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Help Legalize Medical Marijuana In Florida In 2 Steps


Florida medical marijuanaI received the following e-mail from the Florida campaign:

Your support has been unreal, together we’ve raised over $100,000 for United for Care’s efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. We need to continue to push to get to our goal of $150,000 by January 1st.

How can you help the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida?

1. Contribute to our fundraiser

2. Sign the Petition 

We stand for the people with cancer, MS, epilepsy, PTSD, severe neuropathic pain, and countless other severely debilitating conditions that can achieve relief through medical marijuana. It’s time to help those suffering from these conditions and make a difference.

Again, we truly appreciate all the help and support. Together, we can make this happen, but we need your help!


United for Care


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  1. Hang in there, the 60% hurdle will be met. People are becoming more tolerant everyday. The federal government has their hands full with national security. It’s harder and harder to argue against legalization………… Folks see the experiment unfolding across the nation…. Our leaders have eyes, our job is to help them open them up

    Just wanted to send some positive gas for your tank

  2. It reached 58% last election cycle. But, unfortunately there wasn’t anything special to bring Democrats out to the polls. No Obama Phones this time around. Just a Miserable Old Republican Governor, running against a Miserable Old Democrat, who used to be a Republican Governor. There just weren’t enough of us Republicans voting to pass the amendment. We lost by TWO STINKING PERCENT. And the Democrat turn out was Pathetic. Lazy damned Bums. Yeah… Yeah… I’m for it… I just can’t be bothered going to the polls.

  3. Yet the Deeply Retarded among us, will tell you that we can’t do that… because school children will be “Smoking Pot” on their way to school each morning. And if they’re not “Smoking Pot” they’ll be discovering the bags of Marijuana Infused Candy that Grand-ma has sitting out on the kitchen counter…. Gorge themselves on the stuff… Our poor children will see god, just before passing out, keeling over, and dying of an overdose.

  4. ​With Canada heading down the road of all out legalization, will other G7 nations such as the United Kingdom and the USA follow in their footsteps and give the cannabis plant back to the people.

    However some people such as Marc Emery believe legalization is a guise for a new wave of prohibition in Canada

    Check out the article here http://stonercircle.net/2015/12/14/canada-legal-weed/

  5. Over 120,000 Floridians will be diagnosed with Cancer this year.
    Every one of them deserves the right to have Safe, Legal, Access to Medical Marijuana.
    Unfortunately, they won’t get it.
    88% of Floridians originally supported Medical Marijuana.
    After someone who didn’t even live in Florida put millions into a disinformation campaign,
    the proposition to allow it got “only” 58% of the vote and because it needed 60% to pass, Florida’s Cancer Patients lost out.
    Every one of those 120,000 People, a human being and half of them will die after suffering pain beyond human description.
    The 2016 election is too far away — They need change at the federal level, NOW.

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