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Harlequin Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Harlequin Marijuana Strain

At last, a strain name that truly captures the look and spirit of the variety it graces. Irreverent and offbeat, colorfully dazzling, this new strain from Mid-County Patients Association in Anaheim is a delight to the senses. The smallish buds are almost perfectly spherical, composed of fat nugs so dark as to be almost purple and rioted through with flashes of amber and red stigmas. The perfume and flavor are a mix of violet and dark chocolate, with just a hint of berries. Harlequin burns smoothly but quite hot, so you’ll want to use a water pipe if you have sensitive lungs.

But what really lends truth to Harlequin’s name is its stone, which seems to tickle the humor centers of the brain and makes everything seem silly and comical at once. A heavily sativa hybrid, it gives off a nervous energy of the sort that inspires giggling and bad dancing. The buzz is low-intensity and fades fairly quickly–we highly recommend it for novice and/or older patients. It’s also high in CBD (5.5 percent, according to Mid-County), making it a healthy alternative medicine for patients with arthritis, glaucoma, anorexia and sleep disorders.

Strain review courtesy of Culture. The photos below are from WeedPhotos.Com:

harlequin marijuana strain

harlequin marijuana strain


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  1. Currently clone only. If your in Colorado there is the Free Cannabis project. Or just reply and let me know if your here in Colorado, I have some clones in the Springs, Pueblo Area.

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