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Help Oregon Patients Keep OMMP Growers


new approach oregon marijuana legalizationThere are some major changes on the way in Oregon, which will result in a lot of patients losing their medical marijuana growers. There is a crowdfunding effort underway that seeks to help patients in that type of situation. Below is more information, via the crowdfunding effort’s page on GoFundMe:

I’m Sarah Duff, a medical marijuana patient advocate and all around cannabis activist. I co-own Duff Johnson Consulting which specializes in cannabis law compliance and have helped match hundreds of patients to a medical marijuana grower in Oregon. I created a co op so that my grower’s medicine could be pooled and distributed according to what patients want and need.

I specialize in helping low income patients find medicine regardless of cost. Roughly 230 patients are currently receiving free medicine from a grower in my co op. Growers who have been charitably giving to patients are being asked to pay $200 per patient when the patient renews their card. Other growers are being forced to drop patients due to plant number restrictions.

Not all grows are commercial enterprises. Many people do not charge much or anything to their patients.  Some growers do not aim to make money growing, they just want to grow for themself and others out of love for people and the plant. The fee is also at a time when growers are applying for their retail producer licenses which are very expensive, especially in Portland. The application fee and clinic fees are already a huge burden for many patients and too many patients will be faced with the possibility of losing their grower unless they can help the grower pay that fee.

I will split the funds in half. Half will be split further between the growers evenly in proportion to how many patients they keep after April 1st 2016. A small portion may be donated to known charitable growers that help more patients with free medicine than just their own. The other half will fund medicine to patients who lose their grower. I hope to be able to have some money by the end of the month and then more by the end of each future month.

It has been very difficult to look low income patients in the eye and tell them that the charity their grower wants to provide is suddenly too expensive and they are among the hundreds that may lose thier grower. This was one of the better things they had going for them.

I thank you from the bottom, middle and the top of heart for considering a gift, and especially if you choose to give. You are not only my hero, but the heroes of hundreds of others.

Find out more about me and my business on duffjohnsonconsulting.com.


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  1. Paula Noel Macfie on

    Insanity. Sarah Duff, Anthony Jones, Leah and Travis Maurer, Amy Margolis…..names of people who are not FROM OREGON and only arrived here a few years ago to rape and suck the life out of cannabis in our state. Measure 91 was the beginning of the end of our medical program and now you people are trying to ‘save’ any thread of a patient program we have left?!! Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? If you people had left our state alone, if you hadn’t brought your ridiculous farce of legalization, regulation and taxation of PLANT MEDICINE to this state – we’d be fine….although I am sure at one point someone would have to come in and do what you are doing….carpetbaggars aren’t anything new. Cannabis capitalism is bound to happen…..yet all you named above had contributed to our state’s medical program breaking down with your Measure 91 and the MESS YOU HAVE MADE with our political system. You want us to lobby for you yet you brought in Measure that has helped to shut down our program? It’s sick. Patients are grateful for growers, grateful for medicine and grateful to not be suffering…..compassion has been overrun by corrupt greed. It’s just IRONIC that there is now a scramble to “help” patients. Doesn’t anyone else see the irony in this? Not too many do because there are $$$ in front of most people’s eyes. I don’t buy this scheme Sarah Duff is proposing or any other person a part of Women Grow, lobbying in this state or those who have any affiliation with Measure 91. You have already screwed patients, why do you people keep on insulting us with your proposals and plans? Leave our state and our patients ALONE!

  2. This website is disingenuous. They censor anyone saying things that are antagonistic to their agenda.

  3. Most OMMP patients are given 1-2oz a month at no cost and usually buy
    more at wholesale. Most of these people suffer from common, moderate
    chronic pain like a bad back but are otherwise functional and physically
    capable of self supply.

    If you want to keep your OMMP grower, pay them properly for their work…

  4. Your right. OMMP was designed as a way to enslave growers to “patients” since it is the only law that requires one person to work for free at the benefit of another.

    Most of the “patients” that I carried for and met were 100% able to grow their own but they wanted better quality so they opted for a grower. I sold on the black market like the vast majority of growers since most patients treated OMMP like a food stamps program for their drug use. In fact, I had about 30% that expected me to set them up as dealers for profit including their 2oz a month for free. I had one patient threaten legal action after receiving 1 oz of hash oil infused flower after 2 weeks before they even registered me as their grower- I sent them walkin and found out they were homeless months later. They obviously were under the impression that our deal was to pay their rent through sales of stuff I give them for free to them.

  5. 4 plants will self supply most people. They will easily produce the same carry of 1.5lbs in an outdoor grow.

  6. Most OMMP patients are given 1-2oz a month at no cost and usually buy more at wholesale. Most of these people suffer from common, moderate chronic pain like a bad back but are otherwise functional and physically capable of self supply.

    If you want to keep your OMMP grower, pay them properly for their work…

  7. Isn’t it $200 now and $50 per growsite… being a patient does not exclude you from the recreational law. If you cant afford the $200, sometimes reduced to $20 with proof of snap and veteran status, than you can still grow 4 monster plants at home… this only changes things for growers cultivating enough plants that they are now making a living off the medical program which is not what it was designed for.

  8. The Oregon Medical Marijuana program is re-designed to punish medical marijuana patients. If you are a senior or low income, you have to pay $200 for a license and another $50 if someone else grows it for you. An Oregonian can now legally grow their own without a license. So, licensed patients who are ill and suffering have to come up with $250 cash while regular citizens do not. So, the state is forcing the poor who are ill to LEAVE the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. There should be NO FEE and we should be able to get our medicine from any pharmacy. The OMMP has become just like the educational system, the legal system and our political system: ONLY FOR THE WEALTHY.

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