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Hawaii Votes No On Decriminalization


It’s a sad day for marijuana fans in the Aloha state. This last week the Hawaiian County Council denied a resolution that would have urged state lawmakers to decriminalize the cultivation and possession of marijuana (see story). The resolution was proposed by North Kona Councilman Kelly Greenwell, and died by a vote of 5-2. Currently, marijuana is considered ‘the lowest priority for law enforcement,’ which basically means if cops are nice, they will leave you alone….(insert laughter here). Hopefully the citizens of Hawaii will organize and try again, and if they do, trust that TheWeedBlog.Com will be there to bring it to your attention!



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  1. Cannabis College on

    It’s only a matter of time. It’s building up tremendous momentum. These laws are constantly changing. There’s a cannabis college website that actually does video interviews with lawyers and keeps up to date on current laws for setting up and operating dispensaries and collectives legally. Great resource to anyone interested.

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  2. “If asked to serve on a jury deliberating a violation of state or
    federal drug laws, we will vote to acquit, regardless of the
    evidence presented. Save for a prosecution in which acts of
    violence or intended violence are alleged, we will – to borrow
    Justice Harry Blackmun’s manifesto against the death penalty
    – no longer tinker with the machinery of the drug war. No
    longer can we collaborate with a government that uses
    nonviolent drug offenses to fill prisons with its poorest, most
    damaged and most desperate citizens. Yet this war grinds on,
    flooding our prisons, devouring resources, turning city
    neighborhoods into free-fire zones. To what end? State and
    federal prisons are packed with victims of the drug conflict. A
    new report by the Pew Center shows that 1 of every 100 adults
    in the U.S. – and 1 in 15 black men over 18 – is currently
    incarcerated. That’s the world’s highest rate of
    imprisonment.” Time.com 12/21/08 ED BURNS, DENNIS LEHANE,

  3. sciencefreak on

    Please read the book “Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease” to learn what the government doesn’t want you to know about how marijuana use improves health. The science is solid and prohibition is evil.

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