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Hawaii HB 1963 Seeks To Make Significant Changes To Medical Marijuana Program


Medical MarijuanaHawaii HB 1963 Full Text

Hawaii House Bill 1963 Summary:

Updates the law relating to the medical use of marijuana by: (1) requiring the Department of Health to submit a report, including draft legislation, to the Legislature on recommendations to the list of authorized debilitating medical conditions; (2)requiring a separate registration at each principal place of business where an applicant recommends the medical use of marijuana; (3) clarifying definitions with respect to medical use of marijuana; (4) establishing a suspension period for those violating the medical marijuana program conditions; (5) limiting the amount of marijuana that can be possessed at a location; and (6) increasing the penalties for fraudulent misrepresentations about the medical use of marijuana. (HB1963 HD1)

Hawaii House Bill 1963 Current Status:

Passed Second Reading as amended in HD 1 and referred to the committee(s) on JUD with Representative(s) Wooley voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) Hanohano voting no (1) and Representative(s) Belatti, C. Lee, M. Lee, Souki excused (4).


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  1. Hawaii might as well just do away with it’s medical use law. It has never been of much relevance as it never provided means of patient access. The new legislation is nothing more than an avenue to harass prescribing doctors.

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