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Heliospectra Adds New LED Grow Lights To Horticulture Lamp Portfolio


heliospectra e60 led grow lightHeliospectra, known for it’s best-of-breed Light Recipe software, is positioned to accept pre-orders for the E60, a full spectrum, horticulture top-light designed for commercial growers. Built from the LX60 platform, the E60 offers the same superior engineering that Heliospectra has built its reputation upon, at a lower price point, minus the software options. The LightBar, a linear version of the E60, rounds out the company’s product portfolio by supplying growers with a “light bar” style luminaire and further adds to the company’s complete growing system approach.

Staffan Hillberg, CEO of Heliospectra stated; “The E60 and the Heliospectra LightBar  boast high intensity output, light enhancing optics, optimal growth spectrum, and are less expensive. As Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) continues to evolve and massive commercial operations are built, products like the E60 and the LightBar compliment the vertical and volumetric nature of Heliospectra’s customer base. Growers that plan early and integrate smart technology like Heliospectra’s LEDlamps into their operations are doing so because food prices continue to rise and commoditize – squeezing out less efficient growers that use archaic lighting, like HID. Heliospectra continues to see rapid growth in all of its target verticals – indoor, greenhouse, medical plants and research.”

“The two fixed spectrum, high intensity lights are part of a growing product portfolio that Heliospectra has been developing from its proprietary, patented biofeedback science. Close collaboration with some of the world’s leading greenhouse growers, innovative product development and smart manufacturing, has resulted in our ability to offer these two new products at competitive price points without sacrificing the high quality that Heliospectra’s brand is synonymous with” added Anthony Gilley,  Heliospectra’s CTO.

Pre-Order the Heliospectra E60 online at our Web Store: store.heliospectra.com/products/e60

About Heliospectra AB

Heliospectra AB (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO), (www.heliospectra.com) specializes in intelligent lighting technology for plant research and greenhouse cultivation. The Company’s lighting system provides an effective and durable technology for cultivating greenhouse and indoor plants by combining several different groups of versatile light emitting diodes (LEDs) with optics, remote sensing techniques, and a robust heat dissipation solution. This proprietary setup gives growers the ability to control the intensity and wavelengths of the light emitted, creating a spectrum specifically adjusted to different plant species and growth stages to better facilitate photosynthesis. The complete, highly-engineered lamp produces crops that look better, taste better, and have a longer shelf-life than those grown under HID lamps. The technology not only reduces energy consumption by up to 50%, but also helps stimulate growth characteristics and improve plant quality. Other benefits include reduced light pollution, lower mercury use due to the avoidance of traditional HID/HPS bulbs, and less HVAC investment and monthly expense requirements.

Heliospectra products are based on in-depth knowledge in plant physiology and photosynthesis along with a unique way to utilize modern LED technology. After six years of development in Sweden, the company has now begun to expand into the international market. The company has raised more than $ 18 million in capital and has received more than $2.6 million through academic scholarships and grants. It has also received numerous awards for its forward thinking technology. Principal owners: Weland Steel www.welandstal.se , Swedish Industrial Fund www.industrifonden.se, Midroc www.midroc.se, Wood & Hill Investment www.whab.se.

Source: Heliospectra press release


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  1. oldergrower420 on

    1st off i checked their website and I can own one of these bad boys for a meer $999 US dollars which for this caliber of light is a fair price IMHO, Now that being said They claim this light will cover a 8′ by 8′ area. Anyone care to join me in digging a basement into my grow tent since they recommend it being hung 6 1/2′ above the canopy.
    Dang, why can’t an American company just make a reasonable LED that has coverage that is functional. They are all about the bells and whistles and how pretty it is so they can charge more. Just make them functional and affordable for christ sake.

  2. Cherokee – I agree with you and this is an active discussion internally – you are not the first customer to bring it up and subsidies require extended warranties, so we are doing something to improve that term. As we have nearly zero returns, I’m quite confident that something beyond 2 years is pretty easy to achieve. Keep in mind that we manufacture our unit in Sweden under our own supervision … no outsourcing to China / Mexico, etc…

    One of our main competitors has a a very high rate of returned units due to failure (20%+)….

    We do have a 5 year option in the works … stay tuned for that.

    Look closely at warranties – the one company that offers a 5 year warranty that I would say is our closest competitor offering such a program, does so with the fine print that the customer pays for shipping to/from the company and the customer pays for the labor to install / replace parts. We think this is basically a dirty trick – we prefer to remain honest, not have such fine print and offer an incentive to the customer to upgrade or the like with some type of customer loyalty program in place.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up Chris. For the cost for even your cheapest unit should have at least a 5 year warranty. The 2 year warranty does not give me faith that it will last much past that. If your company had faith in your product it would carry a longer warranty. Please respond

  4. Cherokee: the LX60 or “600 model” sells for $1,999 NEW. The number that you quote below is for our extremely high end research model version 1 from several years ago – some people are still using this lamp for very specific purposes because of it’s unique ability to deliver Light Recipes – the use of individually controlled wavelengths and intensities over time….

    Jason and Cherokee – this is a link to our webstore:


  5. Their 600 model only costs $4300 refurbished. I shudder to think what this e 60 costs new. The refurb only comes with a 90 day warranty. These lights are for the very wealthy. Before these pay for themselves in saved energy they will either be obsolete or quit working. A fool and his money

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