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Hear Ethan Nadelmann Speak At The Cannabis World Congress And Business Exposition


ethan nadelmann international drug policy reform conferenceEthan Nadelmann has been one of my heroes for a long time. I consider him to be the most prominent, effective drug policy reformer on the planet, and I know I’m not alone in thinking that. There’s a reason why Rolling Stone described Ethan Nadelmann as “the point man” for drug policy reform efforts and “the real drug czar.” Ethan Nadelmann is the Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, which has been key to marijuana reform efforts and victories across the United States and beyond.

Below is a bio of Ethan Nadelmann, via the Drug Policy Alliance:

Nadelmann received his B.A., J.D., and Ph.D. in Political Science from Harvard as well as a Masters’ degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics, and taught at Princeton University for seven years. He has authored two books – Cops Across Borders and (with Peter Andreas) Policing The Globe – and his writings have appeared in most major media outlets in the U.S. as well as top academic journals (e.g., Science, International Organization), policy journals (Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Washington Quarterly, Public Interest) and political publications from the right (National Review) to the left (The Nation).  He is interviewed frequently by media, including The Colbert Report, The O’Reilly Factor,Real Time with Bill Maher, and news programs on all the major U.S. networks as well as dozens of networks elsewhere.

Nadelmann and his colleagues have played pivotal roles in most of the major drug policy reform ballot initiative campaigns in the United States on issues ranging from medical marijuana and marijuana legalization to prison reform, drug treatment and reform of asset forfeiture laws. They also have reformed state and federal laws involving drug sentencing, access to sterile syringes to reduce HIV/AIDS, access to drug treatment, prevention of overdose fatalities, and all aspects of marijuana policy.  Nadelmann also plays a key role as drug policy advisor to George Soros and other prominent philanthropists as well as elected officials ranging from mayors, governors and state and federal legislators in the U.S. to presidents and cabinet ministers outside the U.S.

Ethan Nadelmann is at the forefront of marijuana reform across the United States. Wherever Ethan and the Drug Policy Alliance is working, reform is sure to follow, and with that, business opportunities for those that are trying to get in on the next great American industry. You can hear Ethan Nadelmann speak at the upcoming Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition in June in New York City. The event is going to be the largest cannabis industry and reform event ever to be held on the East Coast.

Ethan Nadelmann will be the keynote speaker for the event, and will be joined by dozens of other amazing speakers. The event is going to be held at the Javits Center and will run from June 17-19. In addition to the speakers, there will be dozens of exhibitors, and many, many activists and reform organizations in attendance. If you want to find out more about the event, click on the banner below:

cannabis world congress and business exposition


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  1. I dis-agree with you regarding whether or not Sabet’s message is getting through to people who currently support marijuana. In fact, even his message has moved away from the harms of marijuana to the harms of “big” marijuana companies. His message is old and very tired, and as more states legalize, his BS is being seen for what it is. BS. He’s just prognosticating about the ills of alcohol and tobacco, as if marijuana carries the same health risks (even if commercialized). Yes, many ignorant people are moved by fear of the un-known, but the sky is not falling in Colorado, and I predict it won’t. Things are only getting better. Our side is winning IMHO.

  2. I watched every single video of Kevin Sabet debating a pro legalization advocate. All of them are total disasters.

  3. First of all, the polls you mention are bogus. They do not take into account, all the people being swayed by Kevin Sabet’s message (like Jimmy Carter as an example). If everyone read his book (Reefer Sanity, which is getting 5 star reviews) or went to one of his conferences where he talks in an auditorium in front of hundreds/thousands of people showing them all these charts of how bad legalization is and comparing it to big tobacco.

    If everyone did that and his message reached everyone, there wont be any legalization supporters left (besides you guys on theweedblog). Kevin Sabet is doing everything he can to discredit the cause and Im afraid its working.

    Where public support for legalization is right now is irrelevant. What matters is, where is public support going to be by the time the 2016 election comes. Wheres it gonna be 5, 10, 20 or 30 years from now as more people become brainwashed and believe what Kevin Sabet says? So far, its not looking good. Ur side losing is losing the debate badly.

  4. You should watch Ethan’s TED talk. He even put Bill O-Reilly in his place. He’s respectful of the other speakers, yes. He doesn’t sit there and try to malign their character, he just puts out the un-deniable truths and tries to correct misinformation. He’s fantastic at adjusting his style to the audience he is speaking to IMHO.

    Sabet is just a TOOL who gets his money from stupid control freaks and pharmaceutical companies.

  5. Screwed? All the polls say otherwise. New legislation to regulate cannabis is introduced in yet another state or in Congress every other day. After a year in Colorado, polls show support for regulation has INCREASED since the 2012 vote. Sensible drug policy reform is rapidly replacing the harmful, ignorant, and/or self-interested support for continued prohibition that “project sam” is desperately peddling. Legalization is winning.

    And without a doubt, Mr. Nadelmann has made Sabet look foolish every time they’ve squared off. The project sam rhetoric no longer works – no matter who Sabet is trying to mislead with his barrage of Reefer Madness soundbites – because we have entered an age of enlightenment regarding the unjustifiable harms of the war on drugs. The lies just don’t work anymore. Supporters of prohibition have been backed into a corner by the sweeping success of sensible cannabis policy reform, and it’s a little embarrassing to see them desperately swinging and spitting like cornered animals. Project sam and their ilk are quickly fading and taking their place on the wrong side of history.

  6. If Ethan is the last line of defense for the cause and he cant even beat Kevin Sabet in a debate, your screwed.

  7. I got to meet Ethan in New Orleans at the beginning of April. Fantastic person, and a true warrior to the cause. He cautions that the fight is far from over. We have not won yet. Stay vigilant. Reforming ignorance one mind at a time.

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