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Help Get The Presidential Candidates On Record About Marijuana Policy

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I received the following e-mail and thought it was worth passing along. Voters need to know where candidates stand on current marijuana policy in America:

There has been a lot of discussion about marijuana policy during the 2016 presidential race, but there are still some questions that the candidates need to address.

In order to get some answers, we have partnered with Change.org for the launch of ChangePolitics, a mobile elections platform that enables voters to engage with the candidates on the issues they care about by asking and upvoting questions.

Help us get the major-party candidates on the record by upvoting MPP’s marijuana policy questions at ChangePolitics.org. The candidates will respond to the questions that receive the most votes!

  • Do you think seriously ill people should be allowed to access medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it?
  • Do you think it should be a crime for adults to consume marijuana responsibly? Why?
  • If elected, how would your administration address the current tension between state and federal marijuana laws?
  • Do you think marijuana prohibition has been more effective than alcohol prohibition, less effective, or equally effective?

If you’d like to see the presidential candidates answer these questions, please visit 

our ChangePolitics page and vote for them now — it only takes a minute. Then, share our page with your friends and family, and encourage them to do the same.

Here’s to a successful 2016; cheers!

Robert J. Capecchi
Director of Federal Policies
Marijuana Policy Project


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  1. When you see all the “flip-flopping” of the Presidential candidates lately on issues like immigration, it’s clear that politicians will change their positions when pressured by public opinions. Maybe we need to focus our resources on increasing support among the voters and then the politicians will follow.

  2. Pure, simple, effective. GREAT question!

    Explaining the endocannabinoid system to people usually ends up with their mouth hanging open or like a deer in the headlights. Some get it, some do not.

    “Haters gonna hate”…said Abe Lincoln

  3. Cannabis News Group on

    I would ask one question………..What is the endocannabinoid system, and where is it located?

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