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Help Free Robert ‘Bobby Tuna’ Platshorn, America’s Longest Serving Marijuana Prisoner


Robert Platshorn Silver TourI encourage every reader to follow through on this, and tell everyone that you know. See below:

By Robert Platshorn

Most of you know that a year ago, the US Parole Commission restricted my movements in order to prevent me from traveling to “promote legalization of cannabis”. In doing so, they ended any chance I had of earning my living by traveling to speaking engagements and book signings. They allowed me to travel to Tallahassee and Washington only after a request to the Chairman of the U.S. Parole Commission by Fl State Senator Jeff Clemens and a prominent law enforcement official from LEAP.

After thirty years in prison and five years on parole for a non-violent first offense for importing marijuana, on May 6th of this year I became eligible for early release from all supervision. At age seventy, I’d appreciate spending my remaining few years as  a free man. In the past year Lynne and I have exhausted what little savings we had and it’s time for me to hit the road and start earning again. I do not take a salary from the Silver Tour. I’d like to, but I won’t use donor funds when there isn’t enough to sustain Silver Tour campaigns.

You Can Help!

A U.S. Congressman from Florida has requested an explanation from the US Parole Commission as to why they are still wasting tax payers dollars supervising a 70 year old man with a 35 year old pot case.

Please send a letter in Support. Please no emails.

Freedom for the price of a stamp? If you agree with Kim. Please share this and send a respectful letter with your own thoughts. Ask for a response and request your letter be made part of the record.
Kim Heinrich wrote:

Isaac Fulwood, Jr.
Chairman, U.S. Parole Commission
c/o U.S. Parole Commission
90 K Street, N.E.,
Third Floor
Washington, D.C. 20530

Dear Mr. Fulwood:

I am writing ask that you immediately release Mr. Robert Platshorn from his Special Parole term as provided by Title 28 2.43 of the Code of Federal Regulations:

“Early termination.
(a) (1) Upon its own motion or upon request of a parolee, the Commission may terminate a parolee’s supervision and legal custody over the parolee, before the sentence expires.
(b) Two years after releasing a prisoner on supervision, and at least annually thereafter, the Commission shall review the status of the parolee to determine the need for continued supervision. The Commission shall also conduct a status review whenever the supervision officer recommends early termination of the parolee’s supervision.”

Mr. Platshorn became eligible for early termination of Special Parole on May 6, 2013.

Mr. Platshorn has served almost thirty years in prison and five years on parole for a non-violent first offense marijuana conviction. At age seventy and after nearly 35 years of subjugation, he has more than paid any debt to society and has earned the right to spend his few remaining years as a free man.

I believe the waste of resources supervising a 70 year old man with a 35 year old nonviolent, first offense marijuana case is unwarranted and in violation of recent policy changes relating to supervision.

Mr. Platshorn traveled without incident for over four years under his former PO Anthony Gagliardi. It should be noted that PO Gagliardi, prior to his death, recommended to the Commission early release from all parole. PO Gagliardi should be considered the best source, since he closely supervised Mr. Platshorn for over four years.

The unwarranted special travel conditions engendered by Mr. Platshorn’s PO, Scott Kirsche, and his supervisor Frank Smith deliberately thwart Mr. Platshorn’s First Amendment right to promote change of US drug law and his ability to earn a living by traveling to speaking and book signing jobs.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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  1. Felicia Tawil on

    Any Way to Create a Petition for Release as that may acquire More Support to Click a Signature in Support of this unjust imprisonment, & plea recognition to Mr. Green’s eligible, and Grant his early release from all supervision, Especially since our tax dollars must be put to better use. Care2.com might be the place to create such a petition, & Once created, could be Easily Networked, like wild fire. I know I would Sign & Share with my 5000+ friends ~,~ Best to you Mr. Green ~,~

  2. I’m am sending a letter right after I finish reading this…Not cool and I feel for this person.

  3. How much money did all this cost
    The gubment?
    Just to prove a point?
    End prohibition , wasted resrces!


  4. The government thrives on weak people, they make their money off them and prey on everyone they can squeeze for every last dime. Of course they would pick on stoners, they are one of the few people who have an inherent belief that violence is wrong. This government needs to be removed entirely.

  5. How can the government, continue to HARASS an American citizen who has ALREADY served his time as well as enough time on Parole for a NON-VIOLENT FIRST OFFENSE? That is beyond me how they can CONTINUE to harass this man and RESTRICT the places he can travel to, therefore effectively removing his RIGHT to make a living off of Speaking Engagements. Obviously people WANT to hear his story about what the Government has done to him as well as all the horse shit he’s had to shovel for the bastards! Bobby, if I HAD a dime, I’d send it to you my friend, but they’ve not only kept us FIGHTING each other, they’ve diminished us to just a little bit more than a problem holding them back from complete domination of the public. If they EVER succeed in disarming us, it’s OVER!

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