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Help Colorado Make Marijuana History, Again


colorado marijuana legalization denver daI received the below message via e-mail and figured it was worth passing along:

We are sure you have heard by now that an initiative has been filed with the city of Denver to make the limited social use of cannabis legal. What you may not know is that members of the Vicente Sederberg team, along with Mason Tvert of the MPP team, have donated many volunteer hours to the campaign already.

But we need your help to put this initiative on the ballot. The Committee for Limited Social Cannabis Consumption must raise $25,000 to ensure that it has enough money to pay for the signature drive, which must be completed in early August.  Can you make a contribution?

Members of the cannabis community have started to step up. Denver Relief’s Kayvan Khalatbari made the first big splash with a $2,500 contribution. He is hoping – as are we – that at least four or five other members of the cannabis community will match his generosity. If you are one of those people, please reply so that we can tell you how to make your contribution.

More recently, Travis Howard and Shift Cannabis Co. made a $1,000 contribution through the campaign’s GoFundMe page  –  http://www.gofundme.com/SocialUseInDenver - which is a quick and simple way to donate. If you are able to match that contribution, great. But contributions of $500, $250, $100, or even $25 are greatly appreciated, too. It all adds up! Just click on the link to get started.

We are spending our time on this campaign because we believe it is a critical step toward bringing cannabis and cannabis users out of the shadows. Those of us who enjoy cannabis shouldn’t be forced to sit at home in order to consume it. And if alcohol users are allowed to socialize together, whether they are listening to music, shooting some pool, or just laughing and hanging out, then cannabis users deserve the same freedom.

For years, members of the Vicente Sederberg team have been intimately involved in efforts to end marijuana prohibition and establish a responsible cannabis industry in Colorado and around the country. From Brian Vicente and Josh Kappel’s work with Sensible Colorado to Steve Fox’s work on SAFER and the Amendment 64 campaign to Christian Sederberg’s dedication to post-Amendment 64 implementation efforts, they have consistently fought for progress. This initiative embodies that same spirit.

So please consider supporting this historic campaign by making a contribution today. In the alternative, please let us know if you are able to help by collecting signatures yourself or by allowing a volunteer to be present at your retail shop to gather signatures during busy hours.

Thanks in advance for joining us in this fight.


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  1. tyvert , while i appreciate what he has done and of course legalizing in colorado and washington was huge…

    but his use of the word “legalize” is completely foul. how is possessing 4 plants ok but 5 plants is a felony? its still a felony in washington to possess any plants. or a crime to pass a joint.

    how come tyvert’s initative (and mpp’s initatives in various different states) do not remove marijuana from the state public health code laws? thus CONTINUING TO KEEP MARIJUANA ILLEGAL AT THE STATE LEVEL.

    they made these ballots with language full of holes and patients and caregivers now find themselves in court and in jail for trying to participate in the program. because marijuana is still in the controlled substances list, because mpp never thought to remove it from the state lawbooks.
    look it up yourself if you dont believe me in the colorado revised statues.

    what am i doing? trying to educate mpp and everyone else that when you change the law, please remember to remove it from the controlled substances laws otherwise it will never be legal. only “limited protection” or “excused” from illegal behavior.

  2. Joy. We are at a turning point for herbs. No more cigs at bars, but this would make events a lot better. Nightlife is going to skyrocket.

  3. Thank Colorado (Tvert, Vicente Sederboerg & the others) for paving the way and pushing for pot freedoms. It saves the other states from having to do all the legwork when it comes time for your state to open up your little pot bars. Take the time to look at what these guys do. One is a lawyer defending cannabis users and the other is head of the Marijuana Policy Project & their main mission is to Increase public support for non-punitive, non-coercive marijuana policies. What are YOU doing to fight the good fight before you pfffff?

  4. I live in Oregon..not Denver.. Its not appropriate for me to influence their local provisions…because I don’t live there and those are city code.

    Unless there is some rule stating, there is no reason a pot garden should be different from a beer garden which I am sure is legal there.

    Furthermore, I seriously doubt you can’t get high in public without problems. I did it under prohibition conditions without problem. In fact, my problems with the law were related getting pulled over for other reasons than pot and then they would find it due to its high stank.

  5. True but this is needed in CO to normalize cannibis use so other states can realize how idiodic their own laws are.

  6. people are being arrested in other states and they want donations so they can have a little pot bar ? pfff.

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