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Help Legalize Medical Marijuana In Texas


texas marijuana legislatureThere are serious marijuana reform efforts occurring right now. That’s not to say that there hasn’t always been a push for reform in Texas, but with momentum at an all time high, the chances of achieving reform are as strong as they have ever been. For the first time ever, there is comprehensive medical marijuana legislation in Texas and a hearing could happen as early as this month. Stand with seriously ill Texans and urge your legislators to approve safe and legal access to medical marijuana. The Drug Policy Alliance has created a great tool that helps you send a message to your Texas Senator and Representative. Below is the message – you can personalize your letter and send it at this link here:

Support HB 3785/SB 1839

Every year, thousands of Texans are diagnosed with cancer, seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, and other debilitating illnesses. The suffering that these patients experience is devastating for them and their families.

HB 3785/SB 1839 would allow patients the freedom to access the medicine that can best alleviate their suffering. The proposed bills would create a system in which individuals with qualifying medical conditions receive licenses allowing them to possess limited amounts of medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it. It would also establish a tightly regulated system of licensed marijuana cultivators, processors, and dispensaries to qualified applicants.

The law currently does not reflect marijuana’s legitimate medical use and denies access to patients, such as veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and patients suffering from cancer. By continuing to deny access to patients, we limit the rights of families to seek the best possible treatment for conditions that do not respond to other drugs or therapies.

Three out of four Texans (77%) think seriously ill people should have the right to use marijuana for medical purposes, according to a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll released in February 2014, and across the country, twenty-three states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territory of Guam have passed laws that allow people with qualifying conditions to access medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it.

Please support this legislation so that thousands of severely ill Texans, including veterans, could access the medicine they need to lead a life free of suffering.

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  2. Tina Bricker on

    My husband is a 56 year old man who was just diagnosed with glioblastoma stage 4. This is a brain tumor that will eventually end his life. He is about to forego radiation and chemotherapy. There is nothing definitive that says this treatment will work. While he is undergoing therapy, the side effects of the chemo drugs, will make him sick. Marijuana’s THC helps with nausea and allows the person to eat and stay healthy. Come on Texas, it’s medical uses will especially help those Texas Veterans’ who are deserving of improving their quality of life, when their life is nearing it’s end.

  3. I am a 16 year old teen and I have depression my mother has multiple tumors and gets many seizures. I really think that marijuana could help my depression. When I haven’t been on marijuana I have been really depressed about school and life in general. My mother has been in bed sick for weeks on and off. I searched this far to find this site to help get marijuana legalized in Texas.

  4. i am a 55yr old man who has had muti myeloma it is a bone cancer that has to do with blood cells i beleive that god has given me a second chance on life because last september i was very close to death weighing 115 lbs now i am back to around 160 i have been given a lot of suppport with family and great vet nurses and doctor but pain pill and shots do not releive pain from rods that have been put in my femur bone and this would help me a lot and i beleive god wants me to have all the help i can

  5. EpilepticAnxiety on

    I myself live in Texas and have epilepsy and take 3 different medications, on top of my PTSD meds.
    Marijuana has helped me SO much in the past but I’m way to scared to get in trouble with it.
    I would love a card, for my seizures and PTSD.
    Let’s get this passed!

  6. retired Vet Ft Hood on

    Im a retired vet with ptsd behavior adjustment disorder ansd severely bad anxiety lets get this passed its better then taking xanax and valium all day long …withdraws are so bad on these meds…..and messes up our bodies liver so bad….help please

  7. hey not all us thumpers are loony. It is a god given plant or else it would not exist on earth. I encourage all Christians to help. One day it may be one of your own that need it.

  8. I’m 17 years old and sometimes I get anxiety attacks an it really gets annoying having to take anxiety pills an also for depression an ADHD I believe strongly marijuana will help me an others with the disorders I have an also many others so I’m 100% with legalizing marijuana :)

  9. I used to live in Houston Tx and I remember a time when some people in state government were calling for drug dealers to be executed. The Kool-Aid was strong in those days. Alcohol and legal drugs kills over a hundred thousand people annually. Marijuana is even safer than aspirin. Government is rife with retards who have fought legalizing a drug safer than aspirin. That is very telling on the way that our society has drifted headlong toward an oligarchy.

  10. They will fight tooth and nail…then they will do a step to the right, flip flop, do a song and dance then change their whole stance on the issue. Yee haw!

  11. …..pssss don’t tell any of those crazy texans…that people from more progressive states are infiltrating their state by the droves. Its got a long way to go but things changing faster than any thumper would ever admit. Give it a few years and texans will be as just as passionate about Purple Urkle as they are about their guns.

  12. “Seriously ill Texans” if this passes, you’ll have to be dying to get medical weed in Texas.

  13. Bible thumping loons that believe this county is being attacted by Jeffersonian Liberals here take away their guns and liberties. When it is them that deny us the liberty to put in our bodies what we will!?

  14. Good luck Texas because you really need it. Texas government is controlled by bible thumping loonies that will fight this tooth and nail.

  15. Do not get your hopes up Lonestar friends its called Political Pandering, because we that believe Prohibition is long past its time are now a voting block they need to further their careers! Most Politicians believer the “green voters” will fall for their repeated B.S., actions speak louder than words!

  16. (tx-19). I have been on the phone recently with people who work for our representatives. neugebauer, king, fraser. While i havent recieved a respond just yet; i am hopeful that they have learned the history of how those laws came about and why discrimanating laws like this should be removed. Not just because of the suffering(texans) population of those who are sick in the US. The out right cry to be free.

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