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Happy Mother’s Day 2016 From The Weed Blog!


Today is Mother’s Day, and I wanted to take a moment to thank all mothers out there. Being a cannabis consumer, or even a non-consuming cannabis reform supporter, is not always easy. It can be particularly difficult for moms. Moms have to deal with unfair stigma on a level that I can’t even fathom. Thank you to all moms that are responsible consumers and support responsible reform. Thank you for all that you do! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 2016!

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  1. Sharon Taulbee on

    ❤ MOTHERS DAY REQUEST ❤ Please help and spread the word
    I sent an email to Ohio Senator Hackett because the Ohio House of Representatives have a committee writing legislation to legalize medical marijuana. Once again government is trying to pass impotent potency and stranglehold legislation. The weekend before this there were several more heroin deaths. One of which was a young mother and her unborn child. I offered to risk my own health and life to prove marijuana’s safety. I told Senator Hackett that I am willing to be taken to Colorado and consume THE most potent strain of marijuana in every available form to prove no overdose or adverse side effects death. I told the Senator that if I don’t die from overdose, he has to help convince the committee to allow higher potency medical marijuana and to remove the every 90 day grill fest on doctors who recommend it to patients. Please help to get the word out as I believe that action speaks louder than words. I don’t currently use marijuana so I have no tolerance built up and I feel intoxicated after 1/2 a beer. I would like to make a statement to Ohio legislators and everyone that marijuana is safe. To show federal government that they can no longer rely on antiquated fear mongering miss information to deny citizens this sacred plant and the healthful healing it can and does provide. This is what I would like for Mothers Day. Please help by getting the word out. I asked the Senator to have it recorded and to have a doctor or two monitor my condition to ease the fears of naysayers and viability document from a health professionals standpoint for legitimacy. Thank you

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