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Hear Robert ‘Bobby Tuna’ Platshorn Speak Next Week In Hollywood, Florida


Robert Platshorn Silver TourWithout question, Robert Platshorn is one of my favorite speakers of all time. That goes for not only cannabis speakers, but also for any speakers. The first time I heard Robert was at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. He was speaking on a legalization panel, and he absolutely captivated the audience from the very second his voice hit the microphone. Robert Platshorn was one of the original ‘pitch men.’ Decades before Billy Mays and other people selling ‘as seen on TV’ products, there was Robert Platshorn. The man has a way with words that I have envied since that day.

Robert Platshorn is also the infamous marijuana smuggler who served serving the longest prison stint for marijuana only offenses in United States history. I have wonderful stories to tell about the days when the black market was the only way to get cannabis. Robert Platshorn’s stories are better than my stories, and anyone else’s, and it’s not even a contest. He was selling pot at a time in American history where things were so much different. Then he went to prison, and came out to a whole new world. His story is powerful, and his knowledge of the plant is thorough.

Mr. Platshorn has been running ‘The Silver Tour‘ for quite sometime now. The Silver Tour seeks to educate senior citizens about the benefits of marijuana and marijuana reform. It’s one of the most vital efforts in the nation considering how important every senior citizen vote is to marijuana reform efforts. I don’t know why every marijuana campaign and organization in America doesn’t tap Robert’s skill set more often. He can change the hearts and minds of senior citizens better than any other person in the marijuana movement. I selected Robert Platshorn to receive the first ever ‘Weed Blog Lifetime Achievement Award’ because I think that much of him.

Robert will be speaking at an event in Hollywood, Florida next week. If you are in the area, you should go. You will not be disappointed. Below is more information about the event, via the event’s Facebook page:

Miami-Dade took an important baby-step this week, making the possession of cannabis a civil offense. Some Broward County Commissioners are confident Broward isn’t far behind.

Robert Platshorn, one of the world’s most notorious cannabis freedom activists, will speak to Broward Libertarians about his experiences, recent local decriminalization efforts, and what supporters can do to help.

Author of the books Black Tuna Diaries and Greed and Evil, Mr. Platshorn is America’s longest imprisoned nonviolent marijuana offender, serving 30 years. A free man again, he created The Silver Tour (Teaching Seniors the Benefits of Medical Marijuana). He’s also Director of Norml of Florida.

Learn more: http://TheSilverTour.org/

Complimentary pasta dinner and refreshments always served. Free and open to the public. Share and Invite your friends!

When: Thursday, July 16 at 7:00pm – 10:00pm in EDT

Where: The Church of Perpetual Life 1855 Mckinley St, Hollywood, Florida 33020


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  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    I agree with every single word above, Johnny Green. Thank you for giving more attention to Robert Platshorn’s inspiring story and work. I have family in southern Florida who are so stubbornly resistant to the idea of legal cannabis that we’ve basically ceased all communication. It’s a stalemate, and several times it did absolutely no good when I brought up The Silver Tour. The negative stigma directed at cannabis flowers still discombobulates the thinking of so many otherwise reasonable people in America.

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