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Help Fight Cannabis Prohibition In Springfield, Missouri


missouri marijuanaSMCR Activists In Springfield Need Your Help!

Show-Me Cannabis Regulation is proud to announce that we have launched an initiative in Springfield that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis. This measure will save Springfield’s taxpayers thousands of dollars in law enforcement expenses every year, and — more importantly — save hundreds of peaceful Springfield citizens from arrest and the curse of a criminal record. Our Springfield initiative is modeled upon an initiative that was approved 61 percent of voters in Columbia, Missouri in 2004 and has effectively limited the damage of cannabis prohibition in the city over the past eight years.

The initiative would also have an impact on the larger debate over cannabis policy in the state of Missouri and may even make waves in the national debate as well. If an initiative to decriminalize marijuana passes in Springfield, which is commonly perceived to be the most conservative city in the state, it would show that the people of Missouri are ready to move beyond the failed policy of cannabis prohibition. It will also keep marijuana policy in the public consciousness, and the more voters are exposed to this issue, the more likely they are to support legalizing and regulating cannabis like alcohol. We do not believe that decriminalization is the ideal policy, but anything that saves peaceful cannabis users from the horrors of arrests and a criminal records is a step in the right direction!

Decriminalization measures are moving forward in a number of states and cities across the country right now. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed legislation that, if passed by the legislature, will decriminalize the public display of small amounts of marijuana. Last week alone, Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee signed a bill that removes criminal penalties for possession of an ounce or less of cannabis, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel introduced a plan to decriminalize the possession of up to 15 grams of marijuana.

Here in Missouri, we have made tremendous strides towards ending the senseless war on marijuana over the last year, but we need to keep moving forward. And we need your help to do that. Local Show-Me Cannabis Regulation volunteers led by board member Maranda Reynolds and field coordinator Trish Bertrand are already collecting signatures. We are also working with a professional signature gathering firm that can easily collect the 2,101 valid signatures we need to put the measure on the November ballot, but we need at least $6,000 to make that happen.

A large institutional donor, the National Cannabis Coalition (NCC), supports this campaign, but they want us to show them that the measure has grassroots support. Accordingly, NCC has promised to match every dollar we raise for the project, so if you donate now, you can double your impact! With your partnership, we can easily bring the issue before the voters of Springfield. Will you help us make the city of Springfield a better, freer place to live, while also helping move the fight to end cannabis prohibition in Missouri forward? If so, please donate today!

Thank you for your support,
John Payne


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  1. Even if they don’t legalize, decriminalization is where its at! The current punishments for this do not fit the crime. Lets be real, God forbid the police have to go out and do actual police work, instead of depending on informants to do the job for them. I know alot of professional people who engage in this activity, and this does not make them lazy or prohibit them from doing their job! it’s like a big secret because it is illegal, but if decriminalization pulls through, wait and seet how many more people will be willing to voice their true opinions. This subject hits hard at home for me, this present policy cost me my job of five years, I loved and miss my job. I was there and always gave 100% at that job, and its sad that good, hardworking people have had their lives destroyed by this policy! I urge every registered voter in Springfield to go out, sign petition and make a change!!!!! Not acting is not caring!!!!!

  2. aone… Sadly the reason that they WON’T legalize it is because it would HEAL too many diseases, therefore removing the need for Big Pharma’s POISONS they’re pumping into the American people. When that happens, Big Pharma’s NOT able to make $$$, hence the reason this Govt. will NEVER legalize marijuana. SAD!

  3. I believe this is the first step, in the right direction. Every year 300,000 people die from lung, throat, and other cancers. Why not legalize a natural plant that helps people with many health aliments, and they are now conducting children with authism studies , they believe this helps them too. Everyone get involved before its too late!

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