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Harsh Medical Marijuana Stance Will Cost Dumanis In San Diego Mayor Race


Bonnie DumanisSan Diego District Attorney Opposed by Medical Marijuana Patients in Mayoral Race

Opposition to implementing California’s medical cannabis law may cost the San Diego District Attorney a shot at the Mayor’s office. San Diego DA Bonnie Dumanis was greeted at her first fundraiser dinner by protestors kicking off their own campaign.

A Facebook page for the opposition group “Not Dumanis” has gained more than 400 fans, more than twice as many as Dumanis had for her mayoral campaign, before her campaign page was taken down.

“Anyone would be better than Dumanis,'” said Eugene Davidovich, who helped organize the “Not Dumanis” campaign and is a local community liaison with Americans for Safe Access. “She has ignored the will of the people and wasted taxpayer money on overzealous prosecutions of medical cannabis providers and patients.”

Davidovich, a frequent contributor to THE Weed Blog, was acquitted by a jury last year on several medical cannabis-related charges.

The latest of a series of medical cannabis prosecutions brought by Dumanis is targeting Dexter Padilla, who is alleged to have used a warehouse to cultivate for a small patient collective. The prosecution has continued despite extensive documentation and testimony by their attorney, a former federal law clerk and law school professor who advised them on how to ensure they complied with state law.

A local news station reported that a political consultant thinks Dumanis may be hurt by the campaign. A similar campaign targeting LA District Attorney Steve Cooley may have swung the closest statewide election in modern memory to now-Attorney General Kamala Harris, who trailed in all pre-election polls but emerged the victor.

-From American For Safe Access


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