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Happy Thanksgiving 2015 From The Weed Blog


the-weed-blog-largeThis is The Weed Blog’s sixth Thanksgiving. It really blows my mind that we have been around that long. We are very thankful for all of the support over the years from our readers, and we are especially thankful for all the hardworking activists out there that are pounding the pavement, gathering signatures, lobbying elected officials, spreading awareness, and anything and everything else to support cannabis reform. Today I’m thankful for the people that did decades of legwork before my generation came into the reform movement.

I’m thankful for everyone that worked on the Measure 91 campaign to end marijuana prohibition in Oregon, making it to where I no longer have live in fear. I’m thankful for all of the cannabis POWs out there that are still locked up for marijuana offenses, even in states that have since reformed the marijuana laws that locked them up in the first place. We must, MUST not forget about them. I see all of these people walking around in suits benefiting from reform, and yet they don’t do anything to help those that are paying the price of prohibition. That’s unacceptable. So I’m also thankful for people like Adela Falk and 420POW.com that are writing letters and raising funds for marijuana POWs. Please check the site out, share the site with everyone you know and support their work.

We at The Weed Blog want to wish you and your families a happy Thanksgiving 2015. If it wasn’t for our fans, we wouldn’t be here today, and we are always appreciative of your support. I am truly humbled on a daily basis by how awesome people are in the emerging marijuana world, and I have to pinch myself often because of how lucky I have been to have a birdseye view of history being made, and to have made so many friends over the years via the blog that I would have never met otherwise since I rarely leave my comfortable rut that I have grown fond of in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

Hopefully we are here for another six years. Onward friends! Legalize it!


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  1. saynotohypocrisy on

    We have unfinished business with Native Americans, as a country we have to atone for what we’ve done to them, and Thanksgiving is a perfect time to reflect on that, especially considering that the natives helped keep those first settler thanks givers alive.

  2. saynotohypocrisy on

    Can you cite a source for that?
    On the larger point, that the way our ancestors treated Native Americans is nothing to give thanks for, but only to atone for, I think we’re in agreement.

  3. What happened to Native Americans was awful but it happened a long time ago . No one from that time is still alive today. Thanksgiving is now a modern holiday to give thanks amongst friends and family

  4. Yet_Another_Steve on

    Tr, where on earth did you get that notion? Can you furnish any kind of source? Besides which, it has nothing to do with weedblog’s nice message.

  5. I love the weed blog but I dont understand how can people celebrate a day where over 700 women and children were cubbed to death. Every time the settlers mass murdered native Indians they had a thanksgiving feast the next day for killing the so called savages. Wake up people

  6. Thanks to you foe doing this. So much info in one place! Happy Thanksgiving to you all at The Weed Blog.

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