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Hash Art Contest To Be Held


bho art hashI have seen a lot of hash art pictures buzzing around social media lately. Some of the sculptures people are making are fantastic, so fantastic that it almost seems like a shame to have to destroy them on a dab nail. Notice that I said almost :) I’d still smoke every last drop of BHO if given the chance, no matter what it’s formed into. If you are a ‘dab artist’ you may want to check out the Concentrated Art contest below, info courtesy of Ed Rosenthal’s Facebook Page:

Be part of the first Concentrated Art competition. The hash sculpture contest is happening the 6,7, and 8th of February 2015.No charge to enter competitions. Non award winning sculptures/spliffigami can be retrieved

All hash sculptures must be made from 100% smoke-able materials: Water press hash, co2 oil, kief, and butane hash oil in all forms: Budder, shatter, and wax. Flower accents may be applied but can only be 5% of total weight.

Judging will be done solely on creativity of your sculpture. For example: A castle made of waterpress hash, with a golden moat of shatter, kief wagon trails, and small buds for bushes will be more creative than a stick figure made of wax. Let your creativity flow.

Open house for all sculptors and spliff rollers to put their final details on their art. 710 Social Club 9975 E Colfax Ave.

All category winners will receive a Headdy Cricket Dab Rig by world famous glass artist Darby

Holm, along with other fine prizes from our stoked sponsors! https://www.facebook.com/


First place Collaboration category will win a Jake Martin dog balloon oil rig!


Concentrated art class categories.

Spliffagami :

1 class

Hash art:

0-3.5 grams

3.5-7 grams

7-14 grams

14-28 grams

28 grams and over collaboration


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