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Have Fun, But Be Responsible This 420


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April 20th is a magical time. For me and some of my friends in years past, it was the only time that we would get together. Kind of like a marijuana family reunion of sorts. Everyone would bring their favorite strains, and we would have potluck with pot foods. Some of my friends are amazing bakers and cooks, so the spread would be fantastic. I was out of town the last four years, but I’m reviving the 420 potluck with my friends. I’m looking forward to a 420 with friends and family, even though my heart is in Denver this weekend.

This is the second ‘legal 420’, in that it’s been two years now since Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana. This is the first year that there are legal recreational marijuana sales occurring. I can’t wait to see how much marijuana was sold in Colorado this weekend. I’d have to assume that tally will come out in coming weeks.

If you are like me, you are planning on smoking more marijuana than you ever have before, possibly at a rally or at a private event. Wherever you are, or however you are celebrating, remember to be responsible. The world is watching right now, especially marijuana opponents in the media and government. Marijuana opponents like Kevin Sabet are just hoping for something, anything that they can point to and say, ‘See, I told you marijuana reform was a bad idea. Look at how dumb this one person was during 420. They represent every person that celebrated that day.’

For years there have been peaceful protests in Denver. Then, last year, after marijuana was legal, some dumb idiot shot somebody at the rally. I don’t know all of the circumstances surrounding the shooting, but I don’t need to know the details to know that there is no place for that. Not last year, or any year at a marijuana rally/celebration, or anywhere else. Remember, it only takes one person to ruin an event for everyone else. Don’t be that person.

I want 420 to grow and spread, and for events to get bigger every year. It’s an amazing opportunity to get members to organizations and volunteers for campaigns. April 20th might be the only day of the year that some people hear and/or talk about marijuana. I want that to be a positive conversation, not a bad one, and if you love marijuana, you agree with me. There is still a lot of marijuana laws that need to be reformed around the nation, and being responsible on 4/20 is part of making that happen. Have fun, don’t be dumb, and rejoice!


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  1. FWIW: As a smoker for the past 39 years, here is what concerns me about the current trend in the USA amongst the tokers.

    As an ex-Pat living in The Netherlands, it would appear to me that my fellow U.S. Citizens could very well blow their new Cannabis freedoms if they can’t get a grip on their newfound rights.

    Citizens of the USA — Stop making such in-your-face displays of your ability to toke in public with every chance you get. It’s almost as annoying as an alcoholic hanging on your shoulder and breathing in your face…just because they can.

    Don’t intimidate our marijuana opponents. Be satisfied with your new freedom to smoke. Consider it a privilege (not a right) and lay low. Perhaps take notice of those in Holland who have had this ‘right’ since the 1970s. They do not flaunt their marijuana privileges for all to see. For the most part, smokers here respect those who do not care for it (the smell and/or the freedom).

    Act like an adult, if even temporarily. If nothing else, respect those who do not like it. Preserve your pot privilege, a privilege I never thought I would see in the USA in my lifetime.

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