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Help Launch The 420RADIO Mobile App


420Radio legalization or bust tour radical russ belvilleOne of my favorite things in the marijuana media world is 420Radio.Org. Russ Belville works very hard to provide quality content and entertainment 24 hours a day at 420Radio. He has launched a crowd funding effort to launch the 420Radio mobile app. You can donate to the cause at this link here. Below is the language from the GoFundMe page:

Since June 2012, I have been operating 420RADIO , the 24-Hour Marijuana Legalization Talk Radio Network. Since then, 420RADIO has covered Cannabis Cups, Hempfests, rallies, marches, hearings, meetings, presentations, testimony, and elections concerning marijuana like nobody else online.

But now it is time to take 420RADIO to the next level, and I can’t do it alone.

In order to be a truly viable nationwide radio network for marijuana legalization, 420RADIO must be mobile. Notwithstanding satellite radio, that means 420RADIO needs to be a downloadable app for iPhones and Androids.

A proper 420RADIO mobile app takes us to the next level.

I have done all I can to get the message to the masses. In the past two-and-a-half years has reached tens of thousands of listeners monthly through live streaming, podcasting, and video-on-demand.  But the tech behind mobile programming is far beyond my capabilities.

The 420RADIO App will be the NPR of THC.

First, I refuse to offshore-outsource our app programming; I’ve met some developers in San Francisco who believe in the 420RADIO vision and want to help us succeed by offering development prices far lower even their nonprofits’ rate.

Second, I have secured a public relations and marketing firm that will make sure every person interested in marijuana reform is well aware of 420RADIO.

Third, I have standing agreements and new partnerships with the biggest events in marijuana (HIGH TIMES, Int’l Cannabis Business Conference, Seattle Hempfest, Boston Freedom Rally, etc) to provide unparalleled content on 420RADIO.

Fourth, I’m working now with some big names in rap, hip-hop, rock, and reggae who also want to connect with the reform-minded audience of 420RADIO.

Fifth, I already have the premium content agreements with the best podcasters and non-profit orgs in marijuana reform, plus the 420RADIO upgrade will provide the opportunity to push more content from NORML, SSDP, LEAP, MPP, DPA, and other reform groups, as well as establish secondary all-weed-music channels by genre (tentatively labeled “Reefer Rock”, “Rasta Reggae”, “Hemp-Hop”, “Jazz Jive”, and “Digital Dank”.)

With the app comes more listeners, which brings more advertisers, which makes 420RADIO better able to serve the marijuana reform community.

Since 420RADIO is advertiser and sponsor supported, that allows us to host independent artists’, volunteer reformers’, and non-profit organizations’ content at no cost to them.  The 420RADIO platform thus provides a single source for the widest variety of reform-oriented news, education, and entertainment.

Help me help marijuana reformers spread the growing truth about legalization – support the 420RADIO App development project today!


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