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Harmful Medical Marijuana Tax Bills Advance In California

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Marijuana taxes are a two edged sword. On one hand, the tax revenues that the marijuana industry generates (or can generate) are very popular with the public and elected officials. But on the other hand, if taxes are too high, it can really hurt the cannabis consumers that rely on safe access the most. Marijuana can absolutely be taxed too much, and unfortunately that’s exactly how some politicians in California would have it. See the troubling alert that I received below:

Two bills that would impose new taxes on medical marijuana patients advanced out of committee on Friday, and will soon face floor votes — one in the Senate and one in the Assembly. Either bill alone would place a new financial burden on patients. Together, they are a one-two punch that could create a huge, out-of-pocket cost for medicine.

Click here to send a message opposing new taxes on sick people.

SB 987 would add a 15% tax for patients in addition to the sales tax they already pay. AB 2243 layers in additional taxes that businesses would pay. Both types of taxes would come out of the purses and wallets of patients, who often have limited incomes. No insurance company currently helps offset the costs of medical marijuana.

Even worse — neither tax is necessary for the medical marijuana program to operate. The current law ensures that the program can pay for itself.

Please reach out to your legislators and voice your opposition today. Then, forward this message to friends, family, and loved ones so they can also be heard!


Chris Lindsey
Senior Legislative Analyst
Marijuana Policy Project


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  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    In 1937 the United States population was far less than half of today’s 300+ million figure. Only a tiny fraction of those 1937 adults had consumed cannabis for recreation, drastically different from today’s estimated 50 million regular consumers (a # often cited by Gary Johnson). That’s a full 1/6th of the population. Plus, nobody then had the benefit of choosing from hundreds of different highly potent cannabis sativa and indica strains—let alone all kinds of shatters, waxes, edibles and drinks. Prior to the rise of Harry Anslinger and his fraudulent Anti Marihuana Tyranny, regulations did exist for many cannabis growers and businesses, especially those connected to the supply of medical extracts. Still, I totally concur with you, M.Simon, that no citizen should be jailed for cannabis offenses—excepting every single punk who steals other people’s crops or their derivatives.

  2. Nick Morales on

    Ha ha ha! The state is doing to medical marijuana users what it has been doing to gun owners for decades; ripping us off with regulations and “taxes.”

  3. Before 1937 we got along fine without any Federal Government interference.

    I see no reason why they need to be watching and regulating. And fining. And jailing.

    Just more dead weight for citizens to carry.

  4. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Female cannabis flowers are not equal to tomatoes. Feel free to fill a little bubbler with some Headband and partake to catch my drift. No amount of tomatoes on this Earth can make you feel so calm. We must rename the federal regulator the Bureau of Alcohol, Cannabis, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and be done with it. Just as they regulate liquor stores, bars and alcohol distributors today, federal, state and local officials will prove to be essential to the rise of successful cannabis markets.

  5. I will continue paying tax-free under my delivery service and unlicensed dispensaries, and old fashioned drug dealers. If these leaders don’t get their stuff together in CA, the black market will be bigger than ever and this new system will be a joke, only rich guys selling weed where only the rich can afford it. At least you can grow your own.

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