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Help A Disabled Veteran Who Had His Kids Taken Because Of Cannabis


raymond and amelia schwab marijuanaI just read a heartbreaking article on the Daily HazeA disabled veteran named Raymond Schwab and his wife Amelia had their children taken away while they were in the process of moving to Colorado so that Raymond could received legal cannabis treatment for PTSD and chronic pain. Per the Daily Haze:

The Schwabs decided to relocate to Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal. So in April 2015, Raymond transferred his job with the Department of Veterans Affairs, left their children with family in Kansas so they could get packed up and move. That was the last they saw of their kids and the real nightmare began.

It turns out the family the children were left with contacted DCF in Kansas, who held a hearing that the Schwabs weren’t informed of, nor represented at. During this hearing, the children were removed from their parents custody and then placed in the care of the glorious State of Kansas.

The Schwab family needs help with their legal fund. They have set up a GoFundMe campaign. Please contribute if you are able. Below is more information, via the crowd funding page:

April 2015 the Schwab Family had their children kidnapped by the State of Kansas while Raymond and Amelia Schwab were packing to move to Denver. Mr. Schwab, an honorably discharged, disabled Navy Veteran who uses medical cannabis for PTSD and chronic pain, had his job at the Dept. of Veteran Affairs transferred to Denver where both he and his wife could have access to care and receive that care legally. Kansas is using their children as political pawns and continues to assert unless they cease cannabis therapy they will lose their children forever.

Violating every Kansas statute concerning the removal of children, and refusing to recognize any of the Schwab’s legal and constitutional protections the Schwab children have been repeatedly moved into abusive situations within their State placement. Kansas, in their negligence, have refused to address the abuse and have denied the Schwab’s visit’s and contact with their children to hide what their children are suffering in the DCFS system. The case is currently in the Kansas Appeals Court.

Please come along side us to assist our legal fund that we may get representation to file federal suit against Kansas, Kansas DCFS, Riley County Police Dept. and Prosecutor office. This is not only a battle for the rights of parent to raise their children without government interference, but the rights of Medical Cannabis patients to seek safe care without the threat of government intrusion and tyrannical actions.

Even though DCFS investigations resulted in a finding of “UNSUBSTANTIATED” on all allegations, Kansas refuses to return the children and continues to subject the children and family to psychological testing, drug testing, and other intrusive evaluations to attempt to secretly find cause to keep the children. This matter is urgent. Please stand with us in this battle.


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  1. The system is currupted in Kansas and everywhere else.They have no structure. Never trust them they are unethical. They lie and will take advantage of their power.I hope this family is reunited. Because now if they didn’t have any issues, now they most likely do.The fact that the kids were separated from their parents is traumatizing. Kids that are taken by state custody like in this case were the children weren’t abused or neglected develop learning,emotional, and behavioral problems. I hope the Schwabs get their kids and sue the sh*t out of the state.

  2. Bin sayin’, there are others besides the police that need to be scrutinized for their abuse of authority. I’d put the various children’s ‘protective’ services near the top of the list. What kind of people do they employ to do their dirty work? I know the opportunities for the shrinking middle class are not abundant but com’on……;..Well the Nazis got people(and later sent some of them through the showers too) to hand out stone bars of soap to the victims before they went to the ‘showers’. When some of these ‘social workers’ are on the receiving end of this indifference and lose their children I wonder how they’ll react.

  3. Stories like this break my heart.
    I know I’m “Preaching to the Choir”, but we need change at the federal level, NOW!
    Marijuana isn’t just a “Wonder Drug” its a whole bunch of them.
    Many years ago I said — “Marijuana is a rain forest in a single plant”
    I’ve never seen another plant that is as rich a source of biochemicals that help so many conditions.
    Its a crime that its not available for Physicians to prescribe in all 50 states on the same basis as every other medication.

  4. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Infinite gratitude for the awesome, passionate work you do, Ms. Sublett. May I politely suggest to anyone in Kansas who’s willing to slip a potent dose of cannabis oil into Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook’s tea? Follow that with another magical Mickey for CA Senator Dianne Feinstein. If arrogant ladies and gents like them were compelled to try cannabis for sh—s and giggles, federal and state policies may finally start to change in our favor.

  5. If everyone who posts here were to call the WH comment line every day to ask that the President get Marijuana removed from Schedule 1, and get everyone they know to call, and get the effort to go viral, it would be impossible for him not to notice how much people care. That the best and fastest way to get national policy changed.

  6. saynotohypocrisy on

    The creeps who are persecuting you and your children like to take an oath too, they like to place their hand over their heart and solemnly pledge allegiance to liberty and justice for all. But they’re certainly not giving you or any cannabis user liberty, and they steadfastly refuse to even discuss the justice of their actions. Cannabis users aren’t for having discussions with in their view, they’re for giving orders to. Even being a disabled vet who’s suffering after protecting their liberties doesn’t cut any ice with them, it probably makes you an object of particular hatred because they know deep down they are doing you very wrong.

  7. Typical abuse of power by Kansas officials. They was probably pissed because another family was leaving Kansas to move to Colorado. I hope the f**ck heads responsible for this get fired and the family sues the state and wins.

  8. Talk about abuse of powers this case needs national attention and federal charges brought against all involved. The judge needs to be removed from the bench immediately, anyone as far as I know can file a judiciary complaint against the judge and request an emergency hearing based on the abuse allegations of the state.

  9. iMadeThisAcctToStopIgnorance on

    If you’re being censored though, wouldn’t your comment^^ not have gotten posted?

  10. Our state governments created laws to protect our children. The children are now the new tools that our state governments use to access and intrude into our personal lives. then they are used as bargaining chips at the “plea table”.

  11. Lisa J Sublett on

    Over and over Kansas patients are persecuted and families destroyed. From Shona Banda and Gary Dixon to the Schwabs, more of these stories are coming out and we are so grateful. For every one that makes the press we work with 10 more that never come to press.Usually, on advice of their attorneys, as they fear the press reprisal from prosecutors.I wish the rest of the country could understand how draconian the laws are here, and how pervasive the stigma and ignorance, not in Kansas citizens, but in our legislature. One woman continues to stop the medical cannabis movement in Kansas. Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook is the chair of the Public Health and Welfare Committee. We could write a book on her efforts against us in Kansas. We will be introducing a new medical bill this year and we would appreciate your support. Every patient deserves to be #FreeToHeal 75% of Kansans support the rights of medical cannabis patients. We fight to change the laws do not. https://www.facebook.com/BleedingKansasProtest/

  12. this is out rage. States that can’t even govern themselves are thinking they can do a better job than the parents. Shame on the state of Kansas. That is why we need more progressive thinkers to represent us in our state and in Washington. Bernie Sander would eliminate this madness.

  13. RaymondAmelia Schwab on

    Its about freedom and liberty period. There are many who are subject to these criminals, who are afraid, poor, trampled on..and we should speak to them all. I took an OATH..and it meant something and still does to my brothers and sisters dying for these corrupt politicians. Its time to remind them this is a government for and by the people. Bless you brother.

  14. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thank you both, Amelia and Raymond, for standing up to the Anti Marihuana Tyranny! It gets the heart pumping so fast, out of pure anger, that such blatant harassment of innocent Americans occurs in Kansas, New York (where I reside), and so many other states. Jerry Garcia’s words still ring true: “…One way or another/One way or another/This Darkness has got to give.”

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