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Hawaii Lawmakers Give Unanimous Approval To Studying Hemp


hawaii hempCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Hawaii’s House Committee on Agriculture, and the state’s House Judiciary Committee, have both voted unanimously in favor of Senate Bill 2175, a proposal to establish a two-year research program to study the effectiveness of using hemp for remediation and biofuel. The measure has already passed the Senate unanimously.

If approved into law, Senate Bill 2175 would “authorize the dean of the college of tropical agriculture and human resources at the University of Hawaii to establish a two-year industrial hemp remediation and biofuel research program.” The dean would be permitted to “submit a final report to the legislature prior to the convening of the regular session of 2016.”

Remediation (also referred to as phytoremediation) is the environmentally-friendly science of using plants to remove toxins (such as metals, pesticides and crude oils) from the soil.

The proposal now heads to the full House, which is expected to give it approval soon. It will then go to the governor.

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  1. I agree, Hawaii is taking way to long to get things done! We need to be like Tennessee and nullify the federal ban and pass a state bill and grow Hemp asap! We need jobs here bad. Fortunately for myself, I have an online Hemp business- clic my pic for details.

  2. We need a regime change using MRIs – no clones, no drones, no “chipheads”, no Khazarian DNA. They are all under reptilian or Vrill parasitic control! The Khazarians have reptilian DNA in their bloodline so that’s why they are Hellbent on world domination, which is almost complete thru banking, political, and Oligarch takeovers. They “LOVE” killing Christians in little warring takeovers, pretending like they’re just one of you – in whatever country!

  3. Henry Ford already did it to stop the Rockefeller’s toxic oil takeover! Can’t anyone learn from the past experiences or must we re-invent the wheel each successive generation? Please, the plastic Saturn, was a “Been there, Done that” scenario! Plastic didn’t become toxic until they made it out of petroleum.
    All cannabis studies are for stalling to maintain the evil control and profiteering by all! Each year we study if weed should sell for legal commodity prices, while 10,000 Mexicans are killed by CIA’s created Druglords. Kinda’ like how they built up “Ricky Ross in LA” and someone in every city, only he didn’t need guns to take over a bigger sales area. His biggest problem was finding banks to launder and guard all that money that he was stuffing houses to the ceiling with!
    The biggest cannibis study ignored was the “British Indian Hemp study” where alcohol had the death penalty and “ganja or bhang” was used freely everywhere. “No Problem”! Then the army’s study during the building of the Panama Canal. It was determined there was “No Problem” there also! Never listen to or respect anyone honoring illegal drug profiteering! Whether that be the courts, police, prisons, mayors, governors, the President, or any attorney general! That goes for pharmaceutical companies that sell drugs for 10,000% profit or pharmicys that sell generics that cost a penny for $10!

  4. GreenThunder on

    hawaiian lawmakers+enforcement are quite the crooked gang. They leave it illegal, so they can corner the market themselves…and meanwhile, they lock up anyone they perceive to be “competition,” despite innocence, like roger christie and the THC ministry. No trial, no justice, no representation.

  5. Once again Hawaii’s Lawmakers are taking “baby steps”, with something that doesn’t require it, Hemp! Why does the 50 th state Lawmakers act like cowards? We do not need a two year research program to see if it will work. What we need is Lawmakers who will stand up for the will of the people, and not except $2 to $4K buyouts of one’s vote.

    Latest Hawaiian poll says 86% of Hawaiian residents say that Hawaii needs medical cannabis dispensaries. 86% is a overwhelming number don’t you think? But watch as our lawmakers wince at the idea of safe access for all!

  6. Asode from the fact that CBD is medicine needed by a lot of people, this is a really important step toward legalization. The flip side of the medical side. This is great, because we all know there will be a positive outcome!

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