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Harborside Health Center Medical Cannabis Action Alert


harborside health centerRally To Save Harborside Health Center July 23 in Oakland, CA

Last October CA’s four US Attorney’s announced a crackdown on medical cannabis, saying they would target organizations using medical cannabis as a shield for criminal activity and profiteering. But the list of those actually targeted reads like an honor role of the most legitimate and legally compliant medical cannabis providers in the state.

On July 9th, Harborside Health Center was added to that list, when federal agents taped a notice of property forfeiture to our front doors. This action was a major escalation by US Attorney Melinda Haag, who previously had said she would focus enforcement actions on dispensaries that too close to schools, or out of compliance with state law

Ms. Haag failed to cite even one specific act of wrongdoing on the part of Harborside. The only reason she gave for moving against us is that we are too large. But the reason we have become so large is because we have provided patients with the very highest level of care, and have meticulously obeyed state law and local regulations.

Help stop the Federal attacks on the medical cannabis community!

Join us
MONDAY, JULY 23 at 12:00pm
Oakland City Hall
1 Frank H Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612
Oakland Facebook event

TUESDAY, JULY 24th at 10:00am
Oregon Convention Center
777 NE ML King Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232
Portland Facebook event

Please tweet using hashtag – #SaveHarborside and #mmj


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Johnny Green


  1. Its not going to get any better till we get MMJ reclassfied. Plain and simple, yes we have some victoryies but till the FEDS get off their ass and do what the people have voted for then every one will be a target. FREE DA WEED

  2. Johnny oneye on

    Interpretations are the guiding force in the law. Voter initiatives are an “obstacle” to LEO
    When the memo surfaced people interpreted this as a green light.
    when a politician says 1 thing it means something else,
    words like “conforming to state law” can be changed in a closed city council
    If POTUS came to NoCal and says he supports sate rights would anyone believe?
    are people that naive ?
    look at the fundraising ,follow the money
    pharma, prison union, LEO ,tabbacco all major contributors
    lobbyist set the stage. SAMEOLESHIT

  3. smokemorenow on

    Nearly everyone in America is tired of the US gov telling them lies about pot when they know for themselves the dangers and benefits. The US gov should be sued for outright lies in placing pot as a ‘dangerous’ schedule II narcotic. It’s not a narcotic, and it’s not dangerous. Why aren’t we suing the US gov for this oversight? It’s like saying a lighter is a WMD because it can explode, and then saying a fuel tank isn’t a WMD, because; well..just because they say so. Arbitrary laws on pot aren’t based on science; but purely whatever BS logic and religious crap the US gov can delude itself with.
    The only reason they get away with it is because of millions and millions of pharacorp lobbyist monies going into politician’s pockets to act interested in voting to keep the prohibition on pot in place. Most of America is for pot, while most of America has banned pot; the offset exists because the people’s voice is being censored, which is the greatest injustice of all.

  4. With the action against Harborside, it should be plainly clear that it’s a War on Medical Cannabis and nothing more. The Nude Emperor is gasping it’s dying breath but is not going out quietly. In time, we will look back at this period as the beginning of end of prohibition since that is what the Feds are really scared of. The thought that it could become legal for general adult use threatens them and the bottom line of certain powerful corporations. With the 3 legalization measures on the November ballots in Washington, Oregon and Colorado and legalization polling at 50%, it is just a matter of time. In the meantime, they flex their muscles and go after legit medical providers. I assume this is to send a message about who is in charge. I’ve got news for them. We The People are in charge.

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