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Help Bring Marijuana Legalization to California



In case you missed it:

On Tuesday, we launched our new organization, the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, in order to lay the groundwork to legalize marijuana in California in 2012.

It won’t be easy, but make no mistake: We can win next year.

The first step on this road to victory is making sure everyone is on board. And that means getting as many people as possible to sign our online pledge to support legalizing and taxing cannabis in California in 2012.

Over the last 48 hours, over 3,000 people have done just that. Will you join them today?

Sign our pledge to support legalizing and taxing cannabis in California in 2012!

We’ve got a lot of work to do. We have to educate millions of voters about the total failure of the “war on marijuana”; we have to turn out even more voters in 2012; and we have to build a stronger and broader coalition of partners and supporters.

Winning in 2012 starts today, with you. Will you stand with me, the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, and thousands of grassroots supporters around the nation in supporting marijuana legalization?

Sign our online pledge today — show your support for legalizing marijuana in California in 2012!

No one ever said this will be easy. But last year, 4.6 million Californians voted to end cannabis prohibition. And if you pledge your support now, we will be one step closer to winning in 2012.


Dale Jones


Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform


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