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Heliospectra AB Joins Other Innovative Cleantech Companies In The Call For Climate Action


world earth washington state environmental impact marijuana cannabisThe Entrepreneurs Call to Climate Action and COP 21” details how urgent action is needed on climate change, urging world leaders to “leave the fossil fuel era behind as soon as we can” and use innovative, existing solutions to create jobs.

The Call to Climate Action is supported by WWF‘s Climate Solver initiative and signed by 26 CEOs, chairpersons and founders of companies based in South Africa, Sweden, China and India, many of which operate globally. It follows recent and widespread calls from civil society, faith groups and the business sector for more ambitious action to tackle climate change.

Despite the fact that climate scientists have warned that we need to sharply and urgently curb emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, a substantive amount of finance is still being allocated to the discovery and development of fossil fuel resources. Meanwhile, funding is the largest obstacle to many energy efficiency and renewable energy entrepreneurs around the world.

Mr. Staffan Hillberg, CEO and co-founder of Heliospectra, said “The world’s resources are not endless, and I see every day in my work that there are more efficient technologies and ways of using our resources, while also lower carbon-dioxide emissions. Sometimes it is as easy as changing a light source. Heliospectra is committed to use our technology for improving the environment, and we call upon the world’s leaders to quickly influence a change of direction leading into a better environment.”

About Heliospectra AB

​Heliospectra AB (OTCQBHLSPYFIRSTNORTHHELIO) (www.heliospectra.com) specializes in intelligent lighting technology for plant research and greenhouse cultivation. The Company’s lighting system provides an effective and durable technology for cultivating greenhouse and indoor plants by combining several different groups of versatile light emitting diodes (LEDs) with optics, remote sensing techniques, and a robust heat dissipation solution. This proprietary setup gives growers the ability to control the intensity and wavelengths of the light emitted, creating a spectrum specifically adjusted to different plant species and growth stages to better facilitate photosynthesis. The complete, highly-engineered lamp produces crops that look better, taste better, and have a longer shelf-life than those grown under HID lamps. The technology not only reduces energy consumption by up to 50%, but also helps stimulate growth characteristics and improve plant quality. Other benefits include reduced light pollution, lower mercury use due to the avoidance of traditional HID/HPS bulbs, and less HVAC investment and monthly expense requirements.

Heliospectra products are based on in-depth knowledge in plant physiology and photosynthesis along with a unique way to utilize modern LED technology. After six years of development in Sweden, the company has now begun to expand into the international market. The company has raised more than $ 21 million in capital and has received more than $2.6 million through academic scholarships and grants. It has also received numerous awards for its forward thinking technology. Principal owners: Weland Steel www.welandstal.se, Swedish Industrial Fund www.industrifonden.se, Midroc www.midroc.se, Wood & Hill Investment www.whab.se

About WWF

WWF‘s mission is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. The Global Climate & Energy Initiative (GCEI) is WWF‘s global programme addressing climate change, promoting renewable and sustainable energy, scaling up green finance, engaging the private sector and working nationally and internationally on implementing low carbon, climate resilient development.

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  1. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Considering the carbon released mining milling and transporting uranium and the cfc’s released refining it claims that nuclear would lead to a better atmosphere are false.

  2. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Are you ridiculing those of us who do not prefer polar bears to people? It almost sounds as if you are… I do not want coastal cities to be flooded, but from my view it seems as though if it is happening there is no stopping it. Perhaps building right at or barely above sea level is not the best idea ever…I do not think that the extra billions which is required for nuclear energy are justified by keeping ice fishing seasons long and ski slopes open more of the year, and many nuclear power plants have underperformed from what their supporters claimed would be yielded. Maybe just fishing from the edge or a boat and hiking on some trails while hunting would be a better time than ice fishing and skiing anyhow.
    Growing high grade cannabis does not have to cost a cent, and I think you know that. As for the funds currently being dedicated to curbing climate change, perhaps we could all be taxed a little less or the funds could be used only on real renewables which could achieve energy independence – not on nuclear energy like some of them are today.
    I have reason to believe that this commenter “M Simon” is some kind of mole who is just trying to ridicule some of the sincerity being expressed on this blog. Or perhaps just an opportunist who is in truth a Chinese style communist themself with some interest in carbon taxes. It sounds like the half drunk ramblings of some fool on a golf course ironically complaining about supposed land scarcity while getting in some sarcastic jabs at herbal cannabis users – as if we want money uselessly wasted providing an easy to grow plant!

  3. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Regardless of my knowledge regarding the alleged “climate crisis”, I do breath oxygen and acknowledge that there are all kinds of other reasons to avoid wanton use of energy resources. The oil used to transport herbal cannabis to points of consumption where it could have easily been grown could be better used to build woodchip ethanol plants, hydroelectric dams, windmills, solar panels and so on. The bag running slaves could be spending time with their friends and family and the kennedies; and chenies’ oil stocks could perform just as well or better. In the meantime we could regain energy independence and people in cities could breath cleaner air. For those concerned about carbon in particular, cannabis hemp and herbal cannabis do consume more carbon from the atmosphere acre per acre than most crops, and when hemp is used as a building material that carbon is not going back into the air any time soon. I am not an advocate of carbon taxes, seeing as they seem to exist mainly to further subsidize nuclear energy by putting coal at an unfair disadvantage. While I would not love to live next to a coal pant, it would be a lot better than living next to a nuclear reactor. In the event of Fukishima scale disaster or a Chernobyl disaster, even thousands of miles would not be far enough away. Not to mention the bloated unequal subsidies that nuclear steals from everything else. Natural gas is going to prove to be a lot better source of electricity than nuclear, from what it looks like now. There is some wood going in with the coal nowadays – some black locust plantations would be good for that too, considering their high BTU’s and the fact that they fix nitrogen (a stronger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide) into the soil and aggressively grow back from cut stumps. Even with all this, the significant root systems of hemp fields would put a lot of carbon into the soil – a great place for it to be regardless of one’s ice fishing habits.

  4. I keep wondering when the climate change folks will call for a war with China – to save the planet. Those guys already output more CO2 than America and they are increasing like crazy. Shouldn’t they be stopped? To save the planet?

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