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Help Bring Medical Marijuana To Georgia


georgia medical marijuanaDo you live in Georgia? Do you believe in compassion? If yes, then please sign the petition below, via the Georgia Care Project:

Medical Marijuana: In 1980 Georgia approved a medical marijuana research law recognizing the medical benefits of cannabis. Today, 20 states and the District of Columbia have passed medical marijuana laws allowing their citizens access to legal medicine without being considered a criminal.

Criminal Laws / Decriminalization: Each day in Georgia more than 80 people are arrested for marijuana, mostly for simple possession. The vast majority are otherwise law abiding citizens. Two states have legalized marijuana and other states have decriminalized (lowered the penalties) for possession of marijuana. In Georgia more than one ounce (28 grams) is a felony with up to 10 years in state prison.

Public Opinion: Polls across the nation show a majority of citizens no longer support harsh marijuana laws. In many states more than 70% support medical marijuana.

We seek to reform the laws of Georgia, USA.

Go to www.gacareproject.com for more information.

Click here to sign the petition


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  1. Love to sign the petition but change.org is NOT getting my street address they already spam people when the get email address

  2. My point was, don`t trust Government about anything and if you do you have lost not me. You sound like a Liberal that likes the corrupt Obama agenda where we have to ask permission to do anything and likes to have someone else tell them how to live. With weak minded people like yourself,
    this country is doomed, we the people should call the shots not a hand full of fools.

  3. Joe , this is Sad .By going on this rambling tangent about Anti Obama Petitions and Global Warming and ‘How Corrupt the Government Is’ you lose us. If you have to say “Love Liberty and Freedom” ,at the end of your comment you’ve already lost the argument .

  4. Yes- all those conservatives that don’t believe in government interference or government control of people’s lives!! HA- Let’s get this MM legalized. It’s a start even though it should be legal across the board.

  5. Georgia was using federal law marijuana law to override state marijuana law that legalized medical marijuana. Since Georgia is now saying that state law overrides federal same-sex benefit laws in the Georgia National Guard, that means that medical marijuana is now legal in Georgia. No need to sign the petition since it’s now legal.

  6. Wowfad, check out how Georgia is using state law to defy federal law in denying benefits to same-sex members of the Georgia National Guard. Georgia cannot have it both ways, if they’re going to put state law over federal law then the state medical marijuana law just became law in the State of Georgia.

  7. Georgia has been using federal law to block the state medical marijuana law. Now that Georgia decided to ignore federal law in denying benefits to same sex couples in the Georgia National Guard, the State of Georgia is in conflict. They cannot have it both ways.

  8. God wants nothing to do with Georgia, especially after Jesus Christ was crucified for distributing a controlled substance called holy oil, also known as marijuana oil.

  9. Georgia uses federal marijuana law as an excuse to ignore Georgia’s very own medical marijuana law. Recently they decided to ignore federal law and deny benefits based on state law. Georgia cannot defend both positions, they are going to have to pick one.

  10. Georgia is a BACKWARD State….I lived in Athens, GA for Ten years, and I prayed for God to make Georgia; a Parking Lot !

  11. You are now the recipient of my first “up” vote. Every time I glance at this I chuckle.
    (I’ve been trying to watch how the voting works, but it seems the disqus software works different on every site. It’s confusing.)

  12. The mood in Texas is similar to Georgia. Surrounded by conservatives, no lefties think their vote counts. Heck, I didn’t even know there WERE lefties in Texas, but apparently there are. If the women of Texas are not free to make their own reproductive choices, I don’t know how MMJ patients in Texas are gonna be made free to make their own choices. Sure, fire all the politicians! And then what? Cuz I’m not sure there is anyone willing to take their place (that would signify a change).

  13. I, believe that most of you had smoked a bowl, before reading my comment, I, was referring to trusting anything the Government has claimed, there was a petition about Medical Marijuana. What pops up is more petitions about Global warming and a bunch of Obama corrupt claims and more petitions pertaining to his Socialist agenda. This is where the problem begins. I`m a Conservative who believes in my rights to do what I, want as long as I, don`t bother anyone else or demand anything from them. I, fully support MM , I, smoke it everyday and I, want to be left alone, but you people need to wakeup and lets kick all of this corrupt Government out on their asses and I, mean both parties and lets don`t fight among ourselves, that’s what they want. love Liberty and freedom

  14. And I think it is properly referred to as the Republic of Georgia, although I guess that could refer to the state of Georgia, as well. (I will always have the last word…)

  15. No one’s giving up on Georgia — I’m just not enthusiastic about our current legislative prospects.

    Amending the 1980 law so that cannabis is sourced locally and not federally is the only way to pull that law out of mothballs. At least one representative from the Georgia legislature *must* be willing to go on public record doing just that. But as far as I’ve heard, none have (as yet) publicly announced they have the spine for it.

    Maybe you’ve heard differently in confidence. In which case, awesome, but whispers in private that never make the news do little to buttress public confidence, and public confidence is necessary if those whispers will *ever* make their way into stump speeches. Members of the GA Legislature aren’t big-time politicians, but most of them aspire to be — and they won’t make any move publicly unless they’re sure it will gain them votes, not *cost* them.

    For example, if the change.org petition got over 10,000 signatures, that would be a very bright flag to wave, but not nearly as solid as a fair poll. 50% landlines, 50% mobile phones, calling registered voters, asking an unambiguous question — polls like that move mountains. State Reps need to know that “soft on drugs” won’t come to bite them from an electoral challenger, and even a poll showing 51% support in Georgia would make all the difference.

    Sadly, there are veins of the Georgia population who are vehemently anti-cannabis for whatever the reason. And they think they’re in the majority. The reason they think they’re in the majority is because the public perception of Georgia, inside and out, is that we’re too simple to reform our cannabis laws, that there’s no way Georgia could be that progressive (exhibit A, joe voll’s comment about gun control having a better chance of passing). That needs to change.

    Until public opinion changes, both about cannabis and about Georgia, I’m afraid amending Mona Taft’s 1980 Law will never happen. Georgia was one of a handful of states that abstained from the State Ratifying Convention repealing alcohol prohibition. We may, once again, be pulling up the national caboose with cannabis unless we change some hearts and minds about who we are and what we want.

  16. Georgia has a medical marijuana law on the books. It was passed in 1980 and went dormant. We seek to bring it back to life. Georgia should be considered one of the medical marijuana states. Georgia has lost 30 years of research opportunities. We do have support from a hand full of legislators willing to work with us to change these laws. Please don’t give up on Georgia. JB

  17. Running people out of town, honestly, is the conservative answer to everything. And you are obviously aware of that strategy — they make life here miserable for anyone who doesn’t match their ideals 100% until that person is driven out of town. In many of the counties that only have a few thousand people, total, you see the results. All the young people turn 18 and leave town, and the only ones who stay are the ones too poor and too uneducated to leave the hellhole.

    If you’re gay, leave. If you’re not Christian, leave. If you’re not white, leave. If you care about the environment, leave. If you vote Democrat, leave. If you don’t watch Fox News, leave. And if you don’t like the way it is, again, you can leave.

    For many decades, the conservative mantra was to drive them out of town because what would be left would obviously be a conservative utopia free of liberals, homosexuals, and minorities. It turns out the result isn’t very rosey. Georgia has what many sparsely populated areas of the South have: dying counties. Counties where the population is irreversibly shrinking, where the retired population outnumbers the under-65 crowd. Most of the young people have left, seeking greener pastures. The result, so-called “conservative utopias” are turning to dust and blowing away.

    And why? Because conservatives don’t like to *recruit* — they like to dominate and overpower. And I’m sure that feels good in the short run. In the long run, they’re losing their own war by attrition.

    We’ll get to a point where political districting has to reflect the population decreases and increases. Urban areas like Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, Athens, Kennesaw, Valdosta, even Macon and Albany are all growing, while the rural areas keep shrinking. Look at the voter turnout demographics for all 159 counties for the last 12 years and you’ll see it. The conservative utopias are being reduced to retirement communities. And no one lives forever, especially in retirement communities.

  18. Alright, then. Let’s look at the facts. Of the 20 states that have medical cannabis 17 of those states are very, very blue states. Only three Red states have medical cannabis out of 20. And out of all the states that have decriminalized, again, only three Red states. The only two states that have legalized recreationally are, again, BLUE states.

    Denying the problem only makes the problem worse. And no matter how you may wish that people are unaware of the meaning of words, CONSERVATIVES overwhelmingly don’t support cannabis law reform. At all. Look up the word “conservative” and you’ll understand *why*.

    Or you can just look at polling numbers. A *majority* of liberals consistently support reforming cannabis laws as a majority, and most polls feel it’s noteworthy when any block of conservatives supports reforming the laws. Check the polls. If you think they’re wrong, contact a conservative in your state and ask about cannabis. When he/she writes back and tells you they aren’t a tree hugger, try another conservative in your state. Then another. And another. Keep going until you find one conservative in office who supports changing cannabis laws, and then come back to tell me who it is, so we can all send him/her flowers and a Thank You note.

    If you want to keep denying that fact, then how about we play a game. You name all the Republicans you can who have openly supported any form of cannabis law reform, ever, be it decriminalization, medical cannabis, or outright legalization. For every ONE you name, I’ll name five liberals. Go!

  19. I too live in Georgia but have been here now for 2 years and what I will say is Georgia has been the worse state to live in when it comes to racism. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t here the “N” word.

    You sit and wonder why Georgia has a high rate of HS drop outs. I am strictly Democrat and this state is a Repube state and the weed laws here are in fact too strict.

    Plus your comment, “But the only people who are VOTING are social conservatives.” is bull shit.

    The sooner you run these Republicans out of this state the better Georgia will be.

  20. medical marijuana?? In Georgia??? You have a better chance of getting GUN CONTROL passed through that state legislature!

  21. You guys are right. We have to do it through the legislature. The best guy I can think of is Rep. Charles Gregory.

  22. Meagan Elizabeth Rodriguez on

    I agree with you 100%, I live in Georgia also, and if we want change, everyone who wants it needs to share their voice and vote

  23. I try to stay optimistic for Georgia — yes, I live here. We don’t have any form of ballot initiative or referendum, so the only option to change state law is to do so through the state legislature. That’s unfortunate, because we’re not renowned for our socially progressive laws. Case in point, instead of Three Strikes, we enacted *Two Strikes* (because three was too liberal?). And guess what — our prisons are overflowing so badly that we’ve gone broke paying for all the incarceration.

    Here in Georgia, you could abduct a child, rape that child, murder that child, and dump that child’s body — but when you get out of jail, despite being a violent sex offender, you’re *still* permitted to own a gun. However, here in Georgia, if you’re caught smoking/using/possessing any amount of cannabis, you LOSE your 2nd Amendment rights. In fact, if you have a cannabis charge on your record and the police find a firearm in your house or on your person, you go straight back to jail.

    Georgia’s cannabis laws are set up to turn prisons into revolving doors, especially for minorities — over 90% of the cannabis arrests in the Atlanta area are people of color. These racist policies have bankrupted our state, both morally and fiscally.

    We’re trying to reform our criminal justice laws to make up for the mistakes of past generations, but the “good ole boys” are not making it easy. They’re big fans of anything from the American Legislative Exchange Council — around 35 members in Georgia, last I checked. We had a very strict voter ID law go into effect last year, thanks to them. Never had to show my passport AND social security card, before. Local polling is set up so that only landline telephones in retiree-heavy populations get sampled for public opinion, deliberately omitting mobile phones, as mostly young people and minorities use them. The good ole boys want to maintain the illusion that Georgia is forever a Fox News state.

    Want to know the most frustrating part, though? Despite the voter ID laws, and despite the image of Georgia as a blood-red Republican state, Obama only lost by 300k votes across 159 counties. And you’d be surprised how many people didn’t vote. Most counties only had 60% turnout. Around here, everone knows three or four socially progressive individuals who didn’t vote, but could have. Why? Because they’ve been CONVINCED their votes don’t matter by Georgia’s national image as a podunk, backwoods redneck state. And as long as we keep electing morons, it’s a deserved reputation.
    We can’t find a single member of the Georgia Legislature to sponsor any kind of cannabis bill — not for medical cannabis, not to decriminalize cannabis, and not to legalize. They think Georgia is just too socially conservative. Well, it isn’t — lots of progressives in Georgia. But the only people who are VOTING are social conservatives.
    If Georgia is ever going to change its cannabis laws, we need to make sure everyone VOTES. Rallying young people into a frenzy means NOTHING in Georgia if they stay home on election day.

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