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Hash Plant Marijuana Strain Review


hash plant cannabisHash Plant Marijuana Strain

Sensi Seeds:

This precious Afghani is descended from one of the finest hash-making cultivars ever brought from the Hindu Kush to the west. Cannabis strains known generally as hash plants are found throughout the countries that border these mountains, but very few have the pedigree of this Hash Plant – a living definition of the stocky, chunky, beautifully sticky Afghanica genotype. The direct ancestor of Hash Plant was developed in the Northwest USA and came to Holland as a few carefully-transported female cuttings. Upon arrival, the tiny, fragile Hash Plant clones were given a safe home in the Sensi Seed Bank breeding labs, where this outstanding cultivar quickly proved her worth, becoming an important building-block in several other Sensi hybrids.

Kind Reviews:

Grade: B+

Type: Strongly Indica-Dominant [HP13 aka “Skelly Hashplant”]

Appearance: (8/10) Indica-dominance was clear here, with dark greens in leaves and calyxes as well as deep blood red pistils. Generous and well-timed trich coverage (~15-20% amber heads) combined with above average density gave this a classic look.

Aroma: (8/10) Surprisingly fruity and sweet-smelling when ground up, this Hashplant was more aromatic than most, but also carried some of the signature earthy/hashy/piney smells that the strain is known for. Though it was only average in terms of pungency, it was well-received by our review team and was a nice surprise in this category.

Taste: (5/10) Like most Hashplants, this one didn’t really impress with the flavors. It’s a blend of earthy and hashy flavors that hits heavy despite being rather smooth on the throat. It burned away to a decently light-colored gray ash, which indicates a solid flush. When you pick up a Hashplant, don’t ever expect much taste-wise, as we’ve never seen one that we really like in that regard.

Effects: This Hashplant was a bit of a creeper, reaching its full effects approximately 20 minutes after ingestion. The heavy and warm-feeling body and the corresponding feeling in the eyes set the tone for this strain’s Indica-dominant effects. A distinct lack of motivation, some spaciness, and the urge to sit around were the main mental feelings this strain caused along with a bit of run-of-the-mill tiredness. However, it did a good job with body effects, delivering a narcotic-feeling experience that left the body very loose, relaxed, and pain-free. As it finished, the urge to sleep became even stronger, leaving our review staff in a sort of dazed state that was not conducive to productivity or even socialization.

Duration: Medium-Long, about 2.5 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors — personal opinion ONLY) General relaxation, sleep aid, anti-anxiety, muscle tension and pain relief.

Overall: Like any good Hashplant, this one will knock you out if you’re not careful with dosage. But if you can manage not to fall asleep, you’ll experience a pleasant body warmth and pain relief along with a relaxed and lazy mind-state that will see the hours fly by. Not suggested for daytime use except for patients that don’t have much to do, this would make a superb nighttime smoke for those who struggle with sleep and pain issues in the evenings.



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