oregon are beyond ready for this event, so promotion or otherwise, I expect the event to sell out, and to sell out quick. I know I’ll be there putting some clouds into the air!


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  1. Obviously you have no idea what you are doing because I have grown both strains with amazing results. I also have had friends that have had the same. Maybe go do your homework and learn to grow. And of course they come from the same circle they are all apart of the mmj community.

  2. This isn’t church..why the church word? Like you worship drug use or something.

    You know, it cost a $1000 to enter the competition and the winners are usually all from the same social circle…makes you think, or at least it should.

    I haven’t found “cannabis cup” winning “strains” to be very impressive at all really..heck, I popped 10 ‘Cannatonic,’ which is an award winner, and none of them were actually anything that I couldn’t do with bag seed. In fact, ‘Cannatonic’ doesn’t even deserve a distinction as a cultivar as it is such a heterozygous population; there are a dozen phenotypes and herms. The ‘ACDC’ plant is horrible to grow too, though it is a great flavor aroma, it has a long flowering period, low yield, and airy-foxtailed flowers. If the Resin wants to market an “award winner,” then at least 25% of the offspring need to be nearly identical to the actual award winner…this pop several hundred to find “the one” is BS if these breeders are to get $ and respect.

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